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Developer: Nolimit City
Release date: 20th Dec 2022
Dead Canary Slot - Screenshot
RTP: 96.02%
Max Payout: 65,000x stake
Volatility: High
Min Bet: 0.20
Max Bet: 100.00
Reels: 6
Paylines: 1,728
Themes: Action, Adventure
Jackpot: No

Dead Canary

Charlie Vogelsang
Reviewed by Charlie Vogelsang Last updated:

Everyone's favourite grizzly miner is back in Nolimit City's Dead Canary. This game follows Fire in the Hole and Misery Mining and takes you back into the caves to try and uncover even more treasure than before.

In true Nolimit City fashion, this slot is extremely volatile and offers xMechanics such as xBomb and xBet. Alongside this, you'll uncover Canary Free Spins which could lead you to wins of up to 65,000x the stake.

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Our Rating

“Nolimit City strikes gold again!”

4.3 out of 5

Win potential

Dead Canary Screenshots

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Dead Canary Features

Dead Canary plays on a 3-4-3-4-3-4 reel area starting as a 3-3-2-2-1-1 with three rows blocked by barriers. Winning combinations will explode and allow new symbols to fall in. A blocked row will open after a win.

If you manage to land 3, 4 or 5 of the same kind of paying symbols with no winning combination, Wild Mining will trigger. The symbols will be removed and create a wild symbol in the middle.

3, 4 or 5 symbols award 1, 2 or 3 wild bombs respectively. When the wild bomb explodes, a multiplier is added for each collapse. All other symbols will explode except xBomb symbols.

xBomb Wild Multipliers appear in this slot and substitute all except scatters. An xBomb explodes in a cross pattern and will increase the win multiplier by 1 for the next collapse.

Alongside the xBomb, there is also an xBet in this slot. This allows you to increase the bet by an extra 40% to guarantee a scatter symbol and the first barrier to be unlocked.

Free Spins

There are two types of scatter symbols in this slot with gold and silver scatters. 3 scatters of any kind will trigger the Canary Free Spins. However, if the symbol is behind a barrier, then it will not come out to play.

The game becomes 4-3-4-3-4-3-4 with four vaults in the corners being locked. There are vaults that can be opened up by xBomb explosions. Scatter symbols start with a x1 and can collect coins, multipliers, upgrades, the rat and the dwarf enhancer.

Silver scatters collect in an x-shape 1 position from itself, whilst gold scatters collect in an x-shape from the entire row. All scatter symbols start with 3 hit points and the collect wins will only be awarded if the birds die. It's worth pointing out that xBombs reset the spin counter to 3.

There are multiple special symbols throughout the free spins round with unique features. These symbols include:

  • Coin values - the value of the coin is added to the scatter that collects it.
  • Bomb - these explode and affect its neighbouring position in an x-shape and also resets the counter to 3.
  • Multipliers - these can double or triple the collect value of scatter symbols and vaults.
  • Gas - there affect all birds adjacent and reduces the scatter symbol hits points by 1.
  • Dwarf - when this symbol is collected by the scatter, it becomes a persistent collector until the dwarf dies. A bird will respawn in its cage.
  • Rat - this can also be picked up by a scatter and it becomes a persistent payer until the rat dies. When the rat dies, a bird will respawn in its cage.
  • Vault - these can be opened by xBomb explosions and everything is collected when it's unlocked.
  • Upgrade - this upgrades silver scatters to gold scatter. It also adds 1 hit point to the affected scatters.
Dead Canary - Canary Free Spins

Canary Free Spins

When 3 scatters land on the reels, the free spins are awarded. However, this is not your average free spins as it acts more like a respin mode with the spins resetting and special symbols on the reels.

Dead Canary - Special Symbols

Special Symbols

During the free spins, there are 8 special symbols that can land on the reels including coin values, bombs, multipliers, upgrades and more. These symbols can even persist on the reels awarding even more!

Dead Canary - xMechanics


It wouldn't be a Nolimit City slot without xMechanics and this one has two! Firstly, there are xBomb Wild Multipliers that explode and awarded multipliers. This is followed by xBet that increases the amount of scatters during spins.

Dead Canary Review

It's time to journey back into the mines again with everyone's favourite grizzly miner! Dead Canary follows on from Fire in the Hole and Misery Mining rounding off Nolimit City's miner trilogy slot series.

As the name suggests, this is not a lighthearted slot and instead focuses on a miner using cute little birds to detect dangerous gases. In true Nolimit City style, the visuals are dark and go well with extremely volatile gameplay.

In this slot, you can unlock massive wins of up to 65,000x the stake through the Canary Free Spins due to all the helpful symbols that can land throughout. Who said life in the mines has to be so miserable?


The gruesome and realistic art style from the previous games are brought back in this slot but a lot clearer this time. The miner is just as scary as before with an eyepatch and a dirty beard, but the cute canaries soften up the blow a little bit.

Naturally, the background is an old miner surrounded by rocks and rats. Symbols on the reels include rats, compasses, flasks and rope - all fitting in with the overall theme. Like most Nolimit City slots, there are amazing win screens showing the relationship between the miner and a mermaid which is absolutely bonkers but brilliant.

The music is quite ominous throughout but that's what is expected with this slot. It's not too harsh on the ears and we found it accompanied the visuals quite well.


You'll be happy to know that the gameplay is not too complicated with this slot. Dead Canary contains base game features such as multipliers and bombs to clear the way for more symbols. However, the best feature is easily the bonus round.

During Canary Free Spins, you'll find that it's more like a respin round instead. All you need to do is spin and hope for respins. There are 8 special symbols but these are all easy to understand and follow.

Win Potential

It wouldn't be a Nolimit City slot without a massive payout. Throughout the bonus round, you can win up to 65,000x the stake. This is a colossal amount that is guaranteed to make any high roller smile.

Of course, this slot is extremely volatile with high levels leading to bigger wins but less frequently. If you are a fan of Nolimit City, then you'll know what to expect by now.

Following this, the RTP is between 96.02% to 92.11%. Most UK slot sites should have the upper level which is pretty decent.

Our Verdict

Within the past couple of months, Nolimit City has been hit-and-miss for the team at Slot Gods. That's not to say that there have been any bad slots - but some have not been up to the typical high standard.

Dead Canary is one that is a hit. Everything just works together perfectly to deliver a satisfying slot with some amazing moments during the free spins round. As soon as you hit it, you'll be hooked!

Play Dead Canary at these slot sites

Jump straight into the action and play Dead Canary now at the following fully licenced UK slot sites. These slot sites have been thoroughly audited and reviewed by the team here at Slot Gods to ensure they offer an exceptional user experience, are trustworthy, safe, secure, and boast the best selection of online slots in their portfolio including Dead Canary...