Kingdoms Rise Jackpot Slots & Slot Sites

This lucrative jackpot series of online slot games from Playtech has risen to legendary status in a short period of time thanks to a number of unique features and mechanics that make Kingdoms Rise so special. Most players choose to play this selection of mythical themed slots for its three-tiered network progressive jackpot. If that doesn't pique your interest then maybe the innovative in-game currency and features shop that allows players to buy their way into big bonus rounds will.

Best Kingdoms Rise Jackpot Slot Sites

Play Kingdoms Rise Jackpot slots at the following slot sites. These slot sites have been thoroughly reviewed and rated by Slot Gods experts to ensure they offer an exceptional user experience, are safe, trustworthy, and feature the best selection of online slots in their lobbies including Kingdoms Rise Jackpot slots...

Best Kingdoms Rise Jackpot Slots

Each Kingdoms Rise game offers players something a little bit different from the next which is part of the reason this series has enjoyed so much success in such a short period of time. 

Playtech has gone down the same route they did with the Age of the Gods series and designed these games so that their volatilities varied wildly from the game-to-game. Some slot are low volatility, some high, similarly, some slots offer huge multipliers, whilst others are filled with free spins. One of the only consistent features in all of the slots was, of course, the incredible three-tiered Kingdoms Rise Jackpot. 

Our team of expert slot enthusiasts got stuck into the Age of the Gods series and playtested each game, as a result, we've been able to come up with our own list of the very best Kingdoms Rise jackpot slots.

About Kingdoms Rise Jackpot

The Kingdoms Rise series is a hugely popular collection of fantasy-themed online slots developed by renowned iGaming studio Playtech. Each of the story-driven Kingdoms Rise games is connected thanks to three unique features.

The first feature is an in-game shop that allows players pay to unlock a multitude of bonus features with game tokens that are collected during base gameplay. 

These tokens remain in the players account regardless of which Kingdom’s Rise game they’re playing, and as long as they remain playing at the same casino they will remain with the players indefinitely, so they can earn tokens on Monday and redeem them days, or weeks later.  

The second feature is a beautifully designed interactive map that helps flesh out the fantasy world Kingdoms Rise is set in. More importantly, it allows players to seamlessly jump from one game to another, without having to close the window and return to the casino lobby. 

The third and final feature that unites all of the Kingdoms Rise slots is obviously the most important in our eyes! This is the hugely lucrative networked progressive jackpot that can be won by any player at any time regardless of their bet size.

This jackpot is made up of four different jackpots: The Epic Jackpot, Daily Strike Jackpot and Power Strike Jackpot which is structured as follows: 

  • The Epic Jackpot - The game’s largest progressive jackpot that can reach into the high hundreds of thousands, edging agonisingly close the £1,000,000 mark.
  • Daily Strike Jackpot - The Daily Strike Jackpot is a jackpot that must pay by £2,000, as a result, it often drops several times throughout the day.
  • Power Strike Jackpot - The Power Strike is a modest jackpot that has to drop at least once per day and pays anywhere up to £5,000. 

0.55% of each spin the player makes when playing any of the Kingdoms Rise games contributes to the jackpots. 47.27% of this contribution funds the current jackpots, the remaining 52.73% funds the seed pot for the following jackpots.

Whilst players can win this jackpot with a small bet size, upping your overall stake does give you a better chance of winning one of the Kingdoms Rise networked progressive jackpots.

Other Network Jackpots

If you like to diversify your gameplay by playing a wide variety of different slots like the Kingdom Rise series, all whilst being in with a chance of winning a jackpot, then you'll definitely want to play Daily/Network Jackpots.

As the name suggests, Daily Jackpots offer players the chance to win thousands of pounds each and every day. Networked Jackpots on the other hand don't pay out as often, but can make millionaires at any given moment! With opportunities like this, why wouldn't you want to give these slots a spin?