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Developer: Playtech
Release date: 3rd Nov 2022
Circus Launch Slot - Screenshot
Crash Game
RTP: 95.99%
Max Payout: 5,000x stake
Volatility: N/A
Min Bet: 0.10
Max Bet: 100.00
Reels: N/A
Paylines: N/A
Category: Crash Games
Themes: Animal, Space
Jackpot: No

Circus Launch

Charlie Vogelsang
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Not content with other slot developers taking the reigns, Playtech decided it was time to follow in the footsteps of Pragmatic Play's Spaceman with its own bespoke crash game, Circus Launch.

Select one of five circus astronauts and blast off into space! There is no telling when you'll crash but make sure that you cash out before that happens. This is a must-play for fans of crash games - so do not miss out.

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Our Rating

“This game is certainly not clowning around!”

4.1 out of 5

Win potential

Circus Launch Screenshots

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Circus Launch Features

The aim of Circus Launch is to collect the highest win possible before the rocket explodes. In order to do this, you must place a bet and then collect just before the rocket explodes. There is also the option to select auto collect meaning that you can sit back and enjoy the show.

A video showcasing the character selection in the game

There are five possible characters to select at the start of the game. These characters do not affect the game, but add a little extra panache into the mix. You have the choice between:

  • A space chicken
  • A dazzling monkey
  • A rambunctious pig
  • A robot fish
  • A warrior panda

During the gameplay, you have the option to collect the full win or collect half. Collecting half allows you to regain some of your bet whilst continuing on with the game. These are selected before the game starts.

Gameplay of Circus Launch showcasing the crash mechanic

There is also the option to auto collect which means that you can set a certain limit to cashout at. If there is a set amount that you want to reach, then auto collect will be the best option.

Circus Launch - Character Selection

Character Selection

When the game loads up, you'll be treated to the choice of five potential characters. These include a robot fish, a space chicken and even a warrior panda!

Circus Launch - Auto Collect

Auto Collect

At the start of the game, you have the option to select auto collect. This means that you will automatically collect your cash prize at a specific amount selected by you.

Circus Launch Review

After seeing the success of Spaceman, Playtech decided to cash in on the crash game mechanic to create Circus Launch. Like most other crash games, this one does not contain any reels or paylines. This crash game is all about cashing out before the astronaut crashes.

In Circus Launch, all of the astronauts are anthropomorphic animals that are all part of the circus. Throughout the slot, you'll be greeted with bright and colourful graphics as well as all the joys that come with crash games.


As previously mentioned, the astronauts are all animals and can be selected on the left-hand side. These characters do not affect the gameplay but allow some visual differences in the gameplay.

There are five characters which include a warrior panda, a cheeky pig, a strong monkey, a robot fish and a chicken. One funny little detail is the fact that these animals transform during the crash. For example, the chicken will turn into fried chicken.

When the slot opens up, you'll find the game takes place in space. There is a floating circus filled with lights that happen to be in space. Thankfully, this is animated in the base game making the game come to life.

In the base game, there is ambient music throughout. This involves synth noises paired with bells to create something futuristic. Each of the characters also has a unique dialogue which is a great attention to detail from the developers. When the astronauts actually fly, there is whimsical music playing building up the suspense.


Like most other crash games, this slot is all about predicting when the astronaut will crash. To get started with the game, you must pick your character and then set the bet. This can be done through auto collect or just by selecting the bet.

Then, all you need to do is watch the astronaut fly. Auto collect will mean that the money will be collected at a certain point. If you have not selected this, then it is up to you to collect the cash whenever you see fit.

A video of Circus Launch showcasing the gameplay

One disappointing aspect of this game is the lack of a chat feature as well as the real-time gaming aspect. This means that there is no multiplayer aspect to the game and it plays solo like an online slot.

Overall, the gameplay is entertaining with thrilling moments. There is no telling when the astronaut will crash, but that's all part of the fun.

Win Potential

Like most other crash games, this one does not contain volatility. Ultimately, this means that the choice is up to you. There is the option for smaller and more frequent wins by playing it safer and cashing out sooner. However, there is also the option to play riskier for bigger wins reaching up to 5,000x stake.

Unfortunately, the RTP for this slot is 95.99% which is under the average acceptable level for online slots and is quite low for a crash game. We are happy to report that our gameplay felt quite balanced and did not experience any negative aspects with the RTP.

As previously mentioned, the maximum win for this slot is 5,000x stake! This is massive for a crash game and we didn't see anything close to this win. This ultimately means that if you are looking for a big win in a crash game, Circus Launch could be the one for you.

Our Verdict

Circus Launch is presented in such an incredible way. The overall design was not expected from Playtech and we were pleasantly surprised. With the character selection and overall design, we were blown away.

For most of the gameplay, we found ourselves enjoying the ride. Our only critique would be the lack of chat functions or the live game aspects. However, we imagine that fans of crash games will certainly have an amazing experience with this slot.

It's safe to say that Circus Launch is a valiant effort from Playtech for a crash game and we cannot wait to see what else the developer does in this genre.

Live Updates

Tune in to the latest news about Circus Launch as it happens.

Available to play now at Betfred Casino

The highly anticipated crash game is now available to play at Betfred Casino. This game offers players the chance to blast off into the space to win up to 5,000x stake!

You get the choice to select one of the five circus astronauts and there is no telling when you'll crash. Be sure to play this game now at Betfred Casino.

Circus Launch Slot Preview

Crash games have been around for a couple of years, but only really found mainstream success following Pragmatic Play's Spaceman. This high-quality game gave players a glimpse into what is possible with online slots.

No longer do slots just have to contain reels that spin as the games can feature unique crash mechanics to turn up the excitement. Like with most popular games, other slot developers want to get in on the action to deliver their own bespoke version of the trend.

Playtech is the next one to announce a crash game with Circus Launch. Set in space, this game follows the trend of Spaceman with the intergalactic theme but adds in charming circus creatures to give the game a unique twist.

What do we know about Circus Launch?

The game was officially announced on the 18th of July 2022 and it was confirmed to be a brand-new crash game. As previously mentioned, Circus Launch has a circus theme, but set in space. It's absolutely bonkers but in the best way possible.

When the game loads, there is a character select menu where you get to choose your character. There are five different options including a chicken, a robot fish, a monkey, a panda and a pig!

It's unknown if the characters will have different powers or features like in Evoplay's Star Guardians, but it would undoubtedly bring more variety and excitement to the game.

Circus Launch promotional bannerCircus Launch, by Playtech

Crash game mechanics

Circus Launch is expected to follow the traditional crash game format where the aim of the game is for players to set a bet and then cash out before the spaceman/pilot crashes.

As is also typical with crash games, Circus Launch features a 'collect' and 'collect half' betting option allowing you to cash out half your winnings at any point before the pilot crashes, while staying in the game with the other half in the hope of bigger wins.

This game also contains an 'auto-collect' feature where you can set a specific bet and the game will automatically cash out for you when this limit is reached.

A preview of the popular Spaceman showcasing the crash mechanic

What makes Circus Launch stand out?

This is definitely a crash game with a sense of humour. Whenever the circus animals crash, they are immediately turned into food. For example, when the chicken crashes, it is turned into fried chicken.

Circus Launch contains all the staples of a crash game with its auto-collect, half-collect and full-collect features, as well as the additional character select feature.

With its overall tone and style, Circus Launch certainly has the potential to surpass Spaceman in becoming the next big crash game. There is currently no confirmed release date but we will let you know as soon as we hear more.

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