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Relax Gaming is known for creating innovative and original online slots, but they are also famous for creating the incredible Dream Drop Jackpot. This legendary jackpot contains five different progressive jackpots with the Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major and Mega Jackpots. The best thing about this Dream Drop Jackpot is that when it’s triggered, players will be guaranteed to win one of the huge jackpots.

Best Dream Drop Jackpot Slot Sites

There's nothing worse than finding a new jackpot slot and finding out that it is not available at any slot sites. Thankfully, we've searched the internet and found trusted slot sites that host the best Dream Drop Jackpot slots. All of these sites have been reviewed thoroughly to ensure that they meet our strict standards.

Best Dream Drop Jackpot slots

Many progressive jackpots contain bland gameplay in the online slots, but that is not the case with Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop Jackpot Slots. We’ve reviewed all of the Dream Drop Jackpot and gave them an average score out of five. Here are the best Dream Drop Jackpot Slots that are available to play at slot sites right now.

New Dream Drop Jackpot slots

It's important to stay up to date with the newest online slots and here are the newest Dream Drop Jackpot slots that are all available to play right now. Stay up to date with the Dream Drop Jackpot by checking out these online slots that have all been thoroughly reviewed by us.

Complete A-Z list of Dream Drop Jackpot slots

Not only do we have the latest and greatest Dream Drop Jackpots, but we have all the Dream Drop Jackpot slots that anyone could dream off. From the debut Dream Drop Jackpot slot of Temple Tumble 2: Dream Drop to the remakes of original classics, all the Dream Drop Jackpot slots are available to play here.


About Dream Drop Jackpot

Within the world of iGaming, there are many jackpot slots that stand out such as Mega Moolah and Jackpot King. However, this all changed in 2022 as one jackpot came out of nowhere and literally blew players away. Out of nowhere, Relax Gaming announced the Dream Drop Jackpot which would be released alongside Temple Tumble 2: Dream Drop.

The Dream Drop Jackpot was released on the 5th of May 2022 and presents a unique jackpot offering to an already saturated market. There are five linked progressive jackpots ranging from the Rapid to the Mega offering players a guaranteed jackpot prize once they enter the Dream Drop Jackpot within the game.

What are the five jackpots?

Unlike most other progressive jackpots, the Dream Drop Jackpot has five different ones that can be won by players. Firstly, there is the Rapid Jackpot which starts with a value of €1 and this one is followed by the Midi Jackpot seeded at €5.

The Maxi Jackpot is where the jackpot really gets exciting with a start value of €100. However, the Major Jackpot improves upon this as it is seeded at €25,000 with a must-win level of €50,000. The Mega Jackpot is the final one that can be won and is the biggest one with a starting value of €500,000 and a first must-win level of €1,000,000!

How to trigger the Dream Drop Jackpot?

Like most jackpots, the Dream Drop Jackpot can be triggered at any moment during the base game. There is no trick to triggering it as it is completely random when 5 DD symbols land.

When the feature does trigger, players will be taken to a different screen with five different columns. Symbols drop into five different categories with each representing a different jackpot. The feature ends when one of these is full which awards the player that specific jackpot.

The future of Dream Drop Jackpot

Dream Drop Jackpots offer high frequency and high action to the player community with a huge guaranteed 60% reseed value of both Major and Mega Jackpot on every win. Relax Gaming is releasing multiple Dream Drop Jackpot slots in the future offering a unique and diverse selection with all the games linked by the same progressive jackpots.

There are many progressive jackpots out there but none that quite match the Dream Drop Jackpot. Not only are there five progressive jackpots on offer, but the variety of top-quality online slots showcasing the jackpot has never been seen before. The future of Dream Drop is definitely bright and will only continue to grow.

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