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Ever dreamt of turning that all that Monopoly money you've won over the years into real cash? Well, we urge you to look no further, now's your chance to make Monopoly pay you for real! We've taken the time to compile and playtest a list of all the very best games in the Monopoly series that features everyone's favourite millionaire Rich Uncle Pennybags! These epic slot games play host to all of the things that make the famous board game so popular! Expect to see dice, game pieces, properties, hotels and of course LOTS AND LOTS of cash.

About Monopoly Slots

Monopoly is a truly iconic board game that was invented in 1932 by businessman Charles Todd as a way to entertain guests during a social event. One of those guests, Charles Darrow realised there was money in Monopoly and created the first real version of the game for retail, with written rules and a lot more structure than the original... The rest is history! 

Today there are over 300 licensed versions of Monopoly ranging from branded and easy-to-understand children's versions of the game to bizarre and expensive versions such as a bright pink Juicy Couture edition and a £10,000 Harrods Deluxe edition! It's fair to say this simple game played after dinner in a Philadelphian dining room has come a long long way.

Monopoly is synonymous with people across the globe, so it comes absolutely no surprise that slot machine developers purchased exclusive rights to create Monopoly branded slot games in the 1990s. First and foremost IGT held the exclusive rights to create games, and over the years produced many many titles that found their way onto both physical slot machines and online casinos. 

In 2015 IGT lost their exclusive license to make Monopoly themed slots and instead Hasbro awarded it to WMS, another iconic brand (who at this point are a subsidiary of Scientific Games, one of the powerhouses in iGaming).

There are some incredible Monopoly slots out there including Monopoly Big Spin, Monopoly Megaways and Monopoly Bring the House Down just to name a handful... However, the fun doesn't stop there, there are brand new Monopoly slots coming out multiple times throughout the year, each and every year.

If that wasn't enough you can also play Monopoly-themed casino games such as roulette, bingo and even live casino game show titles such as the iconic Evolution title Monopoly Live.