by Play'n GO

Venture into outer space to find a bunch of aliens called the Reactoonz. Developed by Play’n GO, Reactoonz is a slot different to anything else you’d find.

With a cascading grid of 7x7 and a huge range of bizarre features, you’ll be blown away by the chances to win. Prepare to lose your mind in the explosive world of Reactoonz.

Slot information

RTP: 96.00%
Volatility: High
Max Payout: 4,750x stake
Jackpot: No
Min Bet: 0.20
Max Bet: 100.00
Category: Grid slots
Theme: Space
Series: Reactoonz
Release Date: September 2017

Our rating

“ Journey to the world of Reactoonz for a bonkers slot full of crazy features ”

3.9 out of 5

Win potential

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Reactoonz Screenshots

Reactoonz Features

Imagine a slot full of wacky monsters and aliens that can change shape. This would lead you to the bizarre world of Reactoonz. It’s unlike the traditional slot system as you play on grids with a cascading system that allows players to get consecutive wins on every spin.

You’ll be blown away by the bonkers amount of features to keep you entertained and help you win. From multiple symbols to the Quantum Leap meter, Reactoonz has everything to get you started.

As you charge up the Quantum Leap, you have the potential to queue up different features earned. These features include:

Reactoonz - Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap

This system charges up when winning and a random feature is added to the queue after winning on 25 symbols. Up to 4 features can be queued, and charging an additional one will add the Gargantoon feature. When no more wins are present, the features in the queue will trigger.

Reactoonz - Giantoonz


If you match 4 normal symbols adjacent to each other, they automatically form Giantoonz. Wins are doubled in any winning combinations that the Giantoonz are a part of giving you more chances to win big.

Reactoonz - Fluctuating Symbols

Fluctuating Symbols

A random one-eyed symbol is marked as a fluctuating symbol in each spin. If any of the marked symbols are part of a winning combination - they will leave 2 wilds behind. The wild can substitute all symbols available.

Reactoonz - Gargantoon


Once the Quantum queue reaches the Gargantoon, a 3x3 monster appears as a wild. It divides with each cascade - first dividing into two different 2x2 wilds, then into 9 individual wilds. It causes a chain reaction of up to 5 features to shock you with more winning clusters.

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Reactoonz Review

Enter the playful world of Reactoonz and find yourself in a slot game unlike any other. It’s full of the strangest creatures and vibrant gameplay that you’ll find yourself charmed by the wackiness of it all. Reactoonz is developed by Play’n GO and plays on a cascading grid system of 7x7.

As a space themed game, Reactoonz is full of creative visuals to get you in the celestial spirit. From the characters to the gameplay, you’ll be enchanted by the world of Reactoonz.


Let’s start with the characters and symbols in Reactoonz. There are 9 different Reactoonz characters to spin, each with its own unique designs. They each have their own colours and facial expressions that clearly show their differences. It’s a cute detail that brings the world of Reactoonz alive. 

The background is simply just a view of space but it’s animated to keep you moving throughout. It also features various lights to shine on certain parts of space to make it feel like you are travelling with the Reactoonz bunch. 

Thankfully, the sounds and music match well with the impressive visuals on display. The Reactoonz themselves give their own sounds such as Gargantoon giving his own snoring noises when he isn’t active. Music played in the background has a science fiction tone to it with instruments such as electro-theremins to highlight the strangeness of being in space. Design-wise, Reactoonz is a milestone that other slots should definitely follow. It’s not just a slot, it’s a full experience with Reactoonz.

Gameplay Interaction

Playing this game is relatively straightforward but it can be confusing for players who aren’t familiar with a cascading system. Instead of having a set amount of paylines in a single spin, you have much more options with the cascading system.

Once you’ve won, symbols will disappear and reappear on screen. It’s similar to the traditional system, but adapted more for a modern slot. Reactoonz definitely plays well with this and wouldn’t suit a traditional spinning system. There’s not much to learn besides the fact that you set a bet and spin to win.

Menus are easy to navigate as they feature at the bottom of the screen. The spin and autospin button are situated to the bottom right of the screen, and you have the option to set up to 100 autospins. Players also have the option to set a bet between 0.20 and 100.00 on each spin.

Win Potential

Despite the cartoonish visuals, Reactoonz is a slot for serious players. It has a high volatility level meaning that there are higher risks in playing - so make sure you have the time and funds to wait out for the bigger payouts.

On the other hand, it has a reasonable RTP at 96.00% which is about the average online. This compared with the chance to win up to 4,750x your stake in the game makes Reactoonz even more worthy of your time. Provided that you can sustain your bankroll and wait for the higher payouts - Reactoonz could be the game for you.

Our Verdict

There aren’t many slots that are as chaotic and entertaining as Reactoonz. It’s a space slot with its own lore and characters attached to it. This combined with the music and gameplay make Reactoonz one of the best out there.

If you want something completely different from all other slots - Reactoonz is one to check out. Both veteran and novice slot fans will enjoy the world of Reactoonz, but just make sure you have the patience to win.

Sam Gascoyne
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