Big Bass Crash

by Pragmatic Play

Nobody wants to see any kind of crash, much less when there's a fishing boat involved. Crash games, on the other hand, can be a wonderful thing! In Big Bass Crash, you need to cashout before the time crashes. You could win up to 5,000x your bet but you will need nerves of steel and a strong net to gather up all of those potential prizes. Let's take a closer look at this latest creation from Pragmatic Play.

Slot information

RTP: 95.50%
Volatility: N/A
Max Payout: 5,000x stake
Reels: N/A
Paylines: N/A
Jackpot: No
Min Bet: 1.00
Max Bet: 500,000.00
Category: Crash Games
Theme: Fishing
Series: Big Bass Bonanza
Release Date: 27th Sep 2023

Our rating

“ There’s something fishy going on out there ”

3.9 out of 5

Win potential

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Big Bass Crash Screenshots

Big Bass Crash Features

All of the action takes place in a lake as our familiar fisherman sails along with his net in the water. He won't be appearing on any reels in this game; instead, he will pick up various fishy delights bringing you multiplier figures of your bet amount until the unknown timer runs out. It could happen immediately at 1x or it could run into hundreds of times your bet.

You never know what the outcome will be, but a game like this does give up plenty of opportunities for individual strategies. You may decide to keep an eye on the timer and hold your nerve or you might want to use the automated options to try and limit any potential losses while still giving the opportunity to gain some winnings.

This is possible thanks to the Auto Cashout and 50% Cashout features. If you don't want to sit and watch each round take place, then the left of the screen presents a chance to auto cashout any winnings at a fixed time. The 50% auto cashout will do the same with half of the winnings and leave the remainder in play for you to deal with manually.

It still does not guarantee that you will pick up a win by using the automated features, but it saves you from watching this fishing boat trawl through all these waters again and again.

There is also a 50% cash out available once the game is in play and you can choose this manually at any point. If you are uncertain and don't want to risk everything, then hit the 50% cashout and at least you will see some winnings that may out-strip any potential losses. It is completely up to you how you play and that's why I love crash games!

Big Bass Crash - Auto Cashout

Auto Cashout

Select the level at which you wish to cash out any potential winnings. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll win, but it automates the process for you if you have a system.

Big Bass Crash - 50% Cashout

50% Cashout

This can be selected once the game has started or as an auto option. 50% of your stake will collect any winnings that are due at the time you choose. The rest is down to you to decide.

Play now

Every so often, a new crash game is released and you know that any prior experience of these games is going to stand you in good stead. They all follow the same formula and if you've played one before, then you are qualified to play them all. I am just surprised that it took Pragmatic Play this long to release the Big Bass series into the fabulous crash waters.


Crash games often suffer from a lack of imagination but that certainly can't be said for Big Bass Crash. The all too familiar fisherman makes an obligatory appearance as he does in all of the games in this series. This time, he's out on his boat and the animated elements include this chap whizzing along while collecting fish as he attempts to build up your bankroll. You can also catch a glimpse of the fish swimming along under the water, plus some steam making its way out of the boat as it gets pushed to the max by our bearded mariner.

There is an additional display that you can view, which shows you the previous results and you may or may not be tempted to use this to make future decisions. I have to say, every outcome is random and this probably won't do you any good.


Despite the obvious lack of features and variation in the gameplay, there is still a lot of fun to be had while playing Big Bass Crash and it all depends if this type of entertainment is your bag or not. I think it’s fair to say that you'll either spend a matter of seconds or hours playing this game.

Win Potential

The range of bets will probably vary depending on where you play. The version I accessed allowed me to continue betting all that I had in my balance up to a limit of 500,000. It might not be the case for everybody, so you'll need to check out the individual details when you play. What should be consistent is the RTP—sitting at 95.50%—and the maximum payout, which is 5,000x.

My Verdict

Personally, I think Big Bass Crash is a fantastic game that presents this style of entertainment in a pretty unique way. But I understand that this really is a ‘Marmite’ moment and some of you will click on something different just as soon as you see the game load. All I can advise you to do is give it a try for yourself and see what you think.

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