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The Megaways mechanic exploded onto the slot scene way back in 2015, the creation of Australian slot developer Big Time Gaming. Action packed with over 117,649 ways to win and some huge jackpots prizes on offer. 

Explore our collection of nearly 200 of the best Megaways, Megapays and Megaclusters slots, we’ve quite literally got a megaways slot to suit everyone’s taste.

You don’t need to look very far to find where to play these popular slots but we’ve created a handy list of the very best Megaways slot sites to make it even easier!

Best Megaways Slot Sites

Megaways slots can be found at pretty much every slot site. However, not all slot sites are made equal and so we’ve gathered a list of the best slot sites to play Megaways slots with usability, game selection, promotions, banking options and customer support in mind.

The following slot sites also have the best selection of Megaways slots in their collection, and are all fully licensed for UK players.

Best Megaways Slots

There are literally hundreds of Megaways slots available, but many of them are remakes of older slots that never took off. So, we’ve rated and reviewed virtually every Megaways slot out there and built a list of the very best out there.

The best Megaways slots below have proved that they offer some of the most incredible features, beautiful designs, exciting gameplay and amazing winning potential, whilst showing originality and innovation.

New Megaways Slots

New Megaways slots are released on a weekly basis, but not all of them make it onto our website. We only list the best of the bunch, and importantly, those that we’re comfortable recommending.

If you’re looking for new Megaways slots to play, then look no further than the following best new Megaways slots to have only just been released.

Best Slot Sites

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New Slot Sites

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Megapays Jackpot Slots

Megaways slots might have more ways to win, but they still lacked one popular feature—a progressive jackpot!

Big Time Gaming realised this and in 2021 revealed the amazing Megapays jackpot. This four-tiered progressive jackpot system produces anything from modest wins to a massive Mega prize that is seeded at £300,000.

Megaways Megaclusters

Megaclusters is another exciting new slot mechanic created by Big Time Gaming. It’s the best of two fabulous worlds—grid slots and Megaways. However, when a winning cluster lands each of the matching symbols divides into 4 smaller symbols, thereby increasing the number of ways to win!

The 4x4 grid can grow to 8x8 and then 16x16 housing an incredible 256 symbols. You get the same Megaways result but with the added excitement of the grid-style mechanics. Confused? Read more about how Megaclusters slots work.

Megaways Daily Jackpot Slots

If you're after a Megaways slot that also has the ability to randomly award you one of several huge networked progressive jackpots, then take a look at our list of the best Megaways daily jackpot slots below.

These jackpots from Red Tiger Daily Jackpot and Jackpot King are offered over various Megaways slots and can build to an impressive sum that will drop every hour and every day.

Branded Megaways Slots

We’ve pulled together a list of the best branded Megaways slots that feature the best-known themes from pop, TV and film culture.

Choose from loads of blockbusting brands including Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Monopoly, Rick & Morty and Britain’s Got Talent.

A to Z List of Megaways Slots

If you haven’t already found what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here as we’ve rated and reviewed nearly 200 Megaways slots!

Below, you'll find every Megaways slot that features on our website. You can sort them by release date, max win, RTP, volatility, rating and alphabetically by name.


Megaways Slots Explained

What are Megaways slots?

Megaways slots have exploded in popularity across the globe. But what exactly are these incredible games, who invented them and what titles should you be looking out for? 

These are all questions that we will answer for you right now.

Who created Megaways?

Before we start, we should point out that we are not criticising regular video slots! Far from it in fact. It's just that Megaways titles have an added edge of excitement that is difficult to replicate.

It all began back in 2015 when Australian slot developer Big Time Gaming came up with this brilliant idea. They were searching for something to add a little zest to the regular slot action—and my word, did they find it!

It first appeared in the Dragon Born slot, but it’s fair to say that the idea didn't catch on straight away and it wasn't for another year that the slot community started to turn their heads in interest. Their next title, Bonanza, kick-started our love of Megaways slots and they’ve never looked back.

This game mechanic has enjoyed incredible success over the last few years and other studios simply cannot resist trying to put their own twist on the Megaways formula. Some of the most notable efforts that come pretty close to encapsulating the thrill and excitement of these games are 10K Ways from ReelPlay, PopWins from AvatarUX, and MightyWays from Light & Wonder, which includes Cluedo MightyWays.

There is no saying where the industry will go next with this idea. It is being revamped and re-tweaked all the time and while new Megaways slots will always remain a classic favourite, we are sure that someone else will touch on a slight variation in the coming years that will reignite the way we look at slot machines once again.

Bonanza Megaways promotional bannerNot the first but the flagship Megaways slot, Bonanza Megaways

How do Megaways slots work?

Megaways is a type of reel modifier technology that changes with each spin. Where most slots have a fixed number of reels and rows, Megaways titles completely go against the grain. You may find two symbols on one row and seven symbols on the next, for example.

Winning symbols don't follow a set pattern and only need to land on adjacent reels, so the number of win ways that are in play will depend on how many symbols are present with each spin.

A screenshot of Bonanza Megaways gameplay, showcasing the Megaways mechanicBonanza Megaways gameplay showcasing the Megaways mechanic

The majority of slots in this category have a maximum number of 117,649 win ways but other adaptations on this mechanic can raise the number beyond 1,000,000 as with 1 Million Megaways BC and 1 Million Fortunes Megaways. As you can see, the bigger the grid grows, the more win ways you can experience.

Some Megaways games can feature an additional reel as well. This helps to bring special symbols into play that add to the winning potential and modifies the game even further. A great example of this is Gifts of Fortune Megaways.

Other superb additions to new Megaways slots are Megaclusters and Megapays. All things ‘mega’ can be worked neatly into this concept and this, again, has made it extremely popular with all slot producers.

Previous classic titles have been given the Megaways makeover by obtaining a licence from Big Time Gaming. This allows old favourites such as Gonzo's Quest to grab a new lease of life and re-enter the arena.

Popular Megaways slots

Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular titles that benefit from the fantastic Megaways magic. There are now hundreds of them available but the following have created various milestones in the industry.

Dragon Born

Starting from the beginning, it’s only proper that we talk about Dragon Born. It’s where it all began and it signalled the start of a new slots era. This medieval-themed slot is the classic tale of knights fighting dragons to earn great riches. This game features full-reel wilds and a free spins bonus.

Dragon Born Online Slot by Big Time Gaming Screenshot 1
Dragon Born Megaways
Big Time Gaming
Max payout:
10,800x stake
Win lines:
Release date:
1st Feb 2016

Max Megaways

When it comes to big wins, there’s no denying the power of Max Megaways. With a max win of 139,200x, this slot could prove to be life-changing. The theme is based around the suave character, Max, who takes on a sort of James Bond persona. While he doesn’t feature heavily in the game, you’ll be more than familiar with the various visual elements. There is a fantastic free spins round that features loads of top modifiers.

Max Megaways Online Slot by Big Time Gaming
Max Megaways
Big Time Gaming
Max payout:
139,200x stake
Win lines:
Action, Adventure
Release date:
21st Sep 2022

Bonanza Megapays

For some slots fans, Bonanza Megapays was where their love for this game mechanic began. The original game is a fun mining-themed setup with 3 bonus features and a max 26,000x win. But the addition of BTG’s trademarked progressive jackpots helped grow the winning potential even further.

Bonanza Megapays Online Slot  by Big Time Gaming Screenshot 1
Bonanza Megapays
Big Time Gaming
Max payout:
17,926x stake
Megapays Jackpot
Win lines:
Wild West
Release date:
8th Jun 2021

Star Clusters Megaclusters

The slots fraternity nearly fell over itself when Star Clusters Megaclusters hit our screens. This clusterpay-esque winning method is a take on the original cluster pays format but with a Megaways twist. The game has some great wilds that come in rainbow and gold rainbow form as well as a free spins bonus too. In the bonus, the grid can grow to a maximum size of 16x16 leading to wins of up to 23,960x the stake.

Star Clusters Megaclusters Online Slot By Big Time Gaming Screenshot 1
Star Clusters Megaclusters
Big Time Gaming
Max payout:
23,960x stake
Release date:
21st Jun 2020

How to choose the best Megaways slot

By now, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with the sheer choice and variety of Megaways slots out there. That's perfectly natural and we will do our best to help you narrow down your search.

New Megaways slots are fantastic for players who love a little variety and a break from the norm. The lack of fixed pay lines and the addition of some inspired add-ons and modifiers make this style of slot a firm favourite for many people.

We are pretty confident that your new favourite slot is just a click away.


As with other types of slot games, the theme is something to think about before you start. You might spend quite a bit of time spinning the reels on a Megaways slot and you want to make sure that the design really interests you.

There are loads of different genres to choose from and what works for one person won't necessarily work for another so keep it personal and stick to what you love.

One of the best-represented slot themes in recent times is fishing games. The idea of landing a catch naturally lends itself to picking up a great win on a slot so you can see where slot designers came up with the idea. These games are usually pretty laid back and won't get your heart rate pumping too high until you trigger one of the fantastic features!

If you like to keep things simple, then why not try out some of the top fruit machine-style slots that don't offer too many complicated elements and allow you to keep focused on the fruits? Some of these titles can have extraordinary payouts and they are created by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Branded slots are another top choice for anyone that likes something a little bit different. These can be popular TV shows, board games and various other niches that have made the crossover into the slots realm. You get to see some of your favourite characters and experience other familiar formats that will always put a smile on your face and make your time on the slots extra special.

Win Potential

For some players, it's all about the winnings and they want a game that represents the highest possible payout. If this is true for you, then skip the low payout versions and go straight to the top. Games such as Apollo Pays Megaways will offer a max payout of 115,030x your stake and have a host of top-paying symbols that can bring big wins along the way.

Jackpot slots are also something to consider and these may be a one-off prize or even a progressive pot that grows every time a player hits the spin button. Take a look at our selection of Megapays slots to see what huge jackpots are growing right now.


Game volatility is certainly something to take into account as it can affect the types of wins you can expect along the way and how it will affect your balance in the process.

High-volatility games will generally have the biggest payouts but you can't expect to see wins landing too frequently. This means that your bankroll will suffer a little in the process but the payouts, when they land, should compensate you.

Medium volatility games are fairly regular payers with medium-size wins but slightly less at the top end. You probably won't get enormous payouts on most of these games.

Finally, low volatility slots are for players who love to see continuous action. Regular small amounts will come your way throughout the game and the top prizes will generally be quite low. It's all a matter of personal preference so decide what matters the most to you and choose your volatility level carefully.


New Megaways slots feature a host of bonus rounds and various modifiers that can make your gaming experience out of this world. One of the most popular is a free spins round and you will get this in most games.

Beyond that, there are respins that you'll find in games such as Fruityways Bonanza Megaways and also Megaclusters that appear in Diamond Fruits Megaclusters.

For some games, the main bonus round is a one-off opportunity to hit some decent prizes without paying for the spins. In others, you might find that you can access different levels of a bonus round throughout your time on that slot.

Why you should play Megaways slots

The Megaways mechanic has been a real game changer in the online slots world. It's brought a whole new dimension to the game and many players are actively seeking out these titles over their regular slot counterparts.

But what is it exactly that makes them stand out so clearly above the rest for thousands of slots fans?

At least 117,649 ways to win

One of the main reasons is simply because they offer more ways to win a prize with every spin.

You never know quite how many win ways will be in play until the reels spin, so it is always exciting waiting for the next spin to happen.

Standard Megaways titles have 117,649 win ways but they aren't limited to this. As you will see in the games 1 Million Megaways BC and 1 Million Fortunes Megaways, if you keep dividing those symbols into smaller rows, then the sky’s the limit!

Thrilling gameplay

New Megaways slots are also renowned for featuring other mechanics and modifiers. There are plenty of titles in this area that enjoy cascading reels which also adds to the excitement with every spin. As wins land, winning symbols can disappear and new ones take their place. You effectively get a respin every time you land a win.

Other features include jackpot rounds, free spins, pick-a-win bonuses and collector symbols that help you land various cash amounts as they hit the reels.

Available from the best slot developers

As you now know, Megaways slots were first brought to us by Big Time Gaming. This slot creation Powerhouse has an incredible reputation in the industry, so you know you can trust the titles they bring. In addition, they also extend licences to other game producers who wish to include the Megaways mechanic in their own games.

In order to do this, these third-party slot developers, such as Blueprint Gaming, Red Tiger Gaming, Skywind, SYNOT, Relax Gaming and Pragmatic Play must also be highly regarded otherwise Big Time Gaming wouldn't work with them in the first place.

You just know that playing a Megaways slot means you are getting first-class quality from the best in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who invented Megaways?

    Megaways was invented by Australian company Big Time Gaming. The idea was first put into practice in 2015 and since then, it has gone on to even bigger and better things. Other studios now licence the technology and integrate the Megaways mechanic into their own slot games.

  • How do Megaways differ from traditional slots?

    Generally, traditional slots have a set number of reels, rows and pay lines, thereby limiting the maximum number of possible winning combinations. Megaways slots have the ability to dynamically increase the number of reels and rows during play and therefore offer more ways to win - usually well over 100,000, and sometimes over 1,000,000!

  • How do you play a Megaways slot?

    Playing a Megaways slot is much the same as playing any other slot game except that keeping track of winning combinations can be nearly impossible due to the massive number of ways to win. That being said, all you really need to do is choose your stake and hit the spin button. However, keep a lookout for the extra special features and bonuses that these games can bring.

  • What is the highest paying Megaways slot?

    In theory, the largest win that you achieve on a Megaways slot is 139,200x your stake which can be found on Max Megaways. However, the maximum stake on this game is lower than most other titles, so a Megaways slot with a lower max win but higher max stake would theoretically produce a higher maximum payout. Wild Portals Megaways has a maximum win of 116,030x but a max stake of up to £20.

  • What is the best Megaways RTP?

    97.24% is the highest RTP that you can currently find on a Megaways title. This comes courtesy of White Rabbit Megaways.

  • How do you win on Megaways slots?

    To land a win on a Megaways slot, you need to see winning symbols land on adjacent reels. The number of ways you can win will depend on how many symbols are on each reel. The beauty of Megaways is that the number can grow, which brings you even more ways to win with each spin.

  • Which Megaways slot has the most paylines?

    For an enormous number of ways to win, head for 1 Million Megaways BC. This incredible game has a huge number of symbols available on each row and can bring 1,058,841 chances to land a winning combination with each spin. They don't come much better than this!

  • Is it better to play online slots with more paylines?

    Many players believe that with more ways to win come more chances to bag a profit. However, the truth is that the RTP of a game is the real indicator of how much the slot will pay out compared with how much is wagered on it. Whether a slot has 10 paylines or 100,000, the random number generator (RNG) will decide when a winning combination is awarded. The volatility also determines how often and how much a slot will pay out.