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Splatterpunk, gothic, zombies, paranormal horror… the list goes on. Audiences' insatiable appetite for the horrific crosses all forms of media, including video slots. Horror themed slots aren’t just to be played once a year after carving pumpkins - these ghoulish gaming delights are on hand to thrill and frighten 24/7/365.

Best Slot Sites for Horror Slots

The following UK licensed slot sites have the best collection of Horror slots available to play.

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Best Horror Slots

Classic horror staples such as Frankenstein and Dracula have their very own slot reimagining but the evolution of horror themed slots doesn’t end there. NetEnt, known for producing some of the industry’s highest-quality titles are also pretty nifty at bringing fear factor to their slots, all fully-loaded with freakish features and ghastly gameplay.

Whether you’re a fan of full-on, hair-raisingly terrifying slots or prefer a touch of tongue-in-cheek horror served up with a generous serving of humour, there’s a horror themed slot out there that is screaming for you to play it.

New Horror Slots

While classic horror outings will satisfy those with a taste for the traditional, new horror themed slot releases are causing a stir with ground-breakingly spooky graphics, blood-curdling audio that will quite literally make you jump out of your seat and ghostly gameplay to both engage and chill you to the core.

With interactivity as a key creative component of the horror themed slot genre, video slots are ideally suited to the horror format. By putting players at the centre of the action - be it a dank basement or in a creepy carnival - engagement is increased, as well as the potential to frighten the bejesus out of players.

A-Z List of Horror Slots

Below you'll find a complete list of Horror slots in alphabetical order. Click on a slot to find out more about it and play for free.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Our fascination with horror is an interesting one. Humans love to be frightened. The flourishing horror genre across literature, film, TV and now video slots is a testament to the fact that audiences and players love their chills and thrills.

A 2004 paper by psychologist Dr. Glenn Walters cites three main elements to create a perfect horror storm. Tension (created by suspense, shock, mystery or gore), personal relevance and unrealism. Players want their slots scary, but not too scary.

A rich creative source for slot producers to plunder, horror themed online slots are some of the most well-realised and thematically complete slots available in online casino horror themed slots. Creepy characters, eerie audio and ghostly gameplay are just a few of the elements that make this genre dovetail perfectly with online video slots. Putting yourself at the centre of the action, players have the chance to empower themselves; fending off ghouls, taking down zombie wins and landing monster Multipliers.

Each and every video slot is unique. For every cutesy animation crossover slot, there’s an online horror themed slot that will scare the living daylights out of you.

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