Our rating:
Developer: AvatarUX
Release date: 26th May 2023
LooneyPop Slot - Screenshot
RTP: 96.00%
Max Payout: 50,000x stake
Volatility: High
Min Bet: 0.20
Max Bet: 10.00
Reels: N/A
Paylines: 118,098
Theme: WTF
Jackpot: No


Alyx Tzamantanis
Reviewed by Alyx Tzamantanis Last updated:

AvatarUX is back with another exciting slot with LooneyPop. This slot follows the mad professor in his quest to create monsters from nightmares and popular culture leading to absolute havoc.

Not only does this slot contains free spins, expanding wins, multipliers and synced reels, but there is also a new mechanic with ZapReel leading to endless possibilities. You could even secure wins of up to 50,000x the stake in this wonderous slot.

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Our Rating

“‘Looney’ doesn't even begin to describe this game”

4.4 out of 5

Win potential

LooneyPop Screenshots

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LooneyPop Features

Avatar UX loves a feature and they've made damn sure that their latest creation is packed full of them. While LooneyPop may only include one bonus round, the features/mechanics/modifiers all have a part to play in keeping you glued to the screen.


PopWins are beginning to grab a lot of headlines in the slots niche. We see additional game mechanics come and go, but PopWins seems to be showing a bit of staying power.

The collection of games in this series is growing nicely and it's partly due to the simplicity of the idea. You can think of it as an alternative Megaways where winning symbols split in two and increase the number of winning ways.

Reels can grow to 6 symbols high during the base game and 9 symbols high during the free spins bonus. Remember that the feature only continues if the wins are consecutive, and the reels will return to normal if you don't get lucky on the next spin.


Having enjoyed some success with the PopWins feature, Avatar UX is now touting a brand new idea—but we've seen it done before under various guises in the past.

It’s an additional horizontal reel that sits at the top of the screen with spaces for modifying symbols. With each new spin, the ZapReel resets and new rewards will appear.

The list of modifying rewards is pretty extensive so you won't get tired of seeing the same old action every time. You can receive x2 and x3 multipliers, split symbols, expanding winning symbols that stack across the reel and synced reels that bring 2 reels together in unison.

Free Spins

You don't need to watch out for scatter symbols to grab your 6 free spins. You just need to hit 3 wins in a row that push all the reels to their maximum of 6 symbols tall.

In some areas outside the UK, it may also be possible to buy straight into the bonus round for 125x your bet. There is also a free spins gamble before you start to play your free credits. You can take a spin on the wheel to either increase your number of spins or potentially lose the lot.

One handy modifier that the free spins bring is that the reels don't return to their original state when a spin doesn't result in a win; they just shrink back to the height of the shortest reel. The ZapReel modifiers also get an upgrade to increase your winning chances.

LooneyPop - PopWins


Each win forces winning symbols to double in size, pushing the reels to 6 rows high during the base game and 9 rows high during the free spins bonus. This creates up to 118,098 win ways.

LooneyPop - ZapReel


The additional reel at the top of the screen will provide modifying symbols that can add multipliers, stacked symbols, split symbols and synced reels.

LooneyPop - Free Spins

Free Spins

Three consecutive wins during the base game gets you 6 free spins with upgraded ZapReel symbols. Try the free spins gamble if you are feeling lucky and you might end up with 18 free spins.

LooneyPop Review

It's hard to know where to begin with LooneyPop and we get the feeling that Avatar UX kind of likes it that way. This 5x3 slot is different to most others out there and it could well prove to be a game changer as it brings many elements from other titles together in one place.

The theme is all over the place, symbols can split making the reels expand and an additional ZapReel adds modifiers left right and centre. There are free spins that don't even require a scatter symbol to trigger and a shed load of multipliers waiting desperately to boost your balance.


We’re struggling to describe what type of theme Avatar UX was going for when they created LooneyPop and we're not even sure that the designers knew either. There’s a good chance a few shots were enjoyed the day they came up with this slot!

They describe the adventure as a mad professor recreating monsters from his nightmares and unleashing them on the world to create panic. Quite where the spaceships, cowboys and Betty Boop-style characters come into the equation, who knows!

Whatever you think of the method behind this madness, you have to admit that it all comes together flawlessly with fun graphics and animations entertaining you throughout. The soundtrack is quirky and as predicted, it's hard to say exactly what it is.

If you're getting the impression that you probably need to play this game for yourself to work out what it's all about, then you'd be absolutely right.


The base game doesn't feel like a base game at all thanks to the PopWins and ZapReel additions. Barely a spin will go by without something happening and even if it isn't a big win each time, it is certainly entertaining.

The free spins round sees the upgraded ZapReel features and this is where the max 50,000x payout could come into play if you are extremely lucky.

Win Potential

There is huge winning potential in the LooneyPop slot. As we've seen, 50,000x is a massive payout and with wager options going up to 40, this payday could be substantial.

With an enormous potential prize comes extremely high volatility, so don't expect to see any mercy shown to your balance along the way. The RTP is 96% which gives the house a regular 4% edge.

Our Verdict

You won't have seen anything quite like LooneyPop before and Avatar UX has done a fantastic job of creating an original and fun slot with massive payout potential.

You will certainly hear other slot fans talk about this game in the near future and if you haven't tried it yet, then you will definitely be missing out.

Live Updates

Tune in to the latest news about LooneyPop as it happens.

AvatarUX releases general release date

Slot fans can rejoice as AvatarUX has announced a general release date for LooneyPop. The slot is expected to release on the 23rd of February.

Sadly, there is no announcement from Yggdrasil as to when this slot will be available at UK slot sites. As soon as this information is available, we shall let you know!

LooneyPop Slot Preview

There is no denying that AvatarUX is one of the most innovative slot developers out there. Every new online slot that they release is just as good as the previous one.

It's clear that the slot developer is working hard to bring new and refreshing concepts to the slot world. Naturally, this has resonated with players which is why the developer is so adored by slot fans.

LooneyPop is the next upcoming slot from AvatarUX and looks to be the biggest one yet. The slot features fantastic graphics paired with amazing features and big wins - what's not to love?

What to expect in LooneyPop

It's unknown if PopWins is returning in this slot but we do know of a new mechanic called ZapReel. On the top of the grid, the game features horizontal reels with 3 cells known as ZapReel.

On each spin, the ZapReel displays the special feature rewards and displays a new one each time. These rewards could include Multipliers, Expanding WIn, Synched Reels or brand-new Split Symbols.

There is also a free spins round that is triggered when the reels are increased to 6 symbols high. Each set of reels unlocked in free spins does not fully reset leading to bigger win potentials.

Before free spins begin, you'll be able to gamble to improve the number. It starts at 6 and there is the potential to go up to 18 spins.

Why you should play LooneyPop

With an AvatarUX slot, there is never anything quite like it. LooneyPop is completely original and feels like no other slot that has ever been released. You know that you are in for an incredible time with this slot.

LooneyPop could easily be the biggest AvatarUX slot yet and we cannot wait for it to release. Currently, there is a general release for the slot on the 23rd of February but we expect it to release at UK slot sites closer towards May 2023.

Play LooneyPop at these slot sites

Jump straight into the action and play LooneyPop now at the following fully licenced UK slot sites. These slot sites have been thoroughly audited and reviewed by the team here at Slot Gods to ensure they offer an exceptional user experience, are trustworthy, safe, secure, and boast the best selection of online slots in their portfolio including LooneyPop...