Viking Slots & Slot Sites

Will you take up your axe and heed the call of battle? If the raw and gritty Viking life appeals to you then our collection of some of the most action-packed Viking themed online slots are most certainly right for you.

Best Slot Sites for Viking Slots

The following UK licensed slot sites have the best collection of Viking slots available to play.

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Best Viking Slots

Ready to go Wild? Perhaps even Berzerk? If you think the unrivalled chaos of the battlefield, the raging waters of the North Sea and the feel of a heavy battleaxe in your hand sounds like something you’d enjoy, then there’s no doubt you’re prepared for the Viking experience! 

If you’re prepared to spin the reels and take your chances with the very best Viking themed Slots then thank the Norse Gods because we’ve scoured the casino lobbies for the wildest Viking slots and this is what we found.

New Viking Slots

There’s only so many times you can fight the same battles, sometimes a seasoned warrior needs something new to test his or her strength, that’s why we’ve sourced a whole host of new Viking themed online slots that will get your adrenaline pumping. These brilliant new slots are filled with all the best bonus features and mechanics that will have you roaring with delight.

A-Z List of Viking Slots

Below you'll find a complete list of Viking slots in alphabetical order. Click on a slot to find out more about it and play for free.

Prepare for the fiercest of battles

Many online slot developers hail from Scandinavia, so it comes as absolutely no surprise that Viking themed slots featuring savage warriors, brave explorers and strong and noble Jarl’s feature heavily amongst new online slot releases over the last few years.

There’s not too much to differentiate Viking themed online slots from Mythical themed online slots, however, those featuring fearless Vikings tend to be much grittier and action-packed. 

Some slots are based around epic tales of Ancient Norsemen that have been passed down and told a thousand times over years gone, others are adrenaline-fuelled blockbusters created solely for the entertainment of players, whatever the choice, we’re all for them! 

If you want to lead a band of crazed Vikings headfirst into battle with a multitude of ferocious foes, all whilst racking up the wins by way of lucrative and thrilling bonuses then we think playing a Viking themed online slot will satisfy your desire for carnage and mayhem!

If you've ever played any of the games from the Vikings Go series of slots then you'll absolutely LOVE all of the wild titles we have to offer on this page.

More Online Slot Themes

Perhaps it's time to put down the battle-axe? We recognise that the life of a Viking can get tiring... That's why we've sourced a whole host other different online slot games that you can enjoy when it all gets too much. Why not step into a strange alternative past where machinery rules by trying our best steampunk themed online slots? Maybe you want something a little softer? If Leprechauns and four-leaf clovers are more your thing we've got a selection of quality Irish-themed online slots for you to try! Maybe you want to play a slot based on your favourite television show or movie? If so then check out our brilliant list of the best TV/Movie themed slots.