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Habanero’s Jackpot Race is a new jackpot system in which the cash prize is ultimately shared amongst a pool of winners. The jackpot accumulates values at a set time in which the race starts and must be triggered before the cut off time. Amazingly, it’s fully customisable and allows operators to tailor a specific jackpot to their and their players’ needs.

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The Jackpot Race is known for the shared progressive jackpot and that it's fully customisable from the casino so it can be tailored specifically.

About Jackpot Race

Announced in 2019, Habanero decided to create a new type of jackpot that was actually shared amongst players and could be determined by the casino operators instead of them. Like most progressive jackpots, the jackpot grows in size throughout time but only for a set period of time. There’s a race start and a finish time in which the jackpot must be won before this time limit ends.

How does Jackpot Race work?

As previously mentioned, the Jackpot Race is fully customisable which means that operators can tailor the race to suit specific needs. They can choose how many slots are in the race, the duration, the schedule, the minimum bet and the prize pool allocation.

For example, the operator could choose six slot games such as Totem Towers, Scopa, Presto!, Naughty Santa, Mount Mazuma and Hey Sushi with all these slots being networked together with the Jackpot Race. It could commence for a period of three hours from 8 pm on a Friday night and finish at 11 pm.

During the period of 8 pm to 11 pm, the pay-out will trigger and most likely end the race. Winners will be paid out according to the pool and their bets, such as 50% for the 1st position, 30% for the second and 20% for the other 10 positions. Anyone who bets the minimum bet required could qualify for a prize in Habanero’s Jackpot Race.

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