Animal Themed Slots: Best & New Animal Slots & Slot Sites 2024

Here, onlookers will observe a slot player in their natural habitat. A cup of tea next to a laptop, crucial to hydration and complimented by a Hob Nob, the natural choice for facilitating periods of gameplay.

While video slot players themselves are an interesting breed, the slots themselves are even more so. We’re here to hunt out the very best animal themed slots known to humankind.

Best Slot Sites for Animal Slots

The following UK licensed slot sites have the best collection of Animal slots available to play.

Every slot site recommended by Slot Gods has been thoroughly reviewed and highly rated across several areas including design, usability, game selection, promotions, banking and customer support.

Best Animal Slots

The affection we feel towards animals is inherent. An instinctive curiosity and love is afforded to animals and is apparent across every single nook and cranny of popular culture. From animated movies about penguins to TV shows starring an anthropomorphic pig to nursery rhymes, animals have always been there, and probably always will be.

We’ve unlocked the cage on the very best animal themed slots from top providers, assessing features, gameplay, graphics and originality. It’s time to unleash the beast.

New Animal Slots

If you think that the animal theme has been well and truly plundered, you’d be right. There are a huge number of slots featuring animals, this much is true. Luckily, animal themes are as versatile as they are many. To this very day, slot providers continue to crank out games with a furry theme at record speed, satisfying the insatiable enthusiasm players have for these slots.

Video slots featuring animals are going from strength to strength. Not a single week passes without the release of a slot with an animal theme which is testament to the longevity and popularity of animal themed slots.

A-Z List of Animal Slots

Below you'll find a complete list of Animal slots in alphabetical order. Click on a slot to find out more about it and play for free.

Your Natural Selection

Video slots and animals are the next step in the creative evolution of multimedia entertainment. Animal themed slots are crazy popular, so much so that the biggest slot jackpot ever one was won a slot taking the African savannah as its inspiration.

In August 2020, a Swedish player took down €14,239,532.84 on Mega Moolah from Microgaming, proving to the world that animal themed slots aren’t just there to look cute, they can also change lives.

Slots with an animal theme are a bankable choice for slot providers. With wide demographic coverage, animal themed slots are an inviting choice for game creators that want to attract as many players as possible, while alienating the fewest.

Bringing both friendliness and familiarity to every slot outing, animal themes are not only financially viable for operators, players are also reaping the rewards. From Mega jackpots to ground-breaking mechanics to industry-leading graphics, animal themed slots aren’t going anywhere fast proving that this particular style of slots is no one-trick pony.

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