Mega Drop Jackpot Slots & Slot Sites

SG Digital's Mega Drop Jackpot is a networked progressive jackpot that features all of the best slots developed by Scientific Games' iGaming team SG Digital. They're not the biggest jackpots in the world, with the top prize 'Epic Jackpot' maxing out at £15,000. It can be very easy to get greedy when there are jackpots worth millions on offer, but progressives like this remind us that these are still certainly worth playing. 

Best Mega Drop Jackpot Slot Sites

SG Digital (also known as Scientific Games) are amongst the most respected online slot developers in the business today, so it comes as absolutely no surprise that a large number of quality slot sites play host to their Mega Drop networked jackpot. Not only do these slot sites play host to these great games, but they also have a huge portfolio of some of the best jackpot slots from other developers to sink your teeth into.

Best Mega Drop Jackpot Slots

Interested in playing the very best Mega Drop jackpot slots? We’ve taken the time to play each and every game SG Digital have to offer, as a result, we’ve been able to come up with our top list of the most impressive slots that we felt deserved merit. Here you’ll find classic games from the Rainbow Riches series, Raging Rhino and branded slots such as Tetris Extreme.

About Mega Drop Jackpot

Mega Drop jackpots are must-drop, multilevel jackpots created by online slot developers SG Digital, the iGaming wing of Scientific Games. Online slots tied to the networked Mega Drop Jackpot will feature three progressive jackpots a Minor, Major and Epic jackpot.

Each and every spin players make on a Mega Drop Jackpot slot will see a small percentage of their bet go towards the three progressive jackpots. Each jackpot has a set payout value it must reach before it can payout to one lucky player.

  • Epic Jackpot - This is the largest Mega Drop jackpot seeded at £5,000 with a maximum payout of £15,000.
  • Major Jackpot - This is a medium-sized Mega Drop jackpot seeded at £2,000 with a maximum payout of £5,000.
  • Minor Jackpot - This is a small Mega Drop jackpot seeded at £500 with a maximum payout of £1,500.

The Mega Drop jackpot can be awarded to any player, at any stake, at any time. Once the jackpot has been won the jackpot amount will automatically reset to a reseed value that’s approximately 25% of the value that was just paid out to the winning player. 

Mega Drop Quest™ Syndicated jackpots

SG Digital has also introduced Mega Drop Quest, a syndicated jackpot that is identical to the standard Mega Drop jackpot network, however, this differs as rather than individuals winning the jackpot, entire groups win together. 

Before playing their chosen slot they must first pick which progressive jackpot team they want to play for Minor, Major or Epic. If someone in the player’s team triggers their selected jackpot then all of the players in that team will receive a share of the jackpot, however, it will only be players that have contributed to the jackpot within the last 15 minutes.

The jackpot prize awarded to each player is proportional to the amount contributed by each player during the eligibility period. There is no maximum limit on how many players can join a jackpot team. 

Other Network Jackpots

If you like to diversify your gameplay by getting stuck into a wide variety of different jackpot slots, like you can with SG Digital's Mega Drop network, then you'll definitely want to play Daily/Network Jackpots.

As the name suggests, Daily Jackpots offer players the chance to win thousands of pounds each and every day. Networked Jackpots on the other hand don't pay out as often, but can make millionaires at any given moment! With opportunities like this, why wouldn't you want to give these slots a spin?