Monopoly Big Spin

by SG Digital

Monopoly Big Spin is a monopoly-inspired slot from Shuffle Master. The game takes a different approach to slot gameplay with a roulette-like wheel, rather than the standard 5 reels. The 14-segment wheel adds a new dimension of casino entertainment to the occasion. In true monopoly form, there are plenty of bonus extras to enjoy along the way and three progressive jackpots for the taking!

Slot information

RTP: 95.70%
Volatility: Medium
Max Payout: 200x stake
Reels: N/A
Paylines: N/A
Jackpot: Mega Drop Jackpot
Min Bet: 0.10
Max Bet: 700.00
Category: Branded slots
Theme: Gaming
Series: Monopoly
Release Date: September 2020

Our rating

“ New, bold, brilliant and a must spin for any casino enthusiast! ”

3.6 out of 5

Win potential

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Monopoly Big Spin Screenshots

Monopoly Big Spin Features

Monopoly Big Spin is not your usual slot game, the wheel-based setup is a little different to what most players would be used to. But fear not, this game still has all the thrills and spills of the most action-packed slots. The game is thriving with features including free spins, jackpots and more. Let’s take a deeper look into what this interesting slot game has to offer.

Monopoly Big Spin - Free Spins

Free Spins

This feature is triggered when you land on the ‘Go’ segment. You will enjoy a 40 to 1 pay out plus one extra spin of the main wheel. If you land on free parking segment it awards 30 to 1 and 2 extra turns of the main wheel.

Monopoly Big Spin - Mega Drop

Mega Drop

Mega Drop consists of three progressive jackpots - Minor, Major and Epic. This jackpot can be triggered on any spin, although the higher the stake, the better the chance.

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Monopoly Big Spin Review

The Monopoly brand has been a huge success on the slot reels with many variations of the classic bored game, all full of features and very rewarding. Monopoly Big Spin has taken gameplay up a few notches by offering an alternative method of play to your standard slot reels. This game is played on a roulette-like wheel with a total of 14-wheel segments. The unique slot game may not feel like a slot, but with the excitement and features it has, you will not be disappointed.

Monopoly Big Spin is a collaboration between the Shuffle Master and SG Digital software providers. The casino game offers three enticing progressive jackpots and some awesome in-game bonus features. Instead of hitting a spin button to spin the reels, you place bets by selecting the chip value and choose your colour or zone of choice, each with a different payout value.

The slot game boosts the entertainment value and brings some refreshing action to the monopoly slot series. This version still jams in free spins, multipliers and plenty more.


On first landing on the game, you may be overwhelmed by all the colours and controls but there is no need to panic, the game is quite simple to play. This interactive casino game uses all the classic monopoly elements, with Rich Uncle Pennybags in the centre of the wheel.

The slot certainly feels like a monopoly game with lots going on and some nice monopoly branding. The game wheel fills up the entire screen, completely immersing you in the action. You will be fully enthralled by the exceptional gameplay and visual elements that grab your attention. The game has a very catchy background soundtrack that brings up the fun levels too. The Monopoly man is very much present on the wheel and you can expect plenty of cool animation involving the iconic board game character.

The visually pleasing wheel-slot is sharp and clean, providing a very attractive 3D style roulette wheel. Monopoly slots are known for their excellent use of visual elements and Monopoly Big Spin is no different, the game does a great job of creating an inviting and entertaining gaming environment.


As you first land on Monopoly Big Spin, you may be a bit concerned about the setup and variety of controls. The boardgame-inspired slot uses a roulette-style wheel and two boardgame segments where you place bets on where you think the wheel will land.

The game is set around the 14-segment wheel and beneath the wheel, you have two sections of the board, one for the different colour segments and one for the main game zones, such as Go, Free Parking and Community Chest. The main control sits in the footer with a chip selection control, reset button, clear button and undo button. The controls are far more similar to that of a roulette or blackjack table, rather than a conventional slot title. The bottom right corner has the wheel spin icon, and the bottom right corner features the paytable.

To the right of the wheel, you have the Mega Drop progressive jackpot amounts that are shared on the Mega Drop jackpot network. The three jackpots include Minor, Major and Epic (the largest). It’s not uncommon for the Epic jackpot to reach into the hundreds of thousands.

Win potential

Players can wager bets on each of the 14 segments on the wheel with each colour and special zone paying out different amounts. If you land on the dark blue colour it pays 25-1, all the way down to brown which pays 5-1. The special segments either trigger a bonus feature or pay out amount, the ‘Go’ symbol is the most rewarding zone and dishes out 40x your stake, plus awards a free spin on the wheel. The maximum win on the wheel is 200x your bet, delivering a top payout of £10,000.

The game has a 95.7% return to player percentage which puts it in the average bracket along with most slot games. The game packs frequent rewards and some top payouts but it’s the progressive jackpots that steal the limelight. These jackpots grow quickly and can be triggered on any random bet.

Our Verdict

The Monopoly Big Spin from Master Shuffle impresses across the board, the game provides a welcomed addition to the monopoly series with its unique game form. The wheel-based slot still has all the attributes of a great monopoly game and boasts a good range of features. The game is packed with action and is very enjoyable to play, but it’s the three jackpots that grab the attention. With any jackpot able to trigger on any random spin, you can play with great suspense and plenty of thrills. Let’s just say that nothing is boring about the Monopoly Big Spin slot.

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