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Red Tiger Gaming's Daily Jackpot network was the first-ever Daily networked jackpot to exist, so it comes as no surprise that this one of the best networked jackpots on the market. You could win one of three networked jackpots that can be won once per hour, once per day or at any time. What's more, Daily Jackpot slots can be played on ANY Red Tiger Gaming slot, so there could be a casino out there hosting a jackpot version of your favourite slot right now!   

Best Red Tiger Daily Jackpot Slots

Casinos that opt to implement Red Tiger Gaming’s Daily Jackpots on their site are lucky enough to be able to hand-pick which of Red Tiger’s fantastic slots they want to appear as part of their own Daily Jackpot section. We’ve carefully gone through all the sites hosting the jackpot and have selected our pick of the very best Red Tiger Daily Jackpot slots on them.

It's well worth remembering though that you might find that some of the slots are part of the Red Tiger Jackpot at one casino, and not at another so make sure you check that you've picked a casino that hosts the jackpot version of the game before you sign up! 

More Red Tiger Daily Jackpot Slots

Naturally, we couldn't fit all of Red Tiger Gaming's slots into the 'best' section (as much as we’d like to have put them there), however, that doesn’t mean we still can’t shout about them elsewhere!

Here you’ll find a selection of other red Tiger Gaming Daily Jackpot slots that we thoroughly enjoyed playing when it came to playtesting each and every slot. We think you'll find this selection of games thoroughly enjoyable, if not for the jackpots, for the exciting bonus features and mechanics!

About Red Tiger Daily Jackpot

The Red Tiger Gaming Daily Jackpot first came about in 2016 when popular online casino Paddy Power approached the company as they were looking for a new and exciting way to make online slots more engaging that would coincide with the final few minutes of matches during the Euro 2016 football tournament.

The Red Tiger Jackpot Daily Jackpots are progressive jackpots that must payout before a specific time, making one lucky player a winner each and every day. As time passes the jackpot increases in size as players make the associated slots.

Red Tiger Daily Jackpot Slots are bespoke to each and every online casino, so operators can pick and choose which games feature their jackpots. There are three different jackpot prizes that players can potentially win: 

  • The Hourly Drop -  A small jackpot that drops each hour throughout the day.
  • The Daily Drop - A medium-sized jackpot that drops once per day.
  • The Super Drop - A medium-sized jackpot that can drop multiple times per day. 

Every time a player spins the reels of a Red Tiger Daily Jackpot slot 3% of their stake will go towards the jackpot pool, the rest of the money will go back to the player or the casino depending on whether a win is registered. 

With these jackpot slots the RTP can be altered by the operator, for example, a slot might normally have RTP of 94% however as a jackpot has been added to the game the operator can lower this to 91% to make up for the lost 3% that has gone towards the jackpot contribution. 

How do you trigger a Red Tiger Daily Jackpot? 

The Red Tiger Daily Jackpot is triggered when three jackpot symbols appear on the reels during the base game. This will then trigger a jackpot wheel which will spin and stop on a segment which will determine which of the three jackpots the player has won.

Other Network Jackpots

If you like to diversify your gameplay by getting stuck into a wide variety of different jackpot slots like you can with Red Tiger Gaming's Daily Jackpot, then you'll definitely want to play Daily/Network Jackpots.

As the name suggests, Daily Jackpots offer players the chance to win thousands of pounds each and every day. Networked Jackpots on the other hand don't pay out as often, but can make millionaires at any given moment! With opportunities like this, why wouldn't you want to give these slots a spin?

Other Jackpot Slots

Not all jackpots are networked and spread across multiple online slots like Red Tiger Gaming's Daily Jackpot network. There are plenty of games that are known for offering players the chance to win huge sums of money by playing that slot, and that slot only! 

We've taken the liberty of scouring casino lobbies across the internet to find the biggest and most lucrative jackpot slots that could potentially net you a very healthy once-in-a-lifetime payday!