Infinity Reels Slots

The term Infinity Reels has been cropping up more and more over the past few years, and you are probably wondering what it's all about. Well, it does exactly what it says on the tin - Infinity Reels slots have the potential to keep adding more reels, forever!

Developed by ReelPlay, the Infinity Reels mechanic adds more reels on every win and continues until there are no more wins - so theoretically you could have an infinite number of reels. If you are looking for the best and newest Infinity Reels slots, then you've come to the right place.

Best Infinity Reels Slots

What better place to start with Infinity Reels slots than the best? The team at Slot Gods have searched the internet high and low for the greatest Infinity Reels slots. Whether it's the masterpiece of Odin Infinity Reels Megaways or the sleek Martian Miner Infinity Reels, the best Infinity Reels slots are right here.

New Infinity Reels Slots

We pride ourselves on having the latest and greatest online slots - Infinity Reels slots are no exception. If you are looking for the newest Infinity Reels slots, then you've come to the right place. All of these slots are not only brand-new, but they contain the exceptional Infinity Reels mechanic.

A to Z of Infinity Reels Slots

Sometimes the best-rated online slots aren't always the most popular, and that's exactly why we've compiled a huge list of all the Infinity Reels slots right here. There's a whole range of Infinity Reels slots and here you'll be able to find whichever one you are looking for.

Where To Play Infinity Reels Slots

Now you've decided to try out Infinity Reels slots, you are probably wondering where you can actually play them. Here at Slot Gods, we've done all the hard work and found a whole host of reliable and trusted slot sites with amazing deals to get you started. You can play the best Infinity Reels slots and use these incredible offers to get an even better deal.

About Infinity Reels

The word Infinity Reels is becoming more and more familiar and is slowly becoming a fan-favourite amongst online slot players.

It all began in 2019 with El Dorado Infinity Reels and the rest is history. Fast-forward to the present day, and Infinity Reels slots have grown rapidly - but what is it all about?

What are Infinity Reels slots?

Whilst the term Infinity Reels may sound extremely complicated and confusing - they are actually straightforward.

With Infinity Reels, the reels simply expand with each win and this continues with respins until there are no more wins.

These often come with an increasing multiplier that has no limit and only grows with the wins. On top of that, if you manage to add 12 or more reels, there's usually a special bonus prize given out.

Amazingly, there is no limit as to how many reels can be added leading to unlimited possibilities.

Where did Infinity Reels come from?

After the success of Megaways, there was a definite gap in the iGaming market for the next big thing. Many developers tried to create something epic, but only one stood out - the Infinity Reels.

Who invented Infinity Reels?

Infinity Reels were developed by ReelPlay, the mighty brains behind 10K Ways and Radial Reels.

You may know the studio from the epic Hypernova series or through Relax Gaming and Yggdrasil's client areas.

How To Play Infinity Reels Slots

You can play Infinity Reels just like any other slot as it all starts with a spin. If you manage to land a win, then a new reel will be added to the slot grid and respin in the hope of landing another winning combination (and therefore another reel) until there are no more wins.

Ultimately, the possibilities are endless and these could theoretically carry on forever.

If you are wanting something thrilling and unlike anything else, check out Infinity Reels slots.