Money Cart 3

by Relax Gaming

The Money Cart series has provided UK players with the option to cut out the base game and go straight to the entertaining bonus rounds. Money Cart 3 is the latest slot to get this treatment as it provides all the best bits from Money Train 3.

Like the previous Money Cart slots, Money Cart 3 contains high RTP paired with an amazing bonus round. You do not have to worry about triggering the bonus as it's already waiting for you. If you love respins paired with 12 special symbols that can land, then Money Cart 3 is the slot for you.

Slot information

RTP: 96.00%
Volatility: High
Max Payout: 10,000x stake
Reels: 5
Paylines: N/A
Jackpot: No
Min Bet: 0.10
Max Bet: 100.00
Themes: Action, Steampunk
Series: Money Train
Release Date: 12th Apr 2023

Our rating

“ The perfect slot for players looking for the epic bonus round! ”

4.3 out of 5

Win potential

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Money Cart 3 Screenshots

Money Cart 3 Features

If you loved Money Train 3 but wanted to play the bonus round all the time - then you'll love Money Cart 3. This game is essentially Money Train 3 but without the hassle of the base game.

Every moment is essentially the bonus round but 3 symbols are needed to trigger a respin. Once this happens, 3 respins will be awarded and reset with each new symbol. When a reel fills with symbols, an additional reel will be opened. This can happen up to a maximum of two times in a round.

Additional symbols can also land such as:

Money Cart 3 - Special Symbols

Special Symbols

There are 12 special symbols that can land during the bonus round such as Collector, Necromancer and Sniper. Each symbol improves the gameplay by adding in extra values, bringing symbols back to life or even doubling targets.

Money Cart 3 - Persistent Symbols

Persistent Symbols

The most impressive special symbols are the 'Persistent' ones which include Persistent Collector, Persistent Collector-Payer, Persistent Sniper, Persistent Necromancer and Persistent Shapeshifter which continue on every spin.

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Money Cart 3 Review

There's no denying that Money Train 3 was easily the biggest game of 2022 and continues to be popular online even now. Relax Gaming clearly had a hit on its hands giving players exactly what they wanted with bigger wins and even better gameplay.

Most non-UK players could jump straight into the bonus with no issues whatsoever. Sadly, UK players had to trigger it manually which can be quite difficult and take a long time. This is exactly why Relax Gaming created the Money Cart series to give UK players the chance to just experience the bonus.

Money Cart 3 is the bonus round from Money Train 3 but without the hassle of the base game. It allows players to jump straight into it all without spending hours trying to trigger it. If you are looking for this, then Money Cart 3 is the slot for you!


If you've played Money Train 3, then the design of this slot will be familiar to you. The background features a steampunk visual with different machines cobbled together. At the front of the reels is the Money Cart itself.

There is a skull at the front of the reels as well as chains and grenades to give it an edgier look. All the familiar characters from the series return with the Collector, Necromancer and Sniper which is great to see.

As for the audio, there is almost a Wild West score played throughout which adds to the intensity. It's a great slot design which has been carried over from Money Train 3.


If you've come looking for the bonus round in Money Cart 3, this is the slot for you. Whenever you land 3 bonus symbols, the respin mechanic will engage. There are no other symbols throughout the base game - so it's pretty common to trigger.

Once this happens, you can land normal cash symbols or one of the twelve special bonus rounds. These completely change up your gameplay with every spin being exciting.

Win Potential

Most other Money Cart slots contain a high RTP of 98% - but sadly this game does not. However, the RTP is still above average at 96% and there is an even bigger win of up to 10,000x the stake in this slot compared to 5,000x the stake in Money Cart 2.

Just like Money Train 3, the volatility for this game is high so you can expect larger wins but less frequently. Overall, we were a little disappointed the RTP wasn't higher but it's not a complete deal breaker for us.

Our Verdict

Money Cart 3 is perfect for UK players looking to head straight to the bonus round. As bonus buys are banned in the UK, most players have had to wait to try to trigger the bonus in Money Train 3. Thankfully, Money Cart 3 has arrived to help those players.

All the fan-favourite characters return in the form of 12 special symbols during the respin mechanic as well as big wins and stunning visuals. Ultimately, Money Cart 3 is the perfect solution for Money Train fans looking to dive straight into the bonus.

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Money Cart 3 Slot Preview

In the UK, the bonus buy is not allowed which leaves players spending potentially hours trying to trigger the bonus. Thankfully, back in 2021, Relax Gaming came up with an innovative way to give UK players the chance to experience the amazing bonus round. This came in the form of Money Cart 2.

As a spin-off from Money Train 2, Money Cart 2 delivers the incredible respin bonus round from the original slot but without the hassle of trying to trigger it. In addition to this, there is an even higher RTP of 98%.

It's no surprise that this became such a fan-favourite amongst players and even led to Relax Gaming releasing a Money Cart version of Money Train.

Since the release (and subsequent success) of Money Train 3, it's been highly speculated that UK players would be treated to another Money Cart slot. Thankfully, this was confirmed in our recent interview with Relax Gaming that sometime in 2023 will see Money Cart 3.

Money Cart 3 bannerMoney Cart 3, Relax Gaming

What is the Money Cart series?

For those who haven't heard of Money Cart, it's essentially just the bonus game of popular Money Train slots. Thankfully, the gameplay remains as exciting and fresh as the base game.

A preview of Money Cart showcasing the gameplay

The high-quality graphics remain as well and the only change is the improved win potential with a higher RTP. 

What we know will be in Money Cart 3

We know for certain that the game will contain the epic bonus round found in Money Train 3. In the original game, you can trigger this feature by landing 3 or more bonus symbols - but this will not be the case in Money Cart 3.

In Money Cart 3, the bonus round will be available straight away. Here, you'll find 3 spins handed out which reset every time a new symbol lands. Amazingly, there are 12 special symbols that can land during this feature.

These bonus symbols include Sniper, Collector-Payer, Necromancer, Tommy Gun Sniper, Tommy Gun Payer and Absorber which all boost the gameplay to add even bonus symbols or values.

What we expect to find in Money Cart 3

As for our expectations for Money Cart 3, following the pattern of previous games, we can assume that the RTP will be at 98%. All the previous Money Cart slots have RTPs of 98%.

In addition to this, we noticed that previous slots within the Money Cart series have a maximum win that is a tenth of the size of the win from the Money Train series. For example, Money Train 2 has a maximum win of 50,000x the stake, whilst Money Cart 2 has a maximum win of 5,000x the stake.

It's safe to assume from this that Money Cart 3 will have a maximum win of 10,000x the stake which will be the biggest Money Cart maximum win so far!

There is no confirmation of when Money Cart 3 is coming out - but we can confirm that it will be after March 2023 as Relax Gaming has laid out the roadmap up until that point.

So if you are looking to just play the bonus game of Money Train 3, you'll be glad to know that Money Cart 3 has been confirmed and is coming sometime in 2023.

Money Cart 3 announced by Relax Gaming

During a special behind-the-scenes look at Money Train 3, the developers let it slip that a Money Cart 3 would be created in the future. Money Cart slots offer UK players the chance to play the bonus round without having to play the base game. It provides a great alternative to bonus buys as these are not allowed in the UK.

Sadly, there is no confirmed date for release yet but we can assume it will be released at slot sites in 2023. So if you are looking to just play the bonus game of Money Train 3, your prayers have been answered with Money Cart 3.

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Play Money Cart 3 now at the following verified UK slots sites. These slot sites are fully licenced and have been thoroughly vetted and reviewed by us to ensure they offer a great user experience, are trustworthy, secure, and have a wide variety of the best online slots in their lobbies including Money Cart 3:-

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