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Developer: Evoplay
Release date: 4th Apr 2022
Goblin Run Slot - Screenshot
Crash Game
RTP: 96.04%
Max Payout: 1,000x stake
Volatility: N/A
Min Bet: 1.00
Max Bet: 1,000.00
Reels: N/A
Paylines: N/A
Category: Crash Games
Themes: Action, Adventure
Jackpot: No

Goblin Run

Charlie Vogelsang
Reviewed by Charlie Vogelsang Last updated:

Third-person runner games were a huge trend within video games in the past few years, just like crash games in iGaming. Naturally, Evoplay's Goblin Run perfectly combines the new in the unique crash game.

During this game, the players take the helm of the cute goblin Gnos who wants to get his hands on the dragon's treasure but he is not going down without a fight. It's up to the player to get him out safely and securely with the loot.

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Our Rating

“A revolutionary crash game combining the popular runner genre”

4.2 out of 5

Win potential

Goblin Run Screenshots

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Goblin Run Features

This 3D runner crash game is all about betting on when the goblin will fall. In order to get started, players must place one of two possible bets and cashout just before the goblin falls to the dragon. There is the option to select auto-cashout to save players the trouble of clicking or giving them a failsafe option.

In addition to the two different bets, players can chat in a livechat service as well as check out the current leaderboard. Players can see all the bets throughout the history of the game, personal bets or even the top bets during the game.

Finally, there is a customisable skin option for players to change the visuals of the character. This does not affect the gameplay at all and just adds more excitement to the gameplay.

Goblin Run - Bets


During the gameplay, players bet on how far the goblin can run with two different bet options. There is also the choice to select auto-cashout meaning that players can set this level and just watch the goblin run.

Goblin Run - Skins Shop

Skins Shop

Before the game starts, players can customise their little hero with different skins and costumes throughout the game. These are just cosmetic but there are 25 different skins to choose from in the game.

Goblin Run Review

Back in 2011, the world was hit by the running game craze created by Temple Run. This led to multiple other copies of this genre such as Sonic Dash, Minion Temple Run and Sponge Run. Naturally, like most trends, the running craze ended and the world resumed its peace.

This was until Evoplay decided to combine the running game format with the popular crash game mechanic for Goblin Run. Not only is this the first third-person running crash game, but the game delivers 3D graphics, cosmetic skins, five different levels and multipliers of up to 1,000 throughout the adventure.


Like most Evoplay games, Goblin Run is designed to an incredibly high standard. When the game starts, there is a 3D dragon that chases a cute-looking goblin through one of five different courses. These include a beach area, a lava pit, a space area, a snow area and a castle. All of these areas are different enough to make the game feel even more exciting.

Each playthrough contains a bunch of obstacles on the floor but none of these will affect the goblin. The only thing that stops the game is the dragon catching up to the goblin.

All of the graphics in this slot look like a top-quality mobile game with each of the characters and settings looking incredible. This definitely does not look like your average slot!

When the game gets started, there is a curious score that plays throughout spins with violins, cellos, drums and piano instruments blending together to create something befitting for the slot. Of course, it's the added bonus of dragon noises and ambient sounds of the world that truly brings this slot together.


Whilst the game may look quite complicated, there is nothing overly troublesome or difficult throughout this game. All players need to do is bet and then cashout when they think it is time - that's all there is to this game.

Goblin Run contains a live chat bar at the bottom left, leaderboards at the top right and the main menus at the bottom. There are two sections for bets with the chance to auto-cashout and there is the option for players to change the skin of the main character during the gameplay as well - but this does not affect the gameplay.

Win Potential

Like most crash games, this slot does not have a volatility level. Instead, players decided if they want smaller wins by cashing out quicker or by being patient and waiting for the bigger wins - but this comes at a risk. In addition to this, there is an RTP of 96.04% which is over the average standard and decent for an iGaming title.

The biggest win that players can achieve during this game is 1,000x the stake which is a huge amount for a crash game. During our playthrough, we did not see 1,000x the stake but we saw 800x the stake reached a couple of times.

Our Verdict

It's easy to see why Evoplay is so proud of this game as it's easily one of the best crash games out there. Not only have they added in the magic and suspense of crash games, but this is thrown in with the intensity of the runner games.

Goblin Run is a site for sore eyes with a stunning design, wonderful gameplay and a reasonable win potential that will leave players smiling. If there is one crash game that you try, make sure it's Goblin Run.