Fluffy Jackpot Slots & Slot Sites

Eyecon's Fluffy series is one of the softest set of slots going, don't be fooled by the stuffed animals and friendly theme... This jackpot slot series truly packs a punch! Players can win one of three networked progressive jackpots at any given time, with the top jackpot paying out a maximum of £50,000.

Best Fluffy Jackpot Slot Sites

Play Fluffy Jackpot slots at the following slot sites. These slot sites have been thoroughly reviewed and rated by Slot Gods experts to ensure they offer an exceptional user experience, are safe, trustworthy, and feature the best selection of online slots in their lobbies including Fluffy Jackpot slots...

Best Fluffy Jackpot Slots

If you like your jackpot slots pink, fluffy and very very cute then we think we might have the perfect selection of games for you to enjoy! Here you’ll find our collection of the sweetest Fluffy jackpot slots going. These games not only offer players the opportunity to win jackpots, but also boast exciting bonus features and mechanics that will have you racking up wins even without one of the three jackpots paying out!

About Fluffy Jackpot

The Fluffy series is truly a strange one, it’s marmite. You’ll either love these games, or you’ll absolutely hate them… Some people say that they’re far too childlike to be taken seriously, others say the cuteness is what urged them to play these games. 

Each major Fluffy game now has a Jackpot alternative, so you’ll find titles such as Fluffy Favourites and Fluffy Favourites Jackpot, Fluffy Too and Fluffy Too Jackpot, Fluffy Fairground and Fluffy Fairground Jackpot… You get the idea! 

All of these jackpot slots share a networked progressive jackpot that’s comprised of three different jackpots, these are the Mega jackpot, Maxi jackpot and the Mini jackpot. 

  • Mega jackpot - The Mega jackpot is a large progressive jackpot that reaches up to £50,000 before it must be won.
  • Maxi jackpot - The Maxi jackpot is a small jackpot that must be won before it reaches £500 before it must be won.
  • Mini jackpot - The Mini jackpot is a small jackpot that must be won before it reaches £50 before it must be won.

3% of your bet will go towards funding the progressive jackpots, it is then split into three pots. One for funding the jackpot seed, one for funding the current jackpots and one for funding a jackpot pool that will go towards a random prize draw that’s occasionally promoted.

One or more jackpots prizes can be won at any time, with any qualifying bet of any stake.

Other Network Jackpots

If you like to diversify by playing a wide variety of different slots like the Fluffy series, all whilst still being in with a chance of winning on the jackpot, then you'll definitely want to play Daily/Network Jackpots.

As the name suggests, Daily Jackpots offer players the chance to win thousands of pounds each and every day. Networked Jackpots on the other hand don't pay out as often, but can make millionaires at any given moment! With opportunities like that why wouldn't you want to give these slots a spin?