Gigablox Slots & Slot Sites May 2024

The term Gigablox is something that you’ve probably heard and wondered what it’s all about! Whilst it may sound confusing and complicated - it’s actually one of the easiest mechanics to follow within the world of online slots. In a nutshell, it’s basically all about larger symbols landing on the reels and improving your chances of winning big.

Developed by Yggdrasil, Gigablox slots are unpredictable and change your gameplay entirely as you never know when the larger symbols will drop. We’ve searched the slot site lobbies to find you the best Gigablox slots available to play right now!

Best Gigablox Slot Sites

The following slot sites have been hand-picked by the Slot Gods team due to them having the best collection of Gigablox slots available to play.

Every slot site recommended by us has been thoroughly reviewed and highly rated over several categories including design, usability, game selection, promotions, banking and customer support.

Best Gigablox Slots

As the mechanic matures, more Gigablox slots are being released - but not all of them are masterpieces. We’ve done the hard work for you and found the best Gigablox slots out there, so you can get stuck into what they have to offer.

These include some of Yggdrasil’s best titles including the first-ever Gigablox, Lucky Neko, and the iconic Hades Gigablox. Without further ado, here are the best Gigablox slots available for you to play right now.

New Gigablox Slots

Despite being fairly new, Gigablox is constantly evolving and expanding meaning that there’s a constant stream of new Gigablox slots. What’s better than finding a brand-new online slot with huge symbols reaching up to 6x6?

Each of these new online slots contain the alluring Gigablox mechanic paired with new and exciting bonus features making them irresistible. We’re constantly on the hunt for new Gigablox slots and here are the latest releases.

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New Slot Sites

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A to Z List of Gigablox Slots

Sometimes the latest and best Gigablox slots aren’t the ones that you are looking for. That’s exactly why we’ve collated this extensive list of all the Gigablox slots available at Slot Gods. Whether you are wanting a Gigablox slot about a horrifying Yeti with 90K Yeti Gigablox or one with toy soldiers in Swords and Sabres: Charge Gigablox - we’ve got everything you could want here.


Gigablox slots - the size does matter!

Journey back to the year that was 2020, and Yggdrasil decided it was time to shake up the online slot world by creating a whole new mechanic called Gigablox.

It all started with Lucky Neko Gigablox which plays on 6-reels with 40 paylines but contains the mesmerising Gigablox mechanic to take the gameplay from great to amazing.

What is Gigablox?

The name, Gigablox, may sound extremely confusing and complicated - but it’s unbelievably easy to follow. Essentially, online slots with the Gigablox feature simply contain huge symbols that can reach up to 6x6 in size.

In online slots, you generally get symbols with the size of 1x1 but Yggdrasil has completely changed this. With Gigablox slots, you can randomly land 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, or even 6x6 symbols that land you greater wins.

How To Play Gigablox Slots

When you open up a Gigablox slot, it’s incredibly easy to get started. It’s just like any other online slot but improved with the larger symbols. In the base game, you’ll often be able to land large symbols up to 4x4 - but gigantic symbols reaching up to 6x6 are usually triggered through bonus features such as free spins or respin mechanics.

The Gigablox mechanic can be triggered on any spin. Simply, choose the Gigablox slot that you wish to play, set your bet and spin the reels. The beauty of Gigablox is the simplicity of it all with the fact that you pick up and play any Gigablox slots without learning complicated mechanics.

Why We Recommend Gigablox Slots

Here at Slot Gods, we are dedicated to learning all of the crazy and complex mechanics - but we absolutely love the straightforward ones like Gigablox. All you need to know is what sort of Gigablox slot you want to play, your bet level and that’s about it.

Gigablox slots are ideal for newcomers to online slots with the easy gameplay but it’s also perfect for seasoned players who want something a little more exciting.

It should be noted that Gigablox slots are constantly growing, so there are a variety of themes on offer, literally meaning that there’s something for everyone. From Japanese inspired slots to one about the Greek god of the underworld, you’ll find something that’s right for you.

What's Next For Gigablox Slots?

Of course, we’d love a jackpot version of Gigablox or a bonkers Megaways hybrid! Who knows what the future holds in store for Gigablox slots - but we are certain it’s going to be brilliant.

What we do know is that Gigablox slots are alive and thriving with many releases slated for the upcoming months! So, watch this space and we’ll definitely keep you updated with what this wondrous mechanic does next.

If you haven’t checked out Gigablox slots already, then what are you waiting for?