DC Super Heroes Jackpot Slots & Slot Sites

The DC Super Heroes Jackpot is a networked progressive jackpot that is spread across a number of DC superhero themed online slots. This popular four-tiered jackpot has been known to pay up to a maximum of £1,500,000 to lucky players. However, if you don't want to wait for for the Grand jackpot to hit then the smaller jackpots such as the Minor is know to pay out around £5,000 every single day!

Best DC Jackpot Slot Sites

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Best DC Super Heroes Jackpot Slots

The DC Super Heroes Jackpot Slot series isn’t just iconic for its networked four-tiered progressive jackpot, it has all your favourite DC characters from the universe. Not only can you play with them on screen - but each game has a multitude of features to maximise your wins. If you’re looking for the very best slots in the DC Super Heroes Jackpot series then look no further as we've taken the liberty of playing every title and placing the very best for you to enjoy right here!

About DC Super Heroes Jackpot

It all began in 2016 when Ash Gaming and Playtech joined forces to create the incredible Batman slot series that focused all around the classical TV show featuring Adam West. Each of these slots had Batman go up against his greatest foes all for the chance to win at the DC Super Heroes Jackpot.

After the success of these Batman slots, it was decided that more mature DC films needed a slot counterpart. The Green Lantern, Batman Begins, Wonder Woman and Man of Steel were just a few films given the slot treatment.

Not only could DC fans finally play slots of their favourite characters in the universe - but they could win at the DC Super Heroes Jackpot which is included in all of these titles.

What is the DC Super Heroes Jackpot

It’s a progressive jackpot that contains four different tiers that can be won on any spin. These tiers include:

  • Mini Jackpot
  • Minor Jackpot
  • Major Jackpot
  • Grand Jackpot

Naturally, they begin at the smallest jackpot of Mini and build up to the mighty Grand Jackpot. They grow with every non-winning spin - so you could win a cash amount that even Bruce Wayne would be impressed with.

How do you trigger the DC Super Heroes Jackpot?

Each jackpot can be randomly triggered and won on any spin. When you activate the jackpot game, you are taken to the jackpot screen. You will see 20 cells which hide a colour and you click to reveal one of the four colours. Collecting certain amounts of these colours will give you the jackpots.

  • Grand Jackpot requires 5 red symbols.
  • Major Jackpot requires 4 yellow symbols.
  • Minor Jackpot requires 3 blue symbols.
  • Mini Jackpot requires 2 red symbols.

There is only 30 seconds to pick and if you fail to choose - then a jackpot will be awarded randomly.

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