Age of the Gods Jackpot Slots & Slot Sites

If you haven't heard of the Age of the Gods networked progressive jackpot, where have you been? This legendary four-tiered jackpot can be found on almost every Age of the Gods online slot and can see players win prizes as high as £1,000,000. What's more, this incredibly lucrative Playtech jackpot can be won with any stake, on any spin of the reels... Even a losing one!

Best Age of the Gods Jackpot Slot Sites

Play Age of the Gods Jackpot slots at the following slot sites. These slot sites have been thoroughly reviewed and rated by Slot Gods experts to ensure they offer an exceptional user experience, are safe, trustworthy, and feature the best selection of online slots in their lobbies including Age of the Gods Jackpot slots...

Best Age of the Gods Jackpot Slots

Picking a selection of the very best Age of the Gods slots proved extremely difficult, as over the last few years Playtech has released hit after hit, however, our team of online slot experts have poured through each and every slot that features the famous progressive jackpot to select our list of the very best Age of the Gods jackpot slots.

New Age of the Gods Jackpot Slots

Playtech is a studio known for being massively ambitious and incredibly productive when it comes to releasing brand new titles. The constant production line of quality slots is always churning, and as a result, we’ve been lucky enough to see a whole host of brand new Age of the Gods jackpot slots make their way into casinos over the last few years. Here are our picks of the best new games in this epic slot series that you can play right now.

A-Z List of Age of the Gods Jackpot Slots

There aren't many slot series with such a large and successful selection of games as the Age of the Gods series. They're all incredibly well designed and feature a huge selection of incredible bonus features, mechanics, and of course, the incredible Age of the Gods Jackpot.

If you've ever found yourself enjoying an Age of the Gods slot then we'd highly recommend checking these games out as well. This famous series is known for its diversity, so we can assure you there'll be something here that you'll thoroughly enjoy! 


About Age of the Gods Jackpot

The iconic Age of the Gods series first came to be in 2016 when Playtech were tasked with making a new series of online slots to replace the much loved Marvel series of games after the license was taken away from Playtech as Disney cleaned up Marvel’s image.

Currently, there are over 20 Age of the Gods slot games to date and almost every single one is connected by a set of massively lucrative networked progressive jackpots. 

The Age of the Gods jackpot is made up of four progressive jackpots, the Power jackpot, Extra Power jackpot, Super Power jackpot and the Ultimate Power jackpot. 

  • Ultimate Power jackpot - The Ultimate Power jackpot is the largest jackpot available to be won, this usually sits above £150,000
  • Super Power jackpot - The Super Power jackpot is a medium-sized jackpot that usually drops around the £25,000 - £50,000 mark. 
  • Extra Power jackpot - The Extra Power jackpot is a small jackpot that usually grows up to £10,000 at most.
  • Power jackpot - The Power jackpot is the smallest jackpot available to be won, this usually grows no more than £1,000.

The Ultimate Power jackpot often reaches figures in excess of £500,000 and pays out roughly every 40 days, the Super power jackpot pays out every day or so whilst the other two smaller jackpots payout every few hours.

How do you trigger the Age of the Gods jackpot? 

Players are not required to land any specific set of symbols in order to trigger the Age of the Gods Jackpot bonus game. Instead, the jackpot can be triggered on any spin of the reels at any stake during the base game. Incredibly, this includes losing spins.

What happens when the Age of the Gods Jackpot is triggered?

Triggering the jackpot takes players to a bonus game that sees a 4x5 grid filled with 20 coins in total. Players must then click on individual coins to reveal one of four jackpot symbols. Once 3 jackpot symbols are matched then the corresponding jackpot is paid out. 

Players should bear in mind that the jackpot bonus game has a built-in reaction timer, so if they do not make their selections in time the jackpot will be picked and paid automatically.

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