Free Spins

Claim free spins to play online slots and get more gameplay for your money.

We have a whole bunch of free spins offers including deposit free spins, no-deposit free spins, and free spins with no wagering requirements.

Best Free Spins

It can be incredibly difficult to decide what casino bonus to take when faced with so much choice, each and every operator has so many inviting free spin bonuses that you could choose from. Do you go for one that has the most free spins? One that’s tied to your favourite online slot? Or perhaps on that has the most favourable terms and conditions? 

We completely understand how hard a call it can be to make, that’s why we’ve taken the time to seek out the best free spin bonuses available to you right now at our favourite online casinos. 

Rest assured, all of the casinos featured here are vetted by our top-notch team of industry experts who make it their mission to ensure you’re getting only the best value at the safest licensed casinos with the best online slots.

New Free Spins

The online casino world changes thick and fast, casinos come and go at the blink of an eye. With every new casino that arrives on the market, generous new casino bonuses and free spin bonuses often aren’t far behind. 

We know there are many of you that are truly passionate about seeking out new free spin offers, therefore we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you on your quest by compiling the latest and greatest free spin offers. 

There’s no need to spend hours on end bouncing from site to site trawling through bad offers, we’ve got absolutely everything you need right here so that you can sink your teeth into all of the best online slot games right away without any drama whatsoever!

No Wagering Free Spins

There are a handful of trustworthy online casinos out there that generously give brand new players no wagering free spins in return for their custom and loyalty. Wager-free spins are free spins that have absolutely no wagering requirements attached to them. 

These brilliant offers don't require players to sit and play through their winnings for hours on end (at the risk of losing it all) in order to make any withdrawals. In short, you can keep absolutely everything you win from your wager-free spins... No strings attached! How good does that sound?

No-deposit Free Spins

Some incredibly generous online casinos like to gift new players with no-deposit free spins. Not sure what these are? Don't worry, we'll explain! As the name suggests, no-deposit free spins are free spins that require no initial deposit from the player whatsoever! It almost seems too good to be true, right? Well, guess what... They’re completely real and we have a bunch of them right here for you!

There number of no-deposit free spins you can typically expect to receive will be around 10 or 20, however, we have seen some operators give away as many as 50, but it’s quite a rarity! 

These extremely popular bonuses often come bundled with terms and conditions that state players must play through their winnings a certain amount of times over in order to withdraw them. As long as we believe the wagering requirements can be reasonably fulfilled then we’re happy to promote these generous offers. 

We’ve even thrown in some no deposit free spin offers with no wagering for good measure! So if you’re after real value then you needn’t look any further than right here.

What's the deal with free spin bonuses?

Believe it or not, every single online casino out there is locked in a fierce battle amongst themselves in an attempt to win YOUR custom. Yes, that’s right! They’re all fighting tooth and nail right now to get you to sign up to their casino… How we hear you ask? By offering you the biggest and best welcome offers filled to the brim with free spins.

Free spins give us the opportunity to try out a casino (and specific online slots) without having to spend and potentially lose your own money… What’s more, any one of those free spins could trigger a bonus feature, boosting your balance before you’ve even begun! 

Amazingly, there are even operators out there that offer free spins on popular jackpot slots, so you could win a life-changing sum of money without spending a penny of your own money.

More often than not the amount of free spins you receive from an online casino will be dependent on the terms and conditions attached to the offer. If you’re being given a large number of free spins (in excess of 100) it might be that you have to deposit more in order to receive them, or it might be that there are wagering requirements attached to the offer. 

On the other hand, you might well receive a modest number of free spins and there be no strings attached whatsoever, you can use your free spins and withdraw any winnings immediately due to the fact that there are no wagering requirements.

Whatever free spins offer you decide to take from our exhaustive list of online casinos displayed here at Slot Gods, make sure you thoroughly read the terms and conditions beforehand, this way you know exactly what you’re signing up for, what online slot game your free spins can be played on and the value of each and every spin… All incredibly important factors to think about!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do free spin bonuses work?

    Free spin bonuses are generous bonuses casinos offer players that allow them to play an online slot game without spending any of their own money. There are two main types of free spin bonus such as free spins when players make their first deposit and free spins that require no deposit at all.

  • Can you win from free spins?

    Ultimately players can win from free spins when playing online slots. Free spins are appealing as it's impossible for players to lose any money on them, and they can give players a good idea of whether they enjoy a specific online slot game.

  • How many free spins can you get from a bonus?

    Free spin bonuses vary with each operator, usually, casinos with no wagering requirements or low wagering requirements offer players a smaller number of free spins. Casinos offering a large number of free spins may make it more difficult to withdraw any winnings as a result of the free spins by imposing higher wagering requirements.

  • How do you use free spins?

    Upon accepting a free spin bonus players should be signposted towards a specific online slot game that's tied to the free spins. Once you load that game the free spins should immediately become active.

  • Is it better to get a small number of free spins?

    Casinos may only offer players a small number of free spins as part of a bonus, this can (sometimes) be considered better, as smaller offers have less restrictive terms and conditions such as high wagering requirements.

  • What are no deposit free spins?

    No deposit free spins are a highly sought after free spins bonus that can do not require players to deposit any of their money into a casino before they can use them.

  • What are wager-free spins?

    Wager-free spins are a type of free spins bonus that allows players to withdraw any winnings they make from their free spins bonus, without having to play through them a certain number of times first.