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Developer: FunFair Games
Release date: 29th Sep 2022
Hugo Up & Away Slot - Screenshot
Crash Game
Branded Slot
RTP: 94.00%
Max Payout: 2,500x stake
Volatility: N/A
Min Bet: 0.10
Max Bet: 100.00
Reels: N/A
Paylines: N/A
Theme: Adventure
Jackpot: No

Hugo Up & Away

Charlie Vogelsang
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The Hugo franchise follows a small troll, Hugo, who constantly tries to save his family and fight against evil. Since premiering in 1990, Hugo has aired in more than 40 countries with dozens of video games and merchandise.

FunFair Games decided to create a unique crash game for Hugo with Hugo Up & Away. Fight against his nemesis Scylla in this exciting crash game that can even award up to 2,500x the stake!

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Our Rating

“Join everyone's favourite troll in an epic adventure”

3.9 out of 5

Win potential

Hugo Up & Away Screenshots

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Hugo Up & Away Features

Like most crash games, there aren't many features to understand or follow. Players must bet (or set an auto bet) for when Hugo crashes. There are two options to bet giving the player more variety and choice.

Like most FunFair Games slots, there is a chat feature at the bottom right but players can only communicate with emojis. At the top left, there is a real-time leaderboard telling you exactly who is at the top and what the amount they have won.

Hugo Up & Away - Two Bets

Two Bets

During the game, players can set two bets at once. These can be manual bets that need to be cashed out, or an auto bet allowing the player to just watch the game.

Hugo Up & Away Review

The Hugo franchise is one that is known across the world. Since airing as a cartoon in 1990, the franchise has grown to a crazy level airing in over 40 countries and has countless games and spin-offs.

Hugo follows a troll of the same name that is constantly battling evil and working to save his family. Familiar worlds and characters will appear in this game making it a delight for any Hugo fan.

FunFair Games decided that a brand like Hugo deserves something big which is why the developers created a unique crash game. Hugo Up & Away follows Hugo as he tries to fly to save his family whilst avoiding the evil witch Scylla.


This game very much follows the art style of the series with similar backgrounds and character designs. Hugo is the star of the slot with his plane and looks exactly like he does in the TV show. Familiar characters such as Scylla and Don Croco appear as the antagonists in this slot.

During the game, players move through different backgrounds starting with a dark and dreary one filled with obstacles. It definitely falls in line with the tone of the show as it still feels quite lighthearted at times.

As for the audio, Hugo and the rest of the characters are voiced throughout. This is a great attention to detail, but Hugo can get a little annoying throughout. The music feels like generic adventure music with an orchestra, but it fits in well with the slot.


The aim of this slot is to fly with Hugo and cash out just before the plane crashes. This can be done through an auto bet or where you decide when to leave. Naturally, this is where all the exciting moments happen as you never know when is the right time to cash out.

All the menu bars can be found at the bottom of the screen with the bet buttons. On this bar, there are also sound settings, a general paytable and the chat feature where you can communicate with other players through emojis.

Win Potential

Unlike the other crash games from FunFair Games, this one contains mediocre win potential. Firstly, the RTP is under the average at 94% which is especially low for a crash game considering AstroBoomers: To The Moon has an RTP of 97%. However, we suspect the low RTP is due to this being a branded slot.

In addition to the low but understandable RTP, this slot contains a maximum win of 2,500x the stake. This is quite high for a crash game and we only ever saw players win up to 500x the stake throughout the game (and that felt huge!).

Our Verdict

Hugo Up & Away is a cute little crash game that will certainly appeal to players who love this genre. You do not need to be a Hugo fan to enjoy this slot as it's easy to pick up the story and the overall gist of the franchise.

It's clear that FunFair Games put in a huge amount of effort to create a crash game that is stunning in design but also plays well. If you love crash games or the Hugo franchise, then you should definitely check out this slot.