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Ever dreamt of walking on the moon? Floating through space admiring the stars in search of extra-terrestrial life? We can't quite promise you that! But we can promise you a load of space themed online slots that'll do their best to make up for the fact you'll remain firmly rooted to the ground!

Best Slot Sites for Space Slots

The following UK licensed slot sites have the best collection of Space slots available to play.

Every slot site recommended by Slot Gods has been thoroughly reviewed and highly rated across several areas including design, usability, game selection, promotions, banking and customer support.

Best Space Slots

Fancy taking a break from all the mundane day-to-day goings-on down here on planet earth with the rest of us human beings? (we bet you do!) Why not immerse yourself in one of our highly rated space-themed online slot games? You have to trust us when we tell you that they’re absolutely out of this world!

Some of the best online slots of all time are space themed, take NetEnt classic Starburst for example! Another famous slot based on space is Play'n GO favourites Reactoonz and Reactoonz 2.

If you like high-octane online slots that promise massive maximum wins, exciting bonus features and mechanics and incredible graphics then allow us to transport you to a universe filled with the best space themed online slots created just for you, lovers of the void above.

New Space Slots

We’ll never truly know the full extent of what’s actually up there, that’s the sad beauty of outer space. There are millions of lightyears of unexplored vast darkness that could hold secrets beyond our comprehension. Because we don’t know what’s out there, it’s given many of us creative license to take a guess, and online slot developers are amongst those that have tried! 

There are always new and unique online slots that are coming out on a regular basis that display their take on space, and we’ve compiled them all in one place. Here you’ll find the best new space themed online slots.

A-Z List of Space Slots

Below you'll find a complete list of Space slots in alphabetical order. Click on a slot to find out more about it and play for free.

Explore the final frontier

Space, the final frontier… Just a select handful of men and women have been fortunate enough to see space with their very own eyes, for the rest of us, well we’ll have to rely on images, videos and popular media’s depiction of our solar system and the universe that lies beyond.

Strangely enough, some of the online slot world’s most popular games have been themed entirely around space, and are we surprised? Of course not! Who wouldn’t want to take a trip into the infinite expanse of outer space to see what there is to be discovered? 

Not all Space themed online slots were created equally, some are serious with beautiful depictions of the planets and stars above, others are cartoonish and feature aliens and strange beings beyond our comprehension. 

Whether you’re after the real deal space experience with an online slot that features stunning nebulas, true to life planets and bright and breathtaking stars, or something a little more fun and farfetched that sees you blast off to a far away alien-infested planet… We WILL have something that you’ll enjoy playing.

You’ll find a well-stocked catalogue of space themed online slots here at Slot Gods, so, what are you waiting for? Get suited up, and prepare for lift-off in T-Minus 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

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