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Developer: Nolimit City
Release date: 3rd Oct 2023
Space Donkey Slot - Screenshot
RTP: 96.07%
Max Payout: 14,649x stake
Volatility: High
Min Bet: 0.20
Max Bet: 100.00
Reels: 6
Paylines: 46,656
Themes: Animal, Retro, Space, WTF
Jackpot: No

Space Donkey

Paul Clare
Reviewed by Paul Clare Last updated:

Cast your mind back to a simpler time when computer games simply flowed down a river with the odd laser firing out and random. This is the basic crux of Space Donkey from Nolimit City, but that description is merely scratching the surface. Come and take a deeper dive into this mathematical masterpiece and see how you and your monkey can avoid alien abduction while firing off a plethora of wonderful weapons! It all culminates in a max 14,649x win with 2 bonus games and various modifiers to enjoy along the way.

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Our Rating

“Surely, this is going to win an award at some point…”

4.5 out of 5

Win potential

Space Donkey Screenshots

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Space Donkey Features

If I’m going to help you protect this mothership and keep your balance afloat, then you will need to listen to these instructions very carefully! These aliens are out to get you, although you have lots of weapons at your disposal and some fabulous bonus games to help bring in the bigger wins.

Regular wins are formed with a group of three plus matching symbols landing on adjacent reels. Card symbols 9 through Ace will get you your lowest payouts while the Picture symbols get you the best wins. The Monkey is top of the tree with a 4x win for a group of 6 matching symbols.

But this is Nolimit City and you aren't interested in their regular payouts, are you? Thought not. It's all about the features and you'll be pleased to know that there are some beauties waiting for you here in Space Donkey.

Base game modifiers

You can enjoy some wild action thanks to the miniature spaceships that begin ploughing downwards through the reel and abducting other symbols. This can bring a +1 Multiplier with each step it takes. Another base game modifier to look out for is Hellfire. This is where 3 or more Chopper symbols turn up and start firing off in all directions. They add Multipliers to symbols in the direction of their fire. The first fires in one direction, the second fires in two directions and so on.

Bonus Games

Moving on to the main bonus games, we find Hide N’ Seek, which is classed as stage 2 of this game. 3 scatter symbols take you there and promptly turn into Traps that you don't want to encounter. If your Monkey moves across these Traps, then you lose a life. 3 lives are all you have, so hope that your monkey treads carefully. 

A number and direction of travel are revealed for each move and your Monkey heads off to collect Multipliers and other modifiers to increase your wins. These are:

  • Grey Chest - can award an extra life, a multiplier figure, or upgrade to the Seek N' Destroy bonus
  • Golden Chest - award multiplier values
  • Aliens - remove one of your lives
  • Magician - gives you the sum of all Golden Chests
  • King - adds up to x10 multipliers to Golden Chests
  • Princess - collects adjacent Grey and Golden chests and kills any Alien next to it
  • Stone Monster - can double the Golden Chest Multiplier, open Grey Chests or kill an Alien

The final fight 

Stage 3 in this game is called Seek N’ Destroy. This requires 4 Scatter symbols and reveals a new grid where your Monkey can appear on different levels as you progress. He will move up and down to avoid capture and fire a weapon at the Aliens moving towards him. If he is too slow and they catch him, and it's game over. Multipliers are added with relevant kills and this is all multiplied by your bet amount at the end of the game.

There are different weapons available to the Monkey and these include a Link Gun, Laser Gun, Nuke and Rail Gun. Each one has its own powers to eliminate varying numbers of aliens.

You will also see a Launcher Tube, which spawns new aliens and each time a weapon is fired, a life is removed from this tube and the Mothership. Destroy the tube and get 100x your bet plus the value of any surrounding Alien Multipliers. The Mothership begins with a total of 25 lives and if you remove all of these, then the game ends with up to 20x being awarded at random.

Space Donkey - Abduction Wild

Abduction Wild

These little spaceships try to create a win, and if they do, they’ll stick around for the remaining winning sequences and drop down a row each time. Symbols below get abducted and the Multiplier grows by +1 too.

Space Donkey - Hellfire


When 3 or more Chopper symbols appear, they start to fire Multipliers up to x10 in a number of directions—depending on their order of appearance.

Space Donkey - Hide N’ Seek

Hide N’ Seek

3 Scatter symbols trigger this feature and they promptly turn into deadly Traps that you don’t want to land on. Your Monkey is then instructed to move around the grid and collect all of the multipliers. Land on a Trap, and you lose a life. Other modifiers are also present.

Space Donkey - Seek N’ Destroy

Seek N’ Destroy

4 Scatters start this bonus while extra Scatters provide shields. Aliens try to kill your Monkey as he jumps to different levels on the grid to avoid capture and fires his weapon at them. Collect the Alien’s Multiplier and look out for Boost symbols to increase wins and keep the game going.

Space Donkey Review

One of the things that Space Donkey does incredibly well it makes you forget that this is even a slot game. It's more like a video game that you could have played in an arcade back in the 80s.

Admittedly, you will need a decent run of spins in order to experience all of the delights on offer, but they ain't half worth waiting for!


It's grainy and pixelated and reminds me a little bit of River Raid, which I used to play on my old Atari all those years ago. The game progresses downriver with the grid moving with each spin, producing wins and doing its thing. There are neat little animations that are perfectly in keeping with this retro-style game and if you loved frenzied low-quality video soundtracks from back in the day, you're going to absolutely love this. It's all available on a range of different devices, including Apple and Android mobile phones.


Picking up regular wins is fun and you get to experience all of the nice animated elements and a little boost to your balance at the same time. The base game modifiers help improve your balance no end and when those bonus games kick in, you could be in for a real treat. It can take a while to get used to, but stick at it and you will be glad you did.

Win Potential

The stats are fairly predictable for a game like this with high volatility coming as standard. You can expect to see a maximum win of 14,649x if everything goes your way and the RTP will vary at different points of the game. 96.07% RTP is the standard figure. Some jurisdictions may allow a direct buy into the 2 bonus games with Hide N’ Seek Spins costing 79x and Seek N’ Destroy Spins coming in at 272x.

My Verdict

Some might say that Space Donkey is a little too complicated, and I understand where you're coming from if you fall into this category. However, having played this game at length during my review, it became clear that the math model is nothing short of genius and would have required some incredibly intelligent programming over a Nolimit City. I love the retro feel with all of the different ways to modify the action throughout the game and even during a bad run of spins, there was still enough going on to keep me engrossed. There’s no way that you can call yourself a slot fan and not give Space Donkey a try.

Live Updates

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Top 14,649x win awarded just hours after release!

You didn't think it would happen? Well, think again! One lucky player has taken on Space Donkey on its day of release and has smashed it out of the park! During the Hide N' Seek Spins feature, the crafty monkey with a donkey complex delivered an incredible display as it dodged the Traps and made its way around the board to collect the stunning 14,649x max payout! All of this was done on a $10 bet. I'll let you do the math and feel happy/envious—or perhaps a bit of both—for the lucky slots fan who took on the Space Monkey and won big time! Play through the winning spin as it happened right here and see how it all went down. 

Play Space Donkey at these slot sites

Jump straight into the action and play Space Donkey now at the following fully licenced UK slot sites. These slot sites have been thoroughly audited and reviewed by the team here at Slot Gods to ensure they offer an exceptional user experience, are trustworthy, safe, secure, and boast the best selection of online slots in their portfolio including Space Donkey...