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Slot Gods - About Us 

Launched in early 2021, Slot Gods is an ever-growing online slot review site created by a team of truly passionate online slot enthusiasts who have one goal in mind; to share their collective knowledge of the industry and deliver honest, bias-free and trustworthy online slot reviews.

In addition to publishing daily in-depth reviews showcasing some of the most impressive new online slots created by the best and brightest minds in the iGaming industry, we are also committed to delivering breaking industry news, expert opinion pieces and handy guides that fully explain anything you could ever want or need to know in the world of online slots.

Our aim is to ensure that every single online slot review found here at Slot Gods is rich in content, providing readers with easy-to-digest information that paints a clear and precise picture of exactly what they can expect when playing the game for themselves.

Reviewing online slots - Our official vetting process

Every online slot that is reviewed by our content team goes through a meticulous vetting process that begins weeks, or even months before a game is officially released to the public.

After liaising with industry experts from top development studios around the world the team created a master list comprising of all the notable upcoming online slots that were set to be released at various slot sites throughout the year. 

Each week the team collectively reviews a batch of upcoming online slots to decide which of them are deserving of a full in-depth review by one of the site’s dedicated reviewers. There are a number of different criteria that each slot must ideally satisfy in order to be reviewed, and ultimately, added to the website.

First and foremost, the slot should be entertaining, engaging and keep our attention for a number of spins. It should excel in terms of design, not be a clear copy of another successful slot, and it must have a fair and honest mathematical model that doesn’t see players at an obvious disadvantage.

Naturally, each member of the Slot Gods team has a favourite developer and type of slot. However, we do not allow this to influence our decision over which games get reviewed or how they are scored.

How we rate online slots - A breakdown

Upon identifying an online slot to review, one of Slot God’s expert reviewers will spend an extended period of time playing and testing the game until they have successfully triggered all of the game’s major bonus features, experiencing everything it has to offer.

The entirety of their gameplay is recorded in real-time and later edited for YouTube. This video makes up part of the review so that players can view bonus features and mechanics in action without actually having to play the slot themselves.

All of our reviews at Slot Gods are broken down into four sections that are essentially the cornerstones of any online slot game: features, design, gameplay and win potential. 


As the name suggests, the features section of any review takes a look at all of the bonus features and mechanics that appear within a slot. 

Features could include things such as free spins, multipliers, pick and click mini-games. Mechanics could include things such as Megaways, Infinity Reels and cascading reels. 

We rate features based on their enjoyability, originality and how much they add to the overall gameplay. More features and mechanics do not necessarily mean a higher overall score. 


When reviewing the design of a slot we take several factors into consideration. The first being the overall look and feel, plot, and theme. If it’s a tired, commonly overused theme we might be less forgiving due to the lack of creativity on part of the developer.

From there onwards we leave no stone unturned, assessing every aspect of the game, from the design of the game reels, each individual game symbol, animations and soundtrack.

Developers that have clearly shown dedication to creating a slot that stands out and is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before will usually see their games receive a high rating for design.


The gameplay section of the review assesses how easy a slot is to navigate, interact with and play. It also discusses any specific mechanics or game rules that players would need to know before spinning the reels.

If we’re playing a slot that has specific elements unique to a certain developer then that will also be discussed in this section, for example, if we’re reviewing a Wazdan slot, we will always make reference to the game having an adjustable volatility.

If we’re ever struggling with the interface to find certain buttons, settings or the paytable, the slot is overly complicated or has any broken elements that impacted our gameplay then we’ll always be honest about any pitfalls we came across and rate it accordingly. 

Win Potential

Win Potential relates to how lucrative an online slot is. Here we take a look at the maximum amount of money a player can win whilst playing a slot, how volatile it is, the RTP (return to player) percentage and whether it has any local or progressive jackpots.

We also look at how achievable decent-sized wins are when playing both the base game and bonus features, based on our own experiences when playtesting the game. 

We do not necessarily give slots a higher rating based on how much players can win overall, however, offering players large payouts alongside a fair RTP percentage goes a long way towards getting a slot recognised as worth playing.

Our Verdict / Overall Rating

At the end of each review, we provide a personal verdict, which is a fair and honest summary of the game as a whole, and whether or not we believe it’s worth playing with real money.

In addition to this, we give each section of the review an overall rating out of 10. All four rating categories are then averaged to produce an overall slot score (displayed as one to five stars). 

This score dictates where the game will be displayed on the site. If it is a highly-rated slot it will automatically appear in our top 10 slots list on the homepage or one of the ‘best’ sections of the site such as best new slots, best grid slots, best penny slots or best Megaways slots.

Our pledge to online slot enthusiasts

Every online slot review published at Slot Gods is written without bias and looks to provide players with a genuine and honest overview. Whilst we do utilise affiliate links directing players to certain slot sites where you can play each and every game we feature, we will never push an online slot we do not believe is worth playing, or a site that’s not worth visiting.

Our long-term ethos is to build a solid reputation as the most trusted source of online slot reviews on the internet, and we can only do that if we’re honest with readers from the very start.


Slot Gods has never accepted payment from an online slot developer or slot site in return for a positive online slot or slot site review, and will never will. 

It is part of our overall mission statement to only ever deliver the honest truth about whatever it is we’re reviewing. If we feel that something is sub-standard, broken, or poor value for money then we’ll clearly state that within the body of our review.

In short, we refuse to pull any punches when it comes to telling the truth about lazily made and sub-standard online slots. At Slot Gods, player enjoyment always comes first.

Slot site vetting process

Every slot site promoted on Slot Gods has been vetted by members of the Slot Gods team to ensure that it is properly licensed, has a good amount of decent games, responsive customer service and fair banking options. We only work with serious operators that care about the experience and safety of their customers.

The Slot Gods Team

Pavlos - Founder & Director

Pavlos - Founder & Director

Pavlos has loved playing slots since he was tall enough to stand at a fruit machine. With over 10 years’ experience in the industry he’s been around long enough to remember when flash games and downloadable casinos were as good as it gets!

Likes: High volatility slotsfree spins & bonus roundsjackpots

Dislikes: Irish-themed slots, unimaginative slots, slots with poor-quality graphics

Charlie - Content Writer / Reviewer

Charlie - Content Writer / Reviewer

For Charlie, it’s all about flashy slots with unique mechanics and crazy themes. The first slot that really caught her eye was Play’n GO’s Moon Princess and it fuelled her passion for playing online slots. Since then, she’s been determined to find the latest and greatest slots from across the world.

Likes: WTF slotsTV/Movie slotsThunderkick slots

Dislikes: Fruit Machine slots, slots without features, cloned slots

Ross - Designer / Project Manager

Ross - Designer / Project Manager

With an eye for detail, Ross ensures that Slot Gods is always looking sharp and the team is well organised. He joined the team in 2020 to support the launch of Slot Gods and has created thousands of images since then to give you the best possible user experience whilst searching for that perfect online slot.

Likes: Grid SlotsRocket MenSteampunk themed slots

Dislikes: Unimaginative and blandly designed slots

Sam - Content Writer / Reviewer

Sam - Content Writer / Reviewer

A keen sports bettor, Sam took his first foray into the world of online slots when Bonanza Megaways caught his eye, he’s never looked back since! He joined the team in 2019 and has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of online slots, he isn’t afraid to voice his honest opinion when reviewing new games, even if it does ruffle a few feathers.

Likes: Online slot seriesGrid slotsGaming-themed slots

Dislikes: Egyptian-themed slots, ‘Book of’ slots, lazy developers copying each other

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