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Whether you’re a Nintendo fanboy, a Playstation devotee or an Xbox extremist, gaming themed slots are enjoying a resurgence. Not only limited to modern video game consoles, video slots have also been inspired by title releases on the NES/SNES, Megadrive and a bunch of other old school gaming consoles.

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Best Gaming Slots

Gaming themed slots have enjoyed a prolific history and the future seems just as hopeful. Microgaming’s high variance Tomb Raider proved to be an underground success while the zealous zombie romp Resident Evil had players, with one hand clicking spin, the other covering their eyes for fear of this 5x3 ghastly gore.

NetEnt revived a ‘90s arcade hall classic with Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot in all its 16-bit glory. Nostalgic, action-packed and with sweet gameplay, here’s a faithful adaptation of the Capcom classic.

With gaming themed titles effortlessly transitioning to the video slot format and with a play-ready gaming audience chomping at the video slot bit, gaming themed slots are a development of natural progression.

New Gaming Slots

Video gaming titles are released almost as quickly as slots themselves. With an ever-expanding video game catalogue for slot producers to capitalise on. This is not to say that the modern 64-bit behemoth gaming console titles are the only games being rebranded into slot reimaginings; retro-styled games are also popping up with increasing regularity.

Video hall cornerstones, much like Street Fighter II are also getting the video slot treatment. ‘80s joystick jaunts such as Atari’s Space Invaders has been moulded into a video slot, providing a sentimentality and wistful affection for the past, while taking down potentially massive wins.

A-Z List of Gaming Slots

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Level up with Gaming Themed Slots

Not a fan of video games? Slot outings such as Monopoly Megaways and Monopoly Big Spin are performing well in online casino lobbies worldwide. Family game favourites, these fireside originals also include Dungeons & Dragons Slot from IGT and even Cluedo Slot, also produced by IGT. (Oh, and if you were wondering, it was probably Colonel Mustard in the study with the candlestick.)

A juicy market for slot game producers, gaming themed slots are a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to a genre that’s sure to be a hit with slot players.

Modern day consumers are brand-loyal, extending to the music they listen to, the clothes they wear and even down to the coffee they drink. Gamers are just as loyal and devote themselves to their video games of choice passionately.

The beauty of gaming themed video slots is that these function similarly to a movie sequel. Long-standing fans of any given video game are likely to go bananas for a slot release of the that title, providing hardcore fans a further opportunity to expore every nook and cranny of their favoured title’s universe.

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