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Developer: Evoplay
Release date: 27th Aug 2021
Save The Hamster Slot - Screenshot
Crash Game
RTP: 98.00%
Max Payout: 1,000x stake
Volatility: N/A
Min Bet: 1.00
Max Bet: 750.00
Reels: N/A
Paylines: N/A
Category: Crash Games
Themes: Animal, WTF
Jackpot: No

Save The Hamster

Charlie Vogelsang
Reviewed by Charlie Vogelsang Last updated:

Join a group of slot enthusiasts trying to save the cutest hamster out there. Evoplay's Save The Hamster is a unique crash game that follows Tom the hamster who dreams of flying to the stars.

However, he is a hamster who cannot fly so he must rely on his friends. Not all is as it seems as many within the animal kingdom are trying to stop Tom and it's up to you to save him.

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Our Rating

“Dropping a hamster has never been so fun!”

4.1 out of 5

Win potential

Save The Hamster Screenshots

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Save The Hamster Features

In order to start the gameplay, players must select the amount that they would like to bet. When the game begins, players will then select when to cashout and there is the option for an auto-cashout as well.

Unlike most crash games, this one contains two bets at the same time and players can also place bets for the next game during the current one.

Save The Hamster - Two Bets

Two Bets

During this game, players can place two bets on the same round at the same time. Bets can also be contrasting amounts and the cashout can occur at different times as well.

Save The Hamster Review

Long before the days of Spaceman, Evoplay was creating crash games that delighted and satisfied audiences. The slot developer studio went above and beyond to deliver something different to what was expected from crash games leading to Save The Hamster.

This game follows Tom the hamster with players trying to help him achieve his dreams of flying high. Sadly, there are many animals and obstructions in the way of his dreams. Players must work out when he's going to fall in order to determine when to cashout.


When the slot opens up, it's clear to see that there are cartoon graphics throughout the slot that look like a children's television show. However, there is a serious adult theme throughout this slot as the hamster does not get what he wants and instead plummets. This game feels inspired by Happy Tree Friends more than any other cartoon.

Tom the hamster is extremely cute with chubby cheeks and big eyes. The rest of the creatures throughout the slot are quite grotesque and ugly compared to Tom which is most likely the point.

As for the music, it is very whimsical with cellos, violins and other stringed instruments building up the suspense as Tom floats up. There are also ambient noises of the creatures around and Tom himself which is a cool attention to detail.


Like most crash games, this one begins with players putting on a bet and then deciding when to cashout. The goal is to cashout just before the hamster drops in order to gain the most cash back.

The bet and cashout buttons can be found at the bottom of the screen. There is also a leaderboard that can be selected on the left side of the screen and a chat on the right side.

Win Potential

Save The Hamster has one of the highest RTPs for a crash game with an amazing level of 98%. There is no stated volatility level for this game as it's ultimately decided by players as they can decide to cashout small wins or wait for the bigger ones.

In terms of the biggest wins, players can gain up to 1,000x the stake. However, during our playthrough, we never saw anything over 300x the stake meaning that the maximum win is definitely rare but achievable.

Our Verdict

Visually, this crash game is one of the cutest and most appealing ones out there! Of course, Evoplay matches this with wonderful gameplay with the double bet feature and the auto-cashout.

The game statistics for Save The Hamster are absolutely fantastic with an unbelievable RTP of 98%. If you love crash games and want something refreshing, then give Save The Hamster a spin.