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Developer: Relax Gaming
Release date: 22nd Sep 2022
Money Train 3 Slot - Screenshot
RTP: 96.10%
Max Payout: 100,000x stake
Volatility: High
Min Bet: 0.10
Max Bet: 10.00
Reels: 5
Paylines: 40
Themes: Action, Steampunk
Jackpot: No
Series: Money Train

Money Train 3

Charlie Vogelsang
Reviewed by Charlie Vogelsang Last updated:

As the next instalment in the incredible popular Money Train series, Money Train 3 is a cyberpunk-inspired slot that brings back everyone's favourite characters for a brand-new adventure.

There are even bigger wins in this explosive slot with a colossal maximum win of up to 100,000x the stake - which is the biggest payout in the series yet. The Money Train series is back and better than ever with Relax Gaming's Money Train 3.

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Our Rating

“An absolute masterpiece from Relax Gaming”

4.8 out of 5

Win potential

Money Train 3 Screenshots

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Money Train 3 Features

Everything in this slot builds up to the epic bonus rounds! At the end of any spin without a win, there is the potential for a respins where one of the symbols already present on the reels will be selected to be a sticky symbol and there will be a respin. Additional symbols of the same type can land during this time and every time a new symbol lands, an extra respin is awarded.

During this time, it's possible to land multipliers of up to x3. These do not stick but will award an additional respin. Ultimately, this feature ends when there are no new symbols landing on the reels.

Now, the biggest draw to this slot is easily the Bonus Round that will be familiar to avid fans of the series. Players will be transported to the bonus round when 3 or more bonus symbols land on the reels. 3 spins are handed out and each new symbol resets this to 3. When a column is filled, then an additional column will be opened up a maximum of two times.

There are regular bonus symbols and special ones that can land. These include:

  • Bonus symbols are worth between 1x to 10x the stake.
  • Collector symbols add all visible amounts to its value.
  • Sniper symbols double the values of 3 to 8 bonus symbols.
  • Collector-Payer symbols select up to 5 symbols as targets and add the values to their own and pay out this value.
  • Necromancer symbols bring between 2 and 7 used special bonuses to life again.
  • Absorber symbols collect the values of regular symbols and remove them from the reels.
  • Tommy Gun Sniper targets one random symbol and doubles the value up to 6 times.
  • Tommy Gun Payer reveals a value of up to 100x the stake and targets one symbol to add the revealed value up to 10 times.
  • Persistent Collector collects all visible values and adds them to its value but does this every spin.
  • Persistent Sniper doubles to values of 3 to 8 bonus symbols but does this on every spin.
  • Persistent Collector-Payer selects from 3 to 5 symbols as targets and adds the value to its own but does it for each of those targets.
  • Persistent Necromancer brings 1 to 7 used special symbols to life and can even target the same symbols.
  • Persistent Shapeshifter turns into a different special after every spin.

Finally, this game also has a bonus buy option so players can purchase the bonus rounds at a cost. There are multiple options but it's worth mentioning that this is only available to non-UK players.

Money Train 3 - Respins


After a non-winning spin, players can trigger a respin leading to one of the symbols becoming sticky and awarding a respin for every new symbol that lands. This can also lead to multipliers of up to x3 and only ends when there are no new symbols present.

Money Train 3 - Bonus Round

Bonus Round

The biggest feature in this slot is the bonus round that is a fan-favourite in the series and triggered by landing 3 or more bonus symbols. 3 spins will be handed out at the start of the feature and these reset each time a new symbol land on the reels.

Money Train 3 - Special Symbols

Special Symbols

During the bonus round, there are normal symbols and special symbols. There are 12 special symbols in this slot including Collector, Sniper, Collector-Payer, Necromancer, Absorber and Persistent Shapeshifter to name a few and these all enhance the gameplay.

Money Train 3 Review

Everyone's favourite steampunk slot series is back and bigger than ever. Money Train 3 was rumoured heavily at the start of 2021 after the successful release of Money Cart 2. Fans within iGaming were waiting with bated breath for the next instalment and it's finally arrived.

Developed by the creative team at Relax Gaming, Money Train 3 brings back all the beloved characters from The Money Train series and gives them a graphically upgrade, improving the incredible respin mechanic and delivering a titan of a maximum win.

Money Train 3 is easily the greatest game within the series and could even be one of the best online slots for the decade! This is certainly not a slot to be missed by any avid iGaming player...


As previously mentioned, all the characters from the second game have returned but this time with a Fortnite upgrade. Each of the characters still has quirky looks but you can at least see them in a huge amount of detail now which is always appreciated.

When the game loads, there is a high-quality cutscene where one of the characters (Tommy Gun Payer) loads up her gun and fires into the distance launching gameplay. This is definitely the coolest way to begin the slot and sets the right tone throughout.

It seems that the Money Train 3 crew have made it to a laboratory with machinery in the distance and a Mad Max-looking car. When the bonus round is triggered, players will be sent to the baron wasteland of the world which will be familiar to fans of the series.

The music for this slot is quite interesting as it feels like a hybrid of a Wild West slot mixed with a heist game. It fits in with the game perfectly as it builds up anticipation for what's to come next.


It seems that the gameplay of Money Train 3 builds upon everything from the previous games to deliver something utterly brilliant. The base game has a respin feature that can trigger at any moment and keep players satisfied - but the true excitement happens during the bonus rounds.

There are so many different special symbols that can trigger in the bonus round that players will absolutely be loving it. There are returning favourites as well as brand new symbols to shake up the format.

Like most Relax Gaming slots, the spin button and bet level can be found at the black bar at the bottom. This also leads to other settings and menus including the bonus buy option for non-UK players.

Win Potential

With the Dream Drop Jackpot being so popular with players, we expected this to appear in the slot but that is certainly not the case. The win potential for this slot is arguably better with an RTP of 96.10% which is over the average standard and generally accepted by the community.

As for the volatility, of course, this game has a high volatility level leading to bigger wins but these will be less frequent so make sure that you have the bankroll to sustain the gameplay. The best part about this slot has to be the crazy big win of up to 100,000x the stake.

This is easily the largest payout in the series and could even be one of the greatest from Relax Gaming in general. Money Train 3 delivers the big wins through the bonus round and players will certainly be happy with the outcome.

Our Verdict

It's easy to say that Money Train 3 is the best game within the series and one of the greatest from Relax Gaming which is saying a lot as the slot developers have been releasing some stellar titles.

From the design to the gameplay, everything is just absolutely incredible and on another level for an online slot. Money Train 3 is an absolute masterpiece from Relax Gaming that should certainly not be missed by any avid slot player.

Live Updates

Tune in to the latest news about Money Train 3 as it happens.

Money Cart 3 fully reviewed at Slot Gods

Not long after the release of Money Train 3, Relax Gaming announced that a Money Cart 3 would be coming. This would allow players to jump straight to the bonus without waiting ages to trigger it in the base game of Money Train 3.

The demo is finally available at the team at Slot Gods has fully reviewed the upcoming slot. Find out all about the slot and if it's worth spinning on our review page where we dive into the design, features, gameplay and the overall win potential.

Money Train Origins Dream Drop announced!

After months of speculation, Relax Gaming has announced that a Money Train slot with the Dream Drop Jackpot is finally coming with Money Train Origins Dream Drop. Not much is known about this slot at the moment but there will definitely be the Dream Drop attached.

This slot is expected to be an origin story for one of the main characters from within the series. Money Train Origins Dream Drop will easily be one of the biggest slots of 2023 - so be sure to check it out when it releases on slot sites on the 8th of June 2023.

Exclusive interview with Relax Gaming

The team at Slot Gods spoke to Callum Sultana, the Senior Game Product Owner at Relax Gaming, to gain an insight into the game and see what's in store for the future of the Money Train series.

66 players have achieved the maximum win of 100,000x stake!

Relax Gaming has announced that Money Train 3 has had 66 players reach the maximum win of up to 100,000x stake. It's safe to assume that each of these maximum wins occurred during the bonus round.

This feature is triggered when 3 or more bonus symbols land on the reels or if the player has purchased the bonus buy. During this mode, there are 12 special symbols that can land to help players win big! If you haven't already, be sure to give Money Train 3 a spin to see what you can win.

66 Max Wins on Money Train 3

One lucky Hungarian player becomes the first to trigger 100,000x win without a bonus buy

Everyone is still talking about Money Train 3, despite being released over a month ago. The game is still fresh amongst players and none more so than one lucky player in Hungary.

Wishing to remain anonymous, the Hungarian player put on a 270 Ft bet (approx. €0.65) and triggered the bonus round through regular gameplay.

The game kicks off in style with the Persistent Shapeshifter and then lands a multitude of special symbols including Persistent Collect and ordinary Collector.

Ultimately, the game ends when the maximum win of 100,000x is reached equating to 27,000,000 Ft, or around €65,425, which is incredible!

Money Train 3 continues to 'wow' players and remain a fan-favourite. If you haven't already, then give Money Train 3 a spin.

Big win alert!

A great start to the release of Money Train 3 with 3 Max Winners in less than 48 hours!

Money Train's maximum win of 100,000x stake has been reached already!

Only a couple of days after release, one lucky player has bagged the maximum win on Money Train 3. The 100,000x win was achieved through a 40c (CAD) bet after the player bought the bonus round for 500x the stake.

Once the bonus round began, the player triggered the Persistent Collector-Payer, the Persistent Necromancer and two Sniper symbols leading to the incredible win!

All aboard, Money Train 3 has arrived at the station

Good morning slot fans, the day of the much-anticipated release of Money Train 3 is finally upon us! 

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Top of the Slots

Money Train 3 has knocked Dead or Alive 2 off the top spot to become the highest-rated slot ever on Slot Gods with a score of 4.8 out of 5!

Take a bow, Relax Gaming.

Money Train 3: What we expect to see next

Slot enthusiasts across the world went crazy as soon as Money Train 3 was announced by Relax Gaming. The Money Train slot series is one of the biggest within iGaming and started with the first Money Train in 2019.

It wasn't until the sequel, Money Train 2, in 2020 that the series really exploded into a household name that is featured on most slot sites. The series is so popular that there has even been a Money Train Slingo announcement as well.

With so much hype around the upcoming Money Train 3, the team at Slot Gods decided to give our expectations and predictions for the hit in the making. If you are wondering what could come next in this popular series, then you've come to the right place.

A new and improved respin mechanic

The Money Train series arguably kick-started the respin hype that led to mechanics such as Link & Win and Hold & Spin to name just a few. Not only did the mechanic influence other slot developers, but led to spin-off games with Money Cart and Money Cart 2 which just feature the respin mechanic.

It's, therefore, safe to assume that Money Train 3 will contain a new and improved respin mechanic. With the maximum payout of 100,000x the stake, it's expected that there will be bigger multipliers and bigger modifiers leading to colossal wins. Relax Gaming has been enhancing each of the Money Train slots, so Money Train 3 could easily have the biggest and best respin mechanic yet.

The added Dream Drop Jackpot

Whilst there is an amazing maximum win of 100,000x the stake, we wouldn't be surprised if Relax Gaming decided to add in the Dream Drop Jackpot as well or create a special version of the slot that adds in the Jackpot. The Dream Drop Jackpot has been featured in a couple of slots with Temple Tumble 2: Dream Drop and Snake Arena: Dream Drop being the two most popular ones.

 Enabled by the Relax Apex™ platform, the Dream Drop Jackpot features five different opportunities for players to win with the Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major and Mega Jackpot. All jackpots lead to guaranteed hits and will level up the Dream Drop every two wins increasing the maximum win by €500,000 and continuing until the Mega Jackpot reaches €10,000,000. This paired with the maximum win of 100,000x the stake will make Money Train 3 a legend of a slot.

Extremely high volatility

All of the games within the Money Train series have been high volatility slots so it's a sensible assumption that Money Train 3 will be a high volatility slot as well. As there is a huge maximum win up for grabs, players will most likely have bigger wins throughout the gameplay but the wins will be less frequent.

However, we expect the volatility to be extremely high similar to Nolimit City's hit slot Tombstone RIP. The volatility for Money Train 3 will be at an insanely high-level meaning that players will definitely need to make sure that they have the bankroll to sustain themselves.

The future of Money Train 3

One thing that is certain is that Money Train 3 is going to be the hit slot of the year. There has been so much hype and build-up for this slot since the success of Money Train 2, so many fans have high expectations.

The design looks to enhance the cyberpunk style even more and we expect the gameplay to be even better than Money Train 2. With the excellent standard from Relax Gaming, fans have nothing to worry about and Money Train 3 will be the biggest one in the series so far.

Everything we know about Money Train 3 so far

Read our in-depth preview of the latest instalment in the Money Train series right here.

Money Train 3 Characters And Logo Against Slot Background

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