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Discover the best new online slots and where to play them! We’ve got the latest releases including brand new slots, exclusive slots, new high RTP slots, new high payout slots, and even new slots with unique mechanics.

All our slots have been independently tested, reviewed and rated by our expert team of online slot boffins always on the hunt for new and exciting games. We only add new slots that we know you'll love, so put your feet up and enjoy - we've rejected the rest, so here are the best!

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Brand New Slots

Brand new slots aren't always the best games available and it takes a keen eye for detail to cut through the hype and decide which ones are worth trying. That's where our team of independent review specialists comes into play.

As these games make their way towards general release, the boffins at Slot Gods relish the opportunity to put each one through its paces. If they are as good as the slot developers say they are, then you'll find them listed below. Don't forget to check back regularly and see what top titles are about to drop.

Best New Slots

The following slots are the best new online slots released within the last three months. These slots have been scored highly by Slot Gods across all categories including gameplay, features, design, and win potential, and we know you'll enjoy them as much as we do!

You can expect to find a range of innovative game mechanics such as Infinity Reels, Gigablox and Link & Win, plus a ton of top features and bonus rounds to keep you entertained.

If you love new online slots, then here are what Slot Gods consider to be the best of the best new online slots recently released...

Best Slot Sites

Play the latest and greatest slots at the best slot sites available. Every slot site we feature has been thoroughly rated and reviewed by Slot Gods.

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New Slot Sites

Discover new slot sites to play the best new slots. We only work with the best in the business, so rest assured you’ll find a slot site you can rely on.

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Exclusive Slots

Some of the best new online slots are a closely guarded secret. You won’t find these games at hundreds of online slot sites, and there is only a select number of brands that are hosting these exclusive titles right now.

If you find a title you love, then we will point you to where you need to go. Needless to say, our team will have done the honours and you can read all about these exclusive slots in our in-depth reviews before you decide to take the plunge.

New & Upcoming Unreleased Slots

The following online slots are so new that they’re still in their pre-release stage - you won’t get your fingers on these spin buttons for real cash just yet. To whet your appetite, we’ve got demo versions for you to try so you’ll be an expert by the time they drop at the best slot sites.

In true Slot Gods fashion, we've thoroughly tested and reviewed each of these unreleased online slots and scored them over several categories. Learn all about their features, gameplay, overall design and win potential, so you know what to expect and how to play them even before they launch.

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Best Slot Sites For New Slots

There are thousands of slot sites available and, naturally, most will claim to have the very best selection of new online slot games. But after years of picking apart every slot site that enters the industry, we know exactly which ones live up to expectations.

We check out every aspect of a new slot site to ensure that they can offer a fantastic range of top rated new slots. With a mixture of established and new slot sites, the following sites have all proved themselves worthy and we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for with any one of them.

  • Videoslots Casino Logo

    Videoslots Casino

    Up to £200 Bonus + 11 Free Spins

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  • PlayGrand Logo


    100% Bonus+ 30 Spins on Reactoonz

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  • PlayOJO Logo


    Deposit £10, Get 50 Free Spins on Book of Dead

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  • Mr Vegas Logo

    Mr Vegas

    Up to £200 Bonus + 11 Free Spins

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  • BetVictor Casino Logo

    BetVictor Casino

    Wager £10, Get £50 Slot Bonuses

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New High RTP Slots

RTP stands for 'return to player'. This theoretical statistic shows how much money should be paid out of an online slot compared with that which goes in. But it isn't based on every credit and every spin.

Slots are assessed over hundreds of thousands of spins and the RTP figure reflects the outcome over this vast period of time. You shouldn't get hung up on RTP but it's definitely worth taking note of this figure when you select one of the latest slots.

New High Payout Slots

Some new slot games offer potentially eye-watering prizes. It isn't unheard of to see 100,000x max wins made possible and some lucky customers have certainly seen their fortunes change as a result of these high-paying slot titles.

Big jackpot titles are renowned for their huge prizes but the RTP will usually suffer as a result. Online slots that have the potential to pay out huge max wins during bonus and feature rounds can be more beneficial to the player as the RTP stays where it should be and the huge prizes are made up of multipliers and big-money combinations.

New Slots With Unique Mechanics

New game mechanics keep the industry fresh and current. Older-style slots present very basic paylines and will generally have zero or one feature game. However, slot fans like us are a discerning bunch and, rightfully, we demand more from the latest slots.

Mechanics, such as MightyWays and MultiMax, allow you to collect wins in thousands of different ways and offer an intriguing selection of features that make modern slots incredibly exciting.

New Jackpot Slots

We all love the thrill and excitement of massive potential payouts and we never miss a chance to play for the big bucks. This is what makes jackpot slots so attractive.

In this section not only have we listed all the best new jackpot slots with local jackpots, but we’ve also listed new jackpot slots that are part of a wider networked jackpot, which typically offer a larger progressive jackpot and higher seed values.

New Slots By Type

Everybody has a type and it's no different when it comes to the best new slots. Certain aspects will appeal to different parts of our personalities and so it's important to check out a wide variety of slots to see what suits you best. Some fans like branded slots as they remind them of a favourite movie or band, while others prefer to concentrate on the game mechanics rather than the theme.

Megaways slots with over 100,000 ways to win, grid slots offering Cluster Pays, Infinity Reels expanding with every win, Gigablox featuring their huge symbol blocks and Link & Win with special symbols triggering respins with big payouts are just some of the latest attractions to consider.

Best New Slot Sites

Having such a huge selection of slot sites available to choose from can only be good news for players. Each one brings its own unique set of benefits and offers a fantastic range of iGaming entertainment.

Below, you'll find not only the best new slot sites but also brands that have recently undergone our rigorous testing procedures. We ensure that they offer an all-round package that will suit everybody. From banking and customer service all the way through to game selection and usability, you can rest assured that every inch of these sites has been assessed and approved by Slot Gods.

Everything you need to know about new online slots

How to choose a new online slot

The world of new online slots is a vast and exciting place. There are thousands of titles available covering every imaginable theme and new games arrive every week in their hundreds. Having so much choice can be a blessing and a curse, so we are here to set you off on the path to discovering the perfect new slot games for you. We will guide you through all of the elements that you need to look out for and you can decide which areas are most important for your style of play.

Bonus features

Bonus features aren't just there to add an exciting edge to a slot. Aside from the fun factor, they can also be extremely profitable. A free spins bonus game is a fairly standard affair these days. The majority of titles have them, and they never cease to provide endless entertainment.

You generally need to land a fixed number of scatter symbols to make your way to the promised land and when you arrive, you don't need to pay for any spins while the bonus is in session. During this type of bonus, you will also find added extras such as multipliers, for example, that can help boost your bankroll no end.

Some games feature simple re-spin options, such as Link & Win, and this is quite common with Cluster Pays and other game mechanics. After a win or completing a specific action, the winning symbols may stay in place while the others take another spin around the reels to see if you can add to the prize.

Other bonus rounds can include pick-a-win prize games and these may be simple as selecting a box to open. Alternatively, they may be more convoluted and you receive your prize by completing automated tasks during a subsection of the storyline.


Slot themes can be divisive. Just because you love an Egyptian-themed slot, doesn't mean that it will float everybody's boat. It's a personal choice as to what kind of adventure you are seeking. And the great news is, that everything imaginable is covered by these innovative titles. There are some genres that have always been popular and show no signs of letting up.

Egyptian, Greek gods, sports, fishing, Irish, horror and loads of others have been staples for some time. Slot developers continue to add their own take on the theme and some of the results are truly remarkable. Check out our ratings for each slot in any given theme to see how well a slot stands up to its competitors.

Bet level

Selecting a bet level is a very personal matter. Just because some slots allow you to play for £100 per spin doesn't mean that you should go ahead and do that. Every player has their own budget and this is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that online gambling always remains fun.

If you only have a few quid to spare but fancy trying your luck, then look for games that allow small wagers. There is even a whole section of the slot world dedicated to penny slots, so you can get started for as little as 1p. That way, you'll be able to enjoy plenty of time on the reels without putting too much of a dent in your balance.


The return to player, or RTP as it is commonly known, shows how much a game will pay out over a long period of time compared to the money that is paid in. The difference between the two is the house edge.

You won't find a game that pays back 100% as the slot site wouldn't make any profit. But that isn't to say that some games don't come incredibly close. Choosing titles that come with as small a house edge as possible is a great idea.


One of the most important factors that can affect your gaming enjoyment is the slot volatility. All new online slots have a fixed level of volatility or variance—the two terms are generally used interchangeably these days. Low-volatility titles don't tend to have massive prizes available. Therefore, you'll see more regular payouts of a smaller value.

At the other end of the scale, high volatility means potentially massive wins but don't expect to see regular payouts. Your bankroll is going to take a bit of a hammering in this scenario. Some players preferred to go down the middle and choose a medium volatility game. You could describe this as the best of both worlds.

If you are completely unsure of what volatility level you want, then we recommend checking out Wazdan slots as almost all of the games have adjustable volatility meaning that you set the pace.


If you are in it to win it and don't particularly care about anything other than profit, then you might want to consider jackpot slots. The biggest of all are the multi-million-pound progressive games such as Mega Moolah, Dream Drop and Divine Fortune.

Prizes accumulate with a small amount of credit from everyone that steps up and takes part. And every so often, one lucky person lands the lot. If this excites you more than any other aspect of iGaming, then check out the jackpot titles.

Optimised for mobile

Online slots are produced in a slightly different way from what they once were. Flash games are no longer available and instead, HTML5 has taken up the gauntlet. Producing games in this way has increased security and also compatibility with mobile devices.

But it doesn't mean that 100% of new slots are available on your tablet or mobile phone. Check out this info before you take part if you're looking to enjoy a flutter while on the move.

The benefits of playing new online slots

The newest online slots are a far cry from those of the past. In-person gaming had a good run with fruit machines attracting a lot of attention in bars and arcades, but times have changed. The latest online slots offer a level of entertainment the old titles could only imagine providing.

Variety and choice for the player

As we have seen, there are thousands of new slots making their way to our screens every single year, and the variety that they bring is unparalleled. While old games provided a simple setup, new additions are more complex and focus on the enjoyment factor.

Some online slots are indistinguishable from video games with high-end graphics that wouldn't feel out of place on a PS5. With this concept comes an array of possibilities to enhance the gaming adventure as players make their way through a potentially profitable journey.

New innovative features to keep the player entertained

You might remember the basic mechanics of older slots. With their nudge and hold function came a certain level of enjoyment. This was all ramped up a notch with the introduction of bonus games that broke up the potential monotony of a base game.

Free spins rounds have become the staple offering for the vast majority of slots and it is unlikely that gaming enthusiasts will ever lose their love for these. But the last few years have seen bonuses and features come on leaps and bounds as slot developers unlock the true potential of more in-depth coding and complex mathematical setups. 

The games are constantly updated so newer online slots are more secure

New games aren’t simply released into the ether and forgotten about by the game production companies. Thanks to the power of technology, studios are able to monitor and update games regularly.

This ensures that they don't fall foul of any glitches that damage their reputation. It doesn't take long before word gets out about an issue with a specific title and players soon turn their interests away from that game.

Slot sites often give bonuses for new games

Game production companies work closely with online slot sites to ensure maximum exposure for their new products. And one surefire way to get the crowds interested in a new slot is to offer various bonuses and free credits.

This can be fantastic for players as there are potential winnings to be found without needing to put their hands in their pockets. It is a win-win situation, so keep your eyes peeled for new slot promos throughout the year.

New online slots help keep the player up to date with trends

Trends are changing rapidly in most industries. Online slots follow the same patterns and are constantly evolving. And our own section of trending slots will help keep you informed of the latest fads and fashions.

You can also simply check out the latest online slots to see what's big right now. Slot developers tend to follow in the footsteps of other successful titles and replicate these games to get in on the action themselves.

How do we rate and review new online slots?

There are two very good reasons why you won't find every single slot in the world reviewed here by Slot Gods. Firstly, it would be an impossible task to keep up with such a process given how many titles there are available.

Secondly, not every new slot is worth looking at. That may sound strange but trust us when we say that there are many online slots that deservedly slip through the net as players shouldn't be wasting their time on unimportant releases.

We hear about every new slot release and we always check them out, but only when we're satisfied that they have something to offer the players will we give it our full attention and put it through our in-depth review process.

Let's take a look at how we dissect these games and bring you all the info you need to know.


We have said it before and we will say it again, slot features are one of the most important aspects for slot players. Base games can run for a long time while you wait for feature rounds to trigger. And this is especially true with high volatility titles where it can feel like an age between free spin bonuses, for example.

Beyond bonus features such as free spins, there are many small feature additions that help break the game up and keep things feeling fresh. One of the first ways this is achieved with new slot games is by adding an interesting payline structure. You don't simply have to land winning symbols along a fixed payline on every game. Some titles allow wins to accumulate by simply seeing symbols on adjacent reels and others go as far as allowing wins to run from right to left as well as the original left to right.

Megaways titles took the industry by storm with their adaptation of the payline structure a few years ago. Effectively allowing reels to expand and include more symbols during certain spins provided us with hundreds of thousands of ways to win a prize with every spin.

Moving on from there, grid slots brought a kind of Tetris feel to the party. Wins are formed in clusters and the symbols cascade into the empty spaces. This type of feature continues today with further adaptations of the theme.

There are many ways in which slot developers are able to provide slots with increased levels of fun and entertainment. And part of our job is to ensure that the studios are doing their best to keep fans happy. Some games are simply run-of-the-mill and they make no bones about it. And that's fine but there is no excuse for a game that pretends to present a modern take and doesn't follow through with its promises.


Designers working on today's latest slots are some of the most talented in the world. Fresh talent is moving the industry forward at a rapid pace and the skills are outstanding. Design software has improved immensely over the last decade and it's now possible to produce photorealistic images that are included in some of today's best slots. But it isn't all about fancy graphics.

The audio aspect of a game is also of high importance for many slot fans. Some online slots produce original soundtracks from top artists that have agreed to extend a licence for their work into the slots realm. Well-known musical figures such as Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses both have titles dedicated to them in the online slots niche aptly called Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses. You will also find classical scores and many original sound loops that grace the reels as they spin. It is easy to get lost in the top audio offerings while you're playing today's modern productions.


It is easy to assume that slots are super simple to understand. But we can attest to the fact that this is not the case. As game features advance at a lightning pace, it's possible for general gameplay to become overly complicated and troublesome for the fans. With many years of experience, we still come across titles that force us to scratch our heads as we try and determine what is happening!

We can't damn a title simply because it's more complex than another. But we will tell you if we feel that a product is overly intricate and unnecessarily difficult to understand. 

Win potential

It is easy for us to spot when a game is all about the win potential and nothing else. And that isn't always a problem. If massive prizes are available and the game is kind of secondary to that fact, we'll be sure to let you know. If that's what you're after, then at least you will know what to expect thanks to our in-depth slot reviews.

We will always show you the RTP and volatility of new online slots to give you the best idea of what kind of experience your bankroll is likely to have along the way. And of course, there is the matter of maximum payouts and jackpots as well.

One key indicator of how a game will unfold is the potential power of the prize. By checking out this information in our reviews, not only will you see the financial possibilities that are presented by a game but also the extra importance of budgeting for each particular game.

General opinion

As slot fans ourselves who have played an unimaginable number of games over the years, we have, naturally, developed our own tastes. But we try to be as impartial as possible and show all sides of the story. Overall, we want to see slots that offer the very best entertainment and winning possibilities to players. We have no affiliation with any specific game and we want you to make up your own mind as to which one suits you best.

How are new slots created?

By now, you're probably seeing that new slots don't just appear out of nowhere. There is a lot of careful planning and consideration that goes into the majority of them and many different processes that game production companies must follow. It's always good to get an idea about how these things work to build an appreciation for the finished product.


Naturally, a new game begins in the planning phase. And this happens long before a new title comes to market. Slot developers get their heads together to identify popular existing trends and determine what kind of online slots are hot right now. Completely new concepts are fantastic but they are more of a shot in the dark as no one knows how they will be received. Every so often, you will see a new slot arrive that hasn't been considered before and they will either sink or swim in this unforgiving industry.

Conceptualising a plan

A general slot idea still has no specific path to follow. There are many different routes that producers can take with a theme and it's now time for the studio to decide exactly how the adventure will unfold. Every game needs a USP and this is what will help set it apart from the rest.

Will they go with fancy payline mechanics, huge payouts, a feature-rich production or add extra emphasis to the audiovisuals? All of these things need to be carefully considered before work on the slot can begin. A top example of this USP in action is Money Train 3. Relax Gaming wanted to make the biggest slot yet (in the series) with a massive payout to impress the world. And they certainly managed it by introducing the huge maximum win of 100,000x stake.

Building a prototype

Getting ideas down on paper, or on screen, is where the magic starts to come to life. Designers are given a brief and they have a general idea of what to work with. The best studios allow their creative team to start adding individual touches and produce a basic outline for a game based on the original requirements plus a little artistic flair thrown in for good measure. 

Quality assurance

Playing new slots online wouldn't be the fantastic experience that it is today without expert opinions picking apart a working prototype and completely destroying the designer's dreams from a very early stage! It can be tough, but developers know that quality assurance will set the standard for the future success of any title.

After the game has reached an acceptable level, the game is tested by QAs (Quality Assurance Specialists) who make sure that the game runs smoothly. If there are any issues, they are brought up at this stage.

Building the hype

It's now time to hand the product over to the marketing specialists. These guys and girls know exactly how to get our hearts racing and craving the latest editions. One of the most effective tools they have available to them is a pre-release exclusive with experts such as Slot Gods. We work closely with game developers to bring you sneak previews of up-and-coming titles that aren't yet available on general release.

This is a kind of beta stage testing that allows any final tweaks to be made and creases ironed out before the rest of the world gets its hands on the final offering. You can try out demo games and give your opinions to help the world's top studios understand exactly what players want and how games go down in a real-world setting.

Once the studio has finished dotting the i's and crossing the t's, it's time for the reviewers to leave their mark. Teams like ours will put a new title through its paces and leave you in no doubt about what you are getting when you play that slot.

What’s coming in 2024?

New jackpots and payline structures will continue to evolve - as they do every year. In the past, most of the benefit was reserved for the bonus round but that’s starting to change. Whilst some developers, like Nolimit City, are sticking to their guns and introducing outrageous buy-ins, others are going against the trend. Hopefully, the UK market will continue to benefit from progressive thinkers, such as Print Studios, as they build upon the base game success of slots like Tarasque.

And what of recent years…?

2023 was another great year for jackpot hunters! The progressive prizes keep on rolling out of Games Global with King Millions adding to the current repertoire, which already includes WowPot & Mega Moolah. Clever payline mechanics also got a boost in the right direction as ELK Studios brought its new Area Wins idea to life in Jeff & Scully.

2022 saw a landmark addition to jackpot action. Dream Drop jackpots from Relax Gaming took the concept of progressive jackpots and added their own innovative gameplay to the mix, making it possible to win five fantastic jackpots while playing on these connected titles. 2022 also saw the explosion of crash gambling with Spaceman bringing the popular crypto slot format into a regular casino setting. 

Link & Win was the big thing in 2021. And since the power of the special symbols graced us with their presence, we never looked back! A combination of special cash symbols creates fantastic wins and triggers a re-spin at the same time. Still very interesting to see where this could lead.

Outside of the lockdowns 2020 is best remembered by some for Gigablox from Yggdrasil which provided endless entertainment with massive symbols taking up several spaces on the reels. It's a simple idea that meant connecting winning combinations became even easier. AvatarUX also joined in with their own interesting mechanic, PopWins, which helps increase the entertainment value and chances of hitting some decent payouts. Winning symbols are removed and 2 new ones drop into their place - effectively expanding the reels and bringing extra paylines.

Way back in 2019, Infinity Reels from ReelPlay hit the limelight with a fantastic concept that had slots fans salivating with expanding sets of reels with winning combinations unleashing waves of winning potential.

Potential regulatory changes for the UK in 2024

The Gambling Act Review in the United Kingdom seems to have been dragging on for years. Due to various issues over the years (COVID, a revolving door for Prime Ministers, rampant inflation and other factors) the white paper has been delayed time and time again.. 

But 2024 looks to be heralding the introduction of a big change. In September we will see the introduction of maximum stakes for online slot play. This, in turn, has fuelled concerns about driving players to unlicensed, illegal markets in search of greater thrills. The German experience is one we need to heed. 

Another measure designed to protect vulnerable players will see affordability checks introduced. This proposal has, predictably, caused consternation in some quarters with ‘overreach’ being cited by many.

As to be expected there is very much an ongoing focus on player safety and welfare. On the one hand we can argue about overreach but we must also consider some of the nefarious tactics employed cynically by criminals on the periphery of the industry. 

As ever though it’s a question of balance – protecting the vulnerable while not inhibiting the vast majority of players who manage their funds and playing time effectively and within their means.

Only the best new slots are reviewed at Slot Gods

There are thousands of online slots available at Slot Gods with new online slots reviewed every single day. Our reviews cover everything you will need to know with unbiased and trustworthy insights from slot enthusiasts - helping you find the new online slot that is right for you. Be sure to also take advantage of the incredible welcome offers by signing up to one of our approved slot sites.

Paul Clare
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Paul spent plenty of time in arcades up and down the UK discovering all of the best fruit machines and watching them grow into the incredible online slots we see today. He still loves the basic format but also has a soft spot for games with big bonus rounds that progress as you play. Immortal Romance is one of his favourite slots of all time.


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