Crash Gambling Games & Sites May 2024

Straddling the line between online slots and live casino games, crash games are unique, interactive and seriously thrilling, involving players trying to guess when something will crash or end, in real time, alongside other players.

With the mainstream success of Spaceman in 2022, players across the slot world have been looking for the next big crash game. Little did they know, crash gambling games have been around since 2014 despite only really hitting the online gaming scene in 2020.

Best Crash Gambling Sites

Crash games aren't as common as traditional online slots and so don’t exist at most slot sites. That's why we've taken the time to hand-pick the following slot sites ensuring they all have a great collection of crash games for you to play.

Each of these slot sites have crash games available to play, as well as a huge number of other games. The best part is that most of these slot sites also have welcome offers and bonuses for new players, so be sure to take advantage of those!

Best Crash Gambling Games

The beauty of crash games is the simplicity throughout. Anyone can pick up a crash game and get started. However, the best crash games tend to offer players something more, such as multiple betting options or the chance to customise the game in some way.

The crash gambling games below are the crème de la crème and the best that the slot world has to offer. We’ve brought together a selection of the most original crash games with dazzling graphics and glorious gameplay. Perhaps, you’ll find your favourite crash game right here.

New Crash Gambling Games

Since the mainstream success of Spaceman, many other developers have begun to try to recapture the magic. Some of these have been knock-out successes, whilst others have more of a niche following. Here we’ve collected together the latest crash games available to play right now.

All of these new crash gambling games have been through our rigorous review process, and we've held nothing back. Expect the latest in mechanics and innovation with these crash games. There are new crash games being released regularly, so you’re sure to find an exciting new title to play.

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Complete A-Z List of Crash Gambling Games

Since appearing in the iGaming world in 2020, the crash gambling genre has steadily grown into a household name. Of course, this was all due to the popularity of Spaceman. However, it’s worth pointing out that Spaceman isn't the only crash game out there.

There are various different types of crash games available, including those that use burst mechanics. It’s worth sifting through all of the crash games available to see if any catch your eye. Here are all the crash games available to play right now...


Crash Gambling Games Explained

The origins of crash gambling

The rise of crash games began in 2021, but the genre really shot to popularity in 2022 with Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman. Crash games were first introduced in 2014, but primarily used Bitcoin instead of traditional currency.

Moneypot was the first-ever crash game that was later rebranded as Bustabit. Little is known about the creative process behind the game. The only thing that people know is that the creator was called ‘espringe’ and that they made their presence known on the leading Bitcoin forum Bitcointalk.

Bustabit is an online multiplayer game that follows an increasing curve that can crash at any moment. Almost all the features in Bustabit can be found in most modern crash games, such as auto cashout and the live chat. With so many similarities between early and modern crash games, it’s fair to say that Bustabit set the benchmark for crash gambling within the slot world.

Whilst crash games rose to prominence towards the end of 2021, one of the first iGaming crash games can be traced back to 2020. 1000x Busta by 4ThePlayer was released in May and took clear inspiration from Bustabit.

The game featured simplistic gameplay where players bet on a graph with an increasing multiplier. A target is set and the player wins if the multiplier stops at an amount equal to or over the target. The main differences between Bustabit and 1000x Busta include a lack of real-time gaming and no live chat feature.

Thankfully, later crash games such as Aviator and Save the Hamster fixed this. In fact, most modern crash games fully adopted the features from Bustabit to create interactive experiences for players.

Screen of Bustabit, the original crash gambling gameBustabit, the original crash gambling game

How does a crash game work?

Despite having different themes, all crash games work the same. The player must place a bet to determine when something will end. This could be when the spaceship crashes or when the balloon will pop.

Like online slots, the outcome is entirely random. However, crash games tend to have features such as auto cashout to give players a helping hand. This allows them to set a cashout level without having to click manually, as it’s easy to forget or stay in the game until it's too late in the heat of the moment.

Most crash games also have multiple betting options including cashout and auto cashout. Games such as AstroBoomers: To The Moon and Crashout: Fireworks have this feature. Players can set low-risk bets for small rewards using the auto cashout feature, while setting more riskier bets with the manual cashout.

The brilliance of crash games lies within the real-time gaming aspect. As most of the games run in real time, there is no telling what the outcome will be. This live aspect is what makes the game mechanic so exciting.

Naturally, this is why a huge number of crash games contain live chat features for players to connect. This interactive element allows players to converse with others to plan strategies or just generally socialise.

There may be some differences in terms of additional features, but the overall goal of the game is to predict when an event will occur, and cash out early enough to win and gain a profit.

How to play a crash game

Example of average crash gambling game interface

Launching a crash game may be quite jarring to players familiar with online slots. As the games are running in real time, players may feel pressured into jumping straight into the action. However, there is absolutely no rush and players will not be kicked out for not betting the minute they join the game.

Just like online slots, there are different betting levels. It’s entirely up to the player how much they want to bet. Before starting the game, it’s worth checking what additional betting functions are available. Most crash games have an auto cashout feature, whilst other games have multiple betting options.

Once the betting level has been established and a bet has been placed, the player will follow the game and click 'cashout' before the crash occurs (unless 'auto cashout' has been set). There is no way of fully determining the outcome, as the crash occurs entirely at random.

Are there any strategies for crash games?

Whilst there is no way to guarantee the outcome of a crash game, there are various strategies out there for players looking to shake up the gameplay. Serious crash game players should keep reading to find out the best strategy for them.

Low-risk, low-reward

This is perhaps the most popular with crash game players. For the low-risk, low-reward strategy, all a player needs to do is set the bet and cash out quickly. During this time, a small profit can be collected. As most games have an auto cashout feature, the player can activate this and just enjoy watching the game.

High-risk, high-reward

It’s not common to see massive wins in a crash game. Most titles have maximum wins of as little as 2,500x the stake, as it’s usually difficult to reach this level anyway. Another popular strategy for crash gaming is to try the opposite of the previously mentioned strategy.

With a high-risk, high-reward strategy, the player will mentally set a high goal and only cash out when this goal is reached. This could occur within a couple of minutes, but could also end up taking hours. We advise being extremely careful with the high-risk, high-reward strategy and to plan ahead if this strategy is being used.

The Martingale System

Seasoned gamblers will be familiar with the Martingale System. Whilst this strategy is usually used in traditional casino games, it can also be applied to crash games. The logistics may vary, but the overall idea remains the same.

With the Martingale System, the player keeps doubling the bet until a win occurs, at which point the bet is reverted back to the initial value. The idea is that at some point they will hit a win, and so as long as they keep doubling their bet, they will win back all losing bets plus the profit they would have made if the first bet had won.

Reverse Martingale System

The strategy starts off in the same way as the regular Martingale System. However, instead of doubling the bet after a loss, the player increases the bet after a win. Essentially, this strategy seeks to take advantage of any winning and losing streaks in the game.

The Fibonacci System

Despite this method being used mostly in table games, it can still be used in crash games. The Fibonacci System is a sequence of 14 numbers starting with 0 and 1. Each subsequent number in the sequence is the sum of the two immediately preceding numbers i.e. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233...

If a player loses, they will increase the bet level according to the Fibonacci sequence. However, players who win a bet will move down two numbers in the sequence.

What's the maximum amount that can be won on crash games?

For the most part, crash games have a low maximum win compared to online slot standards. However, it’s worth remembering that online slots and crash games are very different. With crash games, it’s more challenging to uncover the maximum wins, as most crash games mainly deliver low wins throughout.

The biggest recorded wins so far have occurred in the crash game Aviator. One player managed to win 389,613x the stake in February 2022. In the same month, another player won 381,268x the stake. These are incredible amounts that certainly took a lot of patience and resistance from the players.

Most other crash games contain maximum wins of up to 2,500x the stake. Whilst this is not as high as the wins in Aviator, this is still a high amount that any player would gratefully receive! The majority of crash game players will mainly see wins reaching multiples of a hundred rather than a thousand.

Currently, there are no crash game jackpots. However, it’s worth mentioning that the release of Spaceman showcased just how popular big-budget crash games can be. So, there is the potential for large developers, such as Playtech and Relax Gaming, to release their own crash games with progressive jackpots in the future.

Do crash games have RTP and volatility?

Like online slots, crash games do have an RTP (Return to Player) but rarely have a volatility level. For the most part, crash games tend to have high RTPs, usually around 97%. As for the volatility, crash games tend to not have a set level.

Ultimately, the experience depends on the players’ own gameplay. Some may seek out smaller but persistent wins (low volatility). Whilst others may want to hold out for those massive wins that occur less frequently (high volatility).

Crashout: Fireworks, Golden Hook and The Incredible Balloon Machine are the rare examples of crash games with an established volatility level. Golden Hook and The Incredible Balloon Machine are both medium volatility games, giving a good balance between the win frequency and size of payouts. The Crashout: Fireworks game has a high volatility level equating to bigger wins but less frequently.

How do crash games compare with online slots?

Image comparing crash games with online slots

Both game types are similar but there is a clear difference between the two. The setup is almost identical, as the player sets the bet before anything else in both online slots and crash games. However, this is where the similarity ends.

With online slots, there is no live aspect and players can spin at their own pace. Crash games are entirely different. The games are constantly running in real time and players can jump in whenever suits them. However, they can't start betting on a game that has already started and instead must wait for the current game session to end.

For the most part, online slots are a solo experience, while crash games have interactive elements, where the game plays in real time and other players are able to join the same game. There is even the option to communicate with other players to plan strategies or just to generally chat.

Online slots have many more features and mechanics compared to crash games, such as free spins, re-spins and bonus rounds. Crash games only have two possible outcomes: win or lose.

Currently, it's not possible to trigger anything extra such as a bonus round in a crash game. However, this shouldn't be ruled out in the future as many live casino games, such as Monopoly Live and Crazy Time, have adopted bonus round and features which have proven to be a huge success with players.

What’s the difference between crash games and burst games?

Although they are extremely alike in terms of gameplay, crash games and burst games do differ slightly. The concept of a burst game is different to a crash game. With burst games, the player bets and holds down until they are ready to collect.

The most popular burst games include Crazy Tooth Studio’s Golden Hook and The Incredible Balloon Machine. These games use a special mechanic called Wincrease. The player does not bet on when the game will end, but instead holds the button down until they think the round will end. Evidently, these games involve more focus and concentration from the player than crash games, and an auto cashout feature isn't available.

One vital difference between crash games and burst games is the lack of real-time gameplay. As the player sets the pace with the Wincrease mechanic, there is no live game. This means that there is no live chat or multiplayer aspect. We recommend burst games for players preferring a solo experience.

How do crash games compare to live casino games?

Whilst there are clear distinctions between online slots and crash games, the same cannot be said for live casino games. With live casino games, players often have a more engaging experience with the events unfolding in real time. Crash games are exactly the same.

Both game types even contain live chat features to communicate with other players. Just like live casino games, crash games have real-time deadlines for setting bets, meaning games cannot be paused for a toilet break or to make a cup of tea.

The biggest difference between crash games and live casino games is the lack of a host. One of the most appealing aspects of live casino games is the live presenter providing entertainment and interacting with players.

Currently, there is no crash game with a live host. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if a live casino game combined the crash mechanic to create something similar to Everybody’s Jackpot Live and Buffalo Blitz Live. These games are essentially live slots with a charming host to enhance the experience.

How many crash games are there?

Despite being fairly new to the slot world, there are over 20 crash games available to play right now at licensed and regulated UK slot sites. The most popular theme is space. A large proportion of crash games take place in space or feature elements of flying. Spaceman, AstroBoomers: To The Moon and Crashout: Fireworks are just a few of the most popular space crash games.

Crash games have risen to such popularity that there are even branded games. FunFair Games released Hugo Up & Away in September 2022. The game followed the Hugo franchise and even featured all the beloved characters, such as Hugo, Don Croco and Scylla.

Some developers have gone a step further with more fascinating themes. Evoplay has released a handful of crash games and each one has had a completely different plot.

Goblin Run follows a creature trying to flee from a dangerous dragon. The game takes inspiration from mobile running games such as Temple Run to add to the intensity. Save The Hamster contains a hamster that is trying to fly. Players must guess when the hamster will fall.

Ultimately, this emphasises that crash games do not have to feature a spaceship that crashes. As long as there is some end goal or looming threat, crash games can go anywhere in terms of the theme.

Where can I play crash gambling games?

As crash games are still fairly new to the online gaming world, most slot sites have not yet adapted to the mechanic. Therefore, it’s not possible to just choose any new slot site and expect to find a decent selection of crash games there.

Crashout: Fireworks is only available at All British Casino and Fun Casino at the time of writing, whilst AstroBoomers: Turbo can only be played at Videoslots Casino and Mr Vegas. Spaceman is essentially available at all the best slot sites, however it’s worth having a crash game in mind before searching - choose a crash game on this page and click through to view a list of slot sites to play it.

Are crash games suitable for me?

The beauty of crash games is that they are so simple. Players don't need any prior slot knowledge to play a crash game. Whilst there are strategies, players don't need to follow one to enjoy the game. All players need to know is the overall premise of the game and what they need to do to win. This often involves cashing out before something crashes or fails.

As the games are so simple, crash games are ideal for beginners. Players only need to place a bet and cash out when they think the time is right. There are even auto cashout options to make the game easier.

Crash games are the missing link between online slots and live casino games. Both crash games and live casino games run in real time. These games also have interactive elements meaning that players can connect with each other. Crash games are the perfect step for slot players looking for a game that is more interactive without a gameshow host leading the charge.

Ultimately, crash games are simple but full of thrilling moments. There is no telling when the crash event will happen! It could be instantaneous or take minutes to occur. All of this combined with the live chats and the real-time gameplay makes crash games something spectacular. It’s safe to say that there is nothing else like crash gambling out there.