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Formed in Armenia in 2019 Peter & Sons are a truly innovative online slot developer that's famed for creating wonderfully crafted games that boast a unique art style that cannot be matched by anyone else. The small up and coming studio is part of the Yggdrasil YGS Masters programme and has released a number of huge hits in the last two years including Robin: Nottingham Raiders, Punch Club and Zombies at the Door. If you're looking to find your favourite new online slot developer then we urge you to look no further than award-nominated studio Peter & Sons.

Best Peter & Sons Slot Sites

Best Peter & Sons Slots

Peter & Sons are without a doubt one of the most imaginative and innovative slot developers out there, so when we say that their slots are a LOT of fun to play, we truly mean it! We've sunk countless hours into spinning the reels of these beautifully designed and highly lucrative slots, and we truly believe the ones in this section are the best Peter & Sons online slots going. 

If you like games that look good, sound great, are incredibly fun to play thanks to gripping bonus features and mechanics then we think you'll truly enjoy these Peter & Sons slots. What's more, many of these great titles offer players HUGE payouts that can climb as high as 120,500x your stake... so there are big money prizes to be won!

New Peter & Sons Slots

Looking for a brand new slot to sink your teeth into? Why not take a look at what Peter & Sons have to offer? This young Armenian slot studio is responsible for creating some real crackers in the last couple of years, and every new game that they release has genuinely blown us away!

If you're anything like us you'll quickly realise that these Peter & Son slots are some of the most creative and enjoyable games you'll have ever come across, so what are you waiting for? Transport yourself to Medieval Nottingham, a terrifying zombie invested city or even the backroom of a 1920 New York Mafia hideout. These new slots are AWESOME, we urge you to check them out!

A-Z of Peter & Sons Slots

Below you'll find a complete list of Peter & Sons slots in alphabetical order. Click on a slot to find out more about it and play for free or real.

About Peter & Sons

There aren’t too many online slot developers out there quite as creative as Peter & Sons. This up and coming Armenian studio is comprised of a number of talented developers, artists, musicians and mathematicians from around the world that have come together to create some truly special online slots that have absolutely taken our breath away.

They describe themselves as a passionate team with a fresh new vision for slots, striving to create superior and unique gaming experiences for players around the world... We'd say that's a pretty fair assessment of themselves, as their games are amongst some of the most innovative and impressive when it comes to design and gameplay. 

Since the companies inception in 2019 they've released a number of groundbreaking games with the help of renowned developers Yggdrasil, who have put Peter & Sons on their YGS Masters programme, an invite-only platform curating content from the world’s leading independent games studios. 

In the last few years they've released popular hits such as Robin: Nottingham Raiders, Zombies at the Door, Punch Club and Rome the Conquerors, all games that share a unique and memorable art style that will stick with you long after you've spun the reels of these wonderful slots. Such is their success that in 2021 their adventure-themed slot Johnan Legendarian was nominated for the Slot Studio Debut award at CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards.