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For those looking for something more specific, we also have the best grid slots, branded slots, penny slots, and a whole host of online slots organised by developer, series and theme.

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Trending Slots

We’ve listened to all of your feedback and here it is, our expertly crafted list of the 10 hottest slots trending now! Each of these slots has its own reason for being given the Slot Gods spotlight, whether that be down to a great jackpot, cool features, amazing design or because it's trending in the top slot lobbies around the globe. With new releases on a daily basis we'll be constantly updating our list of the hottest slots, so be sure to check back regularly and enjoy!

Best Online Slots

What makes a slot great can be subjective as we all have our own preferences. With so many features, themes and mechanics available it's impossible to create a slot that suits everyone. When we test and review slots we rate each one over several categories: features, design, gameplay and win potential. We believe these give a fair overall score of how much effort and innovation the developer has put into creating the slot whilst catering to players' needs. This section is broken down into several areas to help you find the best slots of the most popular varieties quickly and easily.

Top Rated Slots

The following online slots are in our opinion the best slots ever created. They are the top rated slots of literally thousands that we've played and reviewed. The studios behind these masterpieces have shown true innovation and originality. Each of these tried and tested games is filled to the brim with gripping bonus rounds, unique game mechanics, immersive plots and, in some cases, outstanding cinematics. If any of these slots are new to you, we thoroughly recommend giving them a go as they're certain to impress and entertain.

Best RTP Slots

One thing all slots players have in common is that we all want to win! It's impossible to predict when a jackpot or epic combo might land, but we can maximise our returns by choosing high RTP slots. Slots with a high RTP pay back more than any other, and so it's hardly surprising that many players opt to play these games in order to give themselves the best possible chance of winning. The following slots not only boast a high RTP, but they're also very highly rated and offer the best overall gameplay and experience while maximising potential profit. Learn more about RTP.

Best Slots You Might Have Missed

As we only rate and review the best slots in the business, it's quite usual for high quality slots to get lost in all the noise of new releases and ever-improving games. The following games are the best online slots we feel you might have missed due to them only just falling short of the top 20 by a small margin. They're still just as impressive, and are still well worth a try. There are some real sensations here which should never be forgotten!

As no two slot players are the same and every player has their own preference, we felt it would be unfair to shout about having the best collection of online slots ever created without naming the slots that have proved to be the most popular month after month, year after year. From Fluffy Favourites and Rainbow Riches to Starburst and Gonzo's Quest, these are some of the most iconic slots that have stood the test of time and become the most popular blockbusting hits you can't ignore (even though you might want to!).

Best Branded Slots

If you're a sucker for nostalgia, or can't get enough of your favourite band, you're in the right place. We've built a huge collection of the best branded slots ever made and rated each one fairly and impartially taking every aspect of the games into account including their design, gameplay, features and win potential. Not only do these slots contain familiar faces and brands, they're also great fun to play. From Alice Cooper and Street Fighter II to The Goonies and WWTBAM, here are the best branded slots available to play right now:-

Best Megaways Slots

We all love playing online slots - but the typical payline format can get a little repetitive. That's where marvellous Megaways comes in and completely revolutionises your gameplay.

With its legendary 117,649 paylines, Megaways turbocharges new and existing online slots giving you even more ways to win without compromising on the usual gameplay and features we're familiar with.

We're proud to say that we've reviewed overr 100 Megaways slots and have hand-picked the very best out there for you to jump straight into and enjoy. Whether it's a completely unexpected and original online slot like NFT Megaways or a classic slot such as Gonzo's Quest Megaways, all the best Megaways slots that you could ever want are right here...

Best UK Slot Sites

Best Slot Sites For New Slots

The following slot sites have gained a strong reputation for having the best selection of cutting-edge slots including newly released slots you won't find anywhere else. These sites have a huge collection of slots, new and old, and are the first to host new games as soon as they're released. We've become to rely on these slot sites when testing out new online slots, and so if you're the kind of player who can't wait to spin the reels of the latest highly acclaimed game, we thoroughly recommend you give them a whirl.

Top Rated Slot Sites

Like you, we at Slot Gods also have our own preferences when it comes to slot sites (and online slots). However, we ensure to remain strictly bias-free during our comprehensive rating and review process. Assuming a slot site has made the list (and many don't) we rate each site over several categories including design, usability, game selection, promotions, banking and customer support, to result in an overall score.

The following slot sites have scored the highest out of literally hundreds that we've reviewed. Read the full review to learn more about what they do well.

If you're new to online slots you may find yourself a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of slot sites to choose from, and that's before you've even begun to understand the complexities of online slots (hint: read our guide to online slots if you'd like to learn more)! Playing slots should be effortless, which is why we've curated this hand-picked selection of slot sites we think are perfect for newbies. The following slot sites have gone above and beyond to make players feel at ease and entertained. They understand the kind of games new and casual players will enjoy, and organise their lobbies to cater for a wide range of tastes.

Slot sites come in all shapes and sizes and knowing which one will host your favourite games can be hard work. The expert team here at Slot Gods has tried and tested more slot sites than you could ever imagine, and so we've become pretty attuned at separating the good from the bad. Every slot site on our website has been thoroughly tested and reviewed to ensure it's safe, secure, trustworthy and boasts an impressive selection of the best online slots to suit players of all levels.

Not one slot site is perfect in every way though, and as every player has their own preferences, none of them will suit everyone. Some slot sites are more geared towards new and casual players, whereas others will appeal more to the seasoned and experienced player. That's why we've separated our slot sites into the above categories so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Best New Slots

With so many new slots being released on a weekly basis it can be difficult to keep up-to-date or know which slots are even worth playing. Rest assured that we've done all the hard work for you and only add slots to our website that we know are worth a spin. The following online slots are the best new slots released within the last three months. 

The games you’ll find here aren’t just an ode to the biggest developers either... We’ve been mindful to include releases from smaller studios as well so that you can sink your teeth into some real hidden gems! So sit back, relax and enjoy our all-inclusive selection of the best new slots available to play right now.

Best Jackpot Slots

From slots with local jackpots to those with huge networked progressive jackpots offering massive sums of money to be won, the following list contains the best jackpot slots we believe offer the best all-around experience including gameplay, features, design, win potential, and of course jackpot size! So have a browse and take your pick. For more jackpot slots and slots that form part of a network jackpot such as Mega Moolah and Mega Jackpots, head on over to our comprehensive jackpot slots page where you'll find everything jackpot-related and more.

Online Slots Guide: All About Slots & How To Play

Slot games have been around for well over a century now, having been created by German inventor Charles Fey in San Francisco way back in 1894. Over the years slots have evolved as technology has advanced, and the slots we see today dwarf the simple 3-reel machines that were common amongst those that played them at the turn of the twentieth century.

Whilst there’s certainly no shortage of physical slot machines in casinos across the globe, the vast majority of games can now be found on the internet, as there’s a huge demand for new and innovative online slots from thousands of enthusiastic players.

Online slots make up what is one of the largest and most lucrative sectors of the gambling industry, so it comes as very little surprise that a whole host of new online slots are released practically every day of the year.

The following guide will take you through every element of online slot games and how they work including the different types of slots, mechanics, how to play them, who makes them and much more.

Online slot features

We’ll begin with the basics! How to play online slots… Because without knowing how to play these games you’ll get nowhere fast! And if we’re honest, we’re not just playing these games because they’re a lot of fun, but because we want to be in with a chance of registering big money wins that can boost our bankrolls… So without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Reels & Rows Image

Reels & rows

Reels are the most important element of an online slot. They are the vertical parts of the game that spin top to bottom after you've set your stake and pressed play. Each game reel will show a different selection of randomly generated symbols with every spin.

Typically, most modern online slot games will have 5 reels and 3 or 4 rows of symbols, traditional slot machines on the other hand would just have 3 reels and 3 rows with a single payline running horizontally through the middle row. 

The reels and rows of online slots make up a complex grid forming multiple combinations of symbols, and therefore paylines (more on those later).

As online slots have become more intricate over the years developers have pushed the boundaries by introducing more game reels, more symbols, more paylines, and therefore, more winning combinations. 

Paylines Image


Without paylines there are no winners! Paylines determine whether or not the symbols that have landed on the reels form a winning combination. 

Back when slot machines were first introduced they only had a single payline, players had to match 3 symbols along this middle payline to win money. 

Most modern online slots will have anywhere between 10 and 243 paylines, however, there are some slots that offer players up to 117,649 ways to win due to the fact that they can fit up to 7 symbols on a single reel.

Paylines can run in a number of different directions, usually from left to right, diagonally and in various zig zag patterns. The more ways to win a game has, the wilder the paylines can be, meaning symbols don’t always have to line up next to each other in order for players to register a win.

Symbols Image


Every slot game will feature a range of different symbols that are unique to that game. Each symbol is allocated a set value with some symbols being worth more than others.

Originally, slot machines used symbols such as horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and bells. Over time these symbols evolved and fruit symbols were introduced such as cherries, watermelon, oranges, bananas, grapes, lemons and apples.

When online slots became prevalent classic symbols still remained, but online slot developers would begin using iconography from playing cards such as the suits and pips. The suits used are Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades and the pips are 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace.

Today, most slots use the aforementioned playing card symbols as low-value symbols in their games, whilst using heavily themed symbols that match the game’s design as high-value ones.

Almost all games also feature two or three special symbols, these are wilds, scatters and bonus symbols. Wild symbols are symbols that will stand in for any symbol (except for scatters) to help form a winning combination.

Scatter symbols trigger free spins when a certain number of them land anywhere on the game reels, even outside of a winning payline. Bonus symbols essentially do the same as scatters, but trigger a different bonus feature or a jackpot.

Bets & Coins Image

Bet level & coin value

The bet level and coin value are two features that many online slots (in particular older ones) utilise. Both of these adjustable components relate directly to how much players are spending on every spin of the reels.

The first thing to notice is that there’s a distinct difference between coin value and actual cost of each spin, as it’s easy to jump to the assumption that both are the same. 

Most online slots use coins instead of currency for bets and wins. A winning combination, for example, may pay out 100 coins as opposed to £10. Having a common currency simplifies the overall experience and avoids complications associated with different currencies and denominations around the world.

Some slots allow players to adjust the coin value which in turn will determine your stake per spin and ultimately the total amount you can potentially win. The overall stake can be increased or decreased further by adjusting the bet level.

Similarly, some slots have adjustable paylines meaning players can select the number of active paylines. This is controlled by the ‘Bet Level’, also referred to as the ‘Lines’ bet. The higher the bet level, the higher the number of active paylines and so the higher the stake, but also potential winning combinations.

For example, if you’re playing a 20 payline slot at bet level 1 with a coin value of 0.01 then you will be playing on one payline at an overall cost of 0.01.

If you were to adjust your bet level to the maximum of 20 (meaning you’re playing along all 20 of the game’s paylines) with the coin value still set at 0.01 then your overall stake would increase to 0.20.

Other slots have non-adjustable paylines (known as ‘fixed payline slots’) but will still have a bet level option. Changing the bet level here will still do the same thing in terms of adjusting your overall stake, however, in this case you’d still have all of the available paylines available to you.

Ultimately, slots that feature both an adjustable bet level and coin value allow you to be more flexible with the amount you stake. You don’t tend to see too many games like this now, as they’re considered to be confusing and can deter new (and experienced) players.  However, they do still exist and remain popular with those who prefer Penny Slots where stakes can be reduced to as little as 1p per spin.

Paytable Image


The paytable is a screen that can be accessed through each online slot’s game menu. It displays the values of each individual symbol (including scatters, wilds and bonus symbols) that appear in the game, as well as displaying the various directions each and every payline goes in (assuming this is a 10 - 25 payline slot and not one with hundreds/thousands of paylines).

The paytable will also often display other important information that players should always be aware of, this includes the game’s RTP (return to player), the maximum win potential of the slot and information on each bonus feature and how to trigger it.

Bonus Features Image

Bonus features

Almost all modern online slots come complete with a wide range of bonus features! These are hugely lucrative mini-games that can be triggered by landing a specific set of symbols in a specific order on the reels.

The most common bonus feature found in almost every game is free spins, these are a set of spins that are usually triggered by landing 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the game reels. 

Free spins allow players to accumulate successive wins at absolutely no cost to themselves (other than the initial spin that triggered the free spin bonus). The more scatter symbols players land on the reels (usually between 3 and 5), the more free spins they’ll receive in one go. It’s also possible for players to re-trigger free spins during the bonus.

The more intricate and well designed the game, the more intricate and well designed the free spins bonus will be. Some developers will include bonus modifiers (events that change the way the bonus game plays) during free spins, this means that players can potentially trigger much larger wins. 

These modifiers might be something like sticky wilds (when symbols stay in one place for the duration of the feature), expanding reels (where more symbols can land on a larger single reel) or the promise of additional high-paying symbols landing during free spins.

Other bonus features include pick and click mini-games, in which players are tasked with picking certain items in order to collect win multipliers, wheel-of-fortunes and symbol substitutions just to name a few.

There are no rules that state whether online slots should feature bonuses, however, in this day and age it’s come to be expected that a title will at least offer players free spins, if not something equally as lucrative. Realistically most players will choose to ignore games that don’t have bonus features unless they have huge perks such as a high RTP or have the potential to pay out thousands, if not millions in jackpots.

Jackpots Image


Some online slots will feature jackpots! These are huge sums of money that can be won randomly on any spin of the game (this includes losing spins), or by triggering a specific combination of symbols and then playing a mini-game such as a pick and click bonus or wheel-of-fortune to determine how much is won.

There are several different types of jackpots players can trigger when playing jackpot slots. Firstly, we have networked progressive jackpots. These are large jackpots that are spread across multiple slot sites. They continue to grow in size every time a player spins the reels, as a small percentage of their bet goes towards funding the jackpot.

Sometimes, a networked jackpot will be spread across multiple games in an online slot series such as Age of the Gods or Kingdoms Rise. Or, it might be a progressive jackpot that’s spread across a developer’s entire portfolio of slot games such as the Jackpot King, Mega Drop Jackpot or the WowPot!

Progressive jackpots can either be placed into one large pot which tends to pay out once every few months, or it can be spread out across multiple pots, some of which will have certain criteria to meet and will pay out on an hourly, daily or weekly basis, such as Red Tiger’s Daily Jackpot

The other kind of jackpot you will often find in online slots are local jackpots. These tend to be smaller jackpots that are linked to just one slot. They’ll either be fixed at a certain amount of money, or they’ll be progressive whereby anyone playing that slot will contribute to the prize fund.


The RTP (return to player) signifies the amount of money as a percentage that a player can expect to receive back from a specific game over time.

If an online slot game has an RTP of 100% this would mean that over time if players were to spend £100 playing this slot they would eventually break even, as 100% of what they’ve staked on the game would be returned to them in winnings. 

That being said, there are no instances of online slot games having an RTP of 100%. The industry average for a good and fair online slot is 96%, the remaining 4% being the casino and slot developer’s profit. 

So, if you were to wager £100 playing a slot with an RTP of 96% theoretically you should see returns of at least £96 over a sustained period of time.

Most online slots have RTPs that range from around 88% - 97%. There may be multiple reasons a slot has a below-average RTP, some of which are fair, such as when it features a progressive jackpot or a generous bonus feature that triggers often. Frustratingly, some slot developers will create games with disappointingly low RTPs so that they do not pay out as much.


Volatility (also commonly known as variance) refers to how predictable an online slot game is, and how often winning spins will occur. Almost all online slot games are split into one of three categories, low volatility, medium volatility and high volatility.

Low volatility slots are online slots that tend to pay out smaller sums of money at more regular intervals in comparison to medium and high volatility slots.

Medium volatility slots are online slots that are unpredictable and will sometimes pay out large sums of money to players and will sometimes payout small sums of money to players.

High volatility slots tend to pay out large sums of money to players less frequently compared to medium and low volatility slots.

Usually we recommend that players with a small bankroll opt to play low or medium volatility online slot games, this is because it’s easy for players to see their balance dry up very quickly when playing high volatility slots, as they tend to be very unforgiving.

If you have a larger bankroll, some patience, and are looking for big returns, then a high volatility slot might be more suitable for you as that’s where you’ll find the biggest wins, albeit not very often.

Different types of online slots

Back in the early days there was only one type of slot available that featured just 3 reels and 1 payline. As slots evolved they grew to 5 reels and then eventually, when intricate electronic slot machines arrived in casinos, more paylines were added to make them more attractive to players.

Once slots made it online then all trends were bucked. There is now an entire library of different style slots that players can choose from. These include games on both ends of the spectrum - the simple and easy to play slots, and the more complex slots that may require some understanding before spinning the reels. Here are just some of the most popular types of online slot:

Video slots

The modern online slots that we know and love today are often referred to as video slots. These are heavily themed online slot games that can have any number of reels and paylines, and have multiple bonus features that make for exciting and varied gameplay. 

3-reel slots

The classic slot machine released back in 1984 only featured 3 reels and a single payline. This isn’t a very popular slot layout today, as it’s not particularly exciting. However, a handful of developers have opted to release modified 3-reel slots with some success. These games are ideal for beginners and casual players who do not wish to learn mechanics.

5-reel slots

5-reel slots are the industry standard for most modern online slots. There’s nothing to stop developers from deviating from this layout, but 5 reels tend to work perfectly for most players. They also allow for a higher amount of paylines, combinations and other mechanics as opposed to a 3-reel slot.

Fixed/variable paylines

Depending on what game you’re playing you will either be playing with fixed or variable paylines. Traditional online slots mainly feature variable paylines which means that players must increase their stake in order to unlock more paylines. Playing with the lowest stake would see punters playing along just one payline, whilst upping their bet level would see more paylines activate.

Fixed paylines on the other hand are much more common nowadays. These are games that automatically have all of the paylines activated, regardless of stake. This means that players have a bigger chance of winning or triggering a bonus feature as there are more opportunities to win, even when playing with the bare minimum per spin.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to deciding which style slot to play. However, if you’re playing on a budget then perhaps one with variable paylines would be preferable as you can usually play with a much lower stake in comparison to that of a fixed payline slot.

Online slot mechanics

Long gone are the days of straight-forward, 3-reel slots with only a handful of paylines. The very first online slot was Cash Splash in 1998 which was very minimalistic and would definitely not be considered one of the best online slots now.

Online slots have come a long way since then and mainly due to the innovation in slot mechanics. First came 5-reel slots, then 10-reel slots and then eventually Megaways. Each year, more and more slot developers compete to try and create the next best thing which is amazing for slot enthusiasts.

Evidentially, this means that slot players have more to look forward to and there is always some new mechanic just around the corner.


There’s nothing quite as iconic as Megaways slots, a relatively new type of slot that was pioneered by Australian developer Big Time Gaming when they released Bonanza Megaways in 2016.

These slots are known for having 117,649 ways to win, which means that there are a lot of opportunities to register winning spins. The Megaways mechanic works thanks to an innovation known as Random Reel Modifier technology that sees the number of symbols on each reel change after every spin, allowing for more combinations and therefore more ways to win.

Big Time Gaming licenses out the Megaways engine to other online slot developers, which is why you’ll see well-known developers such as Red Tiger Gaming, Blueprint Gaming and NetEnt release Megaways slots as well.

View all Megaways slots.

Grid slots

Grid slots (also known as cluster pays slots) are online slots that do not look or feel like online slots at all. Rather than being played on reels, they’re instead played on a game grid. They very much resemble the classic arcade game Bejeweled, or the more modern mobile game Candy Crush.

Players register winning spins by having a number of matching symbols grouped together on the grid forming a cluster. After a winning spin has occurred they're removed from the grid and new symbols cascade into place, potentially leading to more winning combinations.

View all Grid slots.

Infinity Reels slots

No one within the iGaming world could have imagined that there would be something even bigger than Megaways, but ReelPlay surprised everyone with Infinity Reels. This unique and original mechanic completely changes up the gameplay leading to unlimited possibilities for players, literally.

The Infinity Reels mechanic may sound complicated, but it’s actually straightforward. After each win, an additional reel is added to the existing set of reels and automatically starts to spin. If a winning combination lands, then another reel is added and the process repeats again and again until there are no more wins. Ultimately, this means that players can keep landing winning combinations and increasing the number of reels to unbelievable numbers that cannot be found anywhere else.

Most online slots that contain Infinity Reels often have increasing multipliers throughout that have no upper limit and continue increasing until there are no new reels. During special bonus rounds, Infinity Reels can persist throughout and only reset back to the usual reel count at the end of the feature. One thing that is clear about Infinity Reels, is that it is a mechanic that is worth checking out and there is nothing else like it within the iGaming world.

View all Infinity Reels slots.

In 2021, slot enthusiasts were waiting with bated breath for the rebooted Thunderstruck Wild Lightning slot. Players were absolutely blown away by the final product of Thunderstruck Wild Lightning but even more so by the original respin mechanic created called Link & Win.

On the surface, this mechanic may seem quite simple, but that is the beauty of Link & Win. The feature is triggered by landing 5 or 6 special bonus symbols leading to a bonus screen. This awards 3 respins and the players then spin. However, each time a new symbol lands on the reels, the respin counter resets to 3 but holds the symbols in place.

Link & Win finishes once the player has run out of respins or when the screen is filled with symbols. During the Link & Win game, players can win one of the four fixed jackpots: Mini, Midi, Minor and Major. This mechanic was so popular that many other slot developers began to emulate it leading to many clones – but none stand out as much as the original.

View all Link & Win slots.

Gigablox slots

Yggdrasil is known as one of the most talented and refreshing slot developers with so many impressive online slots from Viking's Go To Hell to Dr Fortuno. In more recent years, the studio has become notorious for Gigablox slots.

The term Gigablox was first used in Lucky Neko Gigablox in 2020. This oriental slot plays on 6 reels with 40 paylines and contains free spins which is quite a common feature in online slots. However, the experience was completely enhanced by the Gigablox mechanic that adds larger symbols and an increased chance of winning big.

At any moment in a Gigablox slot, random symbols of 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or even 6x6 can land onto the reels. The mechanic adds in these larger symbols to boost the gameplay directing players to bigger wins and an increased chance of triggering the bonus. Gigablox slots are perfect for newcomers to online slots or players looking for extra excitement without too many complications.

View all Gigablox slots.

Slot Developers

Online slots are created by highly talented development studios from all around the world. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of studios out there that have excelled in producing quality online slot games, but only a handful are known for being the best of the best.

Arguably the most famous online slot developers are NetEnt, Red Tiger Gaming, Big Time Gaming, Microgaming and Blueprint Gaming. Many online slot studios have their roots in traditional land-based casino gaming, with some successful developers operating in both spheres of the industry such as IGT, SG Digital, Barcrest and WMS.

If you play online slots long enough, you’ll begin to notice hallmarks of each individual developer, such as unique design elements or features and mechanics that aren’t seen in other games. For example, Wazdan slots boast mechanics that allow players to set their own volatility, which is not something you can do in any other developer's games.

Slot Series

Sometimes developers create an online slot so good that players instantly fall in love with it, leaving the creator with no other choice but to follow it up with a sequel such is the demand for more! 

There are a handful of online slot games that have received this VIP treatment, and as a result, we have ourselves a steady stable of brilliant online slots that make up their own series.

The vast majority of these popular titles have become synonymous with those that created them, and you could say that many of these recurring characters have become mascots for their respective studios such as NetEnt hero Gonzalo "Gonzo" Pizarro!

If you can tell Kingdoms Rise apart from Age of the Gods and are able to recount all of the wild adventures Play’n GO star Rich Wilde has been on in the last decade, then this collection of the very best slot series is absolutely made for you!

Slot Themes

Just like with music, films and TV shows we all have a favourite genre we opt for when looking for something new to enjoy… Online slots are no different at all! 

Once upon a time, all slots were themed similarly, with flashing lights and fruit symbols. Today that really couldn’t be any further from the truth! 

If you like to immerse yourself in foreign culture then you’ll find a multitude of online slots that are heavily themed around other countries such as Africa, China, Ireland and Mexico to name just a few. Perhaps you prefer Wild West themed slots, space themed slots or even fairytale themed slots. If you want them, we’ve got them!

There are too many themes to mention right here. So, take a look below at all of our online slot themes and you should spot something you like.

Are online slots fair?

An age old question that gets asked time and again by anyone starting out in online slots is: ‘Are they fair?’. The short answer is, yes! Online slots are fair due to the outcome being decided by a random number generator (RNG). Providing they're being played at a licensed slot site then the site and the games have been independently verified for fairness.

All slots must comply with regulators' technical standards and requirements. This means that they need to be thoroughly tested over millions of spins using industry-trusted software that ensures they're safe to play before they ever reach a slot site lobby.

Furthermore, the random number generator ensures random sequences on every spin meaning the combination of symbols that land and the order in which they appear is completely random.

At times it may seem as if the slot is working against you, especially after a particularly bad run of spins. However, this is purely down to probability and nothing else.

Conversely, the same logic can be applied to online slot jackpots. A player could win a £1,000,000 jackpot and then theoretically win the £1,000,000 jackpot again in the spin that immediately follows. It’s all a game of chance and the use of a RNG means that nobody has any control over the outcome.

Developer licences, testing and audits

Before any online slot game can be released and played by members of the general public it must first go through rigorous testing and audits in order to gain a licence, certifying it as safe to play in a particular jurisdiction.

There are multiple testing agencies out there that can certify a slot as safe. Those that are most well known include eCORGA, Gaming Laboratories International and iTech Labs. These agencies will test games by spinning the reels millions of times in order to ensure they're random, unpredictable and that their outcomes cannot be reproduced.

Online slot strategies: How to win

It’s not what you want to hear, but truthfully, there’s no sure-fire way to beat online slots and ensure that they pay out every time. This is because they utilise a random number generator (RNG).

The only way we suggest you can potentially find success with online slots is by sourcing a generous slot site bonus and utilising the bonus to play an eligible game with a high RTP. Watch out for wagering requirements though, as usually these will force you to wager your bonus or winnings several times over before you can withdraw any profits.

If you’re thinking of playing online slots with a limited budget but still want to be in with a chance of picking up some big wins, then you're better off playing low volatility slots that have a decent RTP, progressive jackpot and lucrative bonus features. Admittedly, you’d be asking for a lot, but it'll be worth checking out our jackpot slots for one that ticks your boxes.

If you’re playing with a larger budget then you have more scope for bigger wins. That being said, placing larger bets isn't necessarily the answer. Remember that the house always wins, and placing larger bets might only result in your balance being depleted sooner than necessary.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a common strategy employed by experienced slot players is to avoid jackpot slots as they typically have a lower RTP. Instead, they choose to play feature-rich slots with small amounts but for longer periods. The theory is that playing for longer exposes them to rare combinations leading to massive multiplier and bonus wins.

The reality is, like most things in life, you have to speculate to accumulate. However, it’s still incredibly important to remain vigilant, play responsibly and remember that gambling is a form of entertainment, not a way to make money.

Online slot bonuses

There are two types of bonuses out there when we’re talking about online slots. Firstly we have the bonus rounds and features of a slot game, and then we have bonuses that players are gifted in return for signing up to play at a new slot site. In this section we’ll talk about the latter.

Many slot sites will offer new and existing players bonuses to be used on their games. These bonuses will almost always come in the form of free spins. Free spins will be credited to a player's account as an incentive for signing up, or returning to the slot site. The free spins can usually only be used on selected games and will have certain terms and conditions attached to them, mostly commonly, wagering requirements. Wagering requirements state that a bonus or winnings must be wagered a number of times over before any withdrawals can be made.

The number of free spins players receive differs from site to site. Typically, slot sites may be more willing to give players a generous number of free spins upon first deposit.

If players receive a large number of free spins as part of a welcome bonus, such as 100 free spins on Starburst, then it may be that they’re made to use these free spins incrementally over time (such as 20 free spins per day over five days), or after depositing and spending a set amount of money. 

This is because slot sites would be taking a bigger risk in the long term if players were given 100 spins in one go as they could use all of their free spins at once, withdraw any winnings and never be seen again.

Paul Clare
by Paul Clare Last updated:

Paul spent plenty of time in arcades up and down the UK discovering all of the best fruit machines and watching them grow into the incredible online slots we see today. He still loves the basic format but also has a soft spot for games with big bonus rounds that progress as you play. Immortal Romance is one of his favourite slots of all time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are online slot games?

    Online slot games are digital versions of the classic slot machines that can be found in pubs, bars and casinos around the world. Online slots are often filled with exciting additional features such as wild and scatter symbols, multipliers and free spin bonuses.

  • How do you pick a winning online slot?

    There's no true way of knowing whether an online slot will win or not, however, it's always advised to go for a slot that offers players a fair RTP (return to player) that's 96% or above or one that has lucrative bonus rounds and mechanics.

  • How do I find the best slot games?

    A good way to find the best slot games is to read in-depth reviews of each slot game before you play them. These reviews will give you a good idea of whether they're worth playing and offer value for money.

  • Can I play free slots online?

    Yes, many sites such as Slot Gods offer players the opportunity to play demo slots for free.

  • How random are online slots?

    Online slot games utilise software known as random number generators which ensure that each spin is completely random and fair. These random number generators are regulated and tested to the highest of standards on a regular basis to ensure they are always 100% random.

  • Is there any way of knowing when a slot will pay out?

    There's no way of knowing when a slot will pay out or whether a slot is 'hot' or 'cold'... The only time you can be sure a slot is going to pay out is with 'must drop' progressive jackpots that must pay out before they reach a certain amount or before a certain time.

  • What's the best online slot to play as a beginner?

    The best online slots to play as a beginner are those that do not overcomplicate things with a large number of paylines or intricate bonus rounds and mechanics. A good example of this is NetEnt's Starburst and Red Tiger Gaming's Mystery Reels.

  • Is it better to stake the max bet on online slots?

    Not necessarily. Many online slots do pay out large sums of money on smaller stakes. However, playing slots with the maximum stake often leads to big wins and can trigger progressive jackpots.

  • Do slot sites track how much you've won on slots?

    Online slot sites can see how much money you've won or lost over time (and will give you access to this data), but they will not penalise you for winning money from them. They may get in touch if they're concerned about your spend or wish to offer you extra rewards.

  • Should you stick to one online slot or play multiple slots?

    If you find an online slot that feels right for you then there's nothing to stop you from sticking to just that game! However, there are so many online slots out there that offer different experiences that are all well worth playing.