Our rating:
Developer: Play'n GO
Release date: 30th Nov 2023
Gargantoonz Slot - Screenshot
Grid Slot
RTP: 96.20%
Max Payout: 7,000x stake
Volatility: High
Min Bet: 0.10
Max Bet: 100.00
Reels: N/A
Paylines: N/A
Category: Grid slots
Theme: Space
Jackpot: No
Series: Reactoonz


Paul Clare
Reviewed by Paul Clare Last updated:

The wait is over and Gargantoonz is finally here! Star of the Reactoonz slots, this Wild alien will wreak havoc on the grid and produce so many features and modifiers that you won't have a clue what's going on. But don't worry, I'm going to explain it all to you in minute detail and have you pulling your hair out while rocking gently back and forth in the corner of a dark room by the end of this review. There's 7,000x at stake, so let’s get down to business.

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Our Rating

“Let the madness commence and maybe the big wins will follow!”

4.1 out of 5

Win potential

Gargantoonz Screenshots

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Gargantoonz Features

The temptation is there to cry into your morning coffee as you try and make sense of the features and modifiers in this game. I'm going to do my best to unpack it for you now and make it seem a little less stressful.

Let's start at the top, it all takes place on this 7x7 grid and wins are formed when clusters of 5 or more regular paying symbols land and are touching horizontally or vertically. Some symbols have 2 eyes while others only have 1. 

The 2-eyed symbols can earn you up to 1,500x for 18+ of them while the one-eyed symbols are nowhere near as valuable. However, they can be extremely useful when the Fluctuation Feature triggers. A randomly selected 1-eyed symbol can form part of a win and up to 2 Wilds will replace them as they disappear. The Discharge Feature is another handy modifier that sees up to 8 Wilds randomly added to the grid on a non-winning round.

The frustration grows as you try and make sense of the Experiment Charger, so listen carefully now. The Charger will produce 3 different types of Experiments and these are all Wild-based modifiers

You'll need to collect 20 winning symbols during regular Play to charge the Meter and release one of the Experiments. 

Unleashing Experiments and Gargantoonz

If the first Experiment produces a win, then the second will begin and so on. Once all 3 are complete, you begin the Gargantoonz Feature, but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

The 3 experiments go by the names of Gamma Ray Burst, Black Hole and Supernova. The first adds up to 9 Wilds, and these can create a winning cluster plus remove any other matching symbols from the grid. Black Hole adds up to 6 Wilds and creates wins by counting symbols in their clusters and staying put until a win is formed. 

Finally, the Supernova will add up to 5 Wilds and perform the same duty as the Black Hole but also step diagonally with each cascade. Once the cascades have finished, the Wilds move 8 steps in random directions and collect symbols along the way. This can produce big wins and also continue to charge the Experiment Charger. Push the charger too far and it will overcharge and this adds an extra Multiplier to the Gargantoon Meter.

Once your successful experiments have charged up the Gargantoon Charger, you'll see the Multipliers grow and after the third Experiment, the Gargantoos Feature will trigger.

You can begin with up to x4 Multipliers that will help grow your wins exponentially during the feature. This bonus appears in 3 stages with the first being 8 1x1 Gargantoon Wilds appearing on the grid and merging if they take part in a win. These regular-size Wilds become 2x2 after merging and they turn into a 3X3 Wild after the final stage in the merging process. You're Multiplier figure is added to the wins and the largest of the Gargantoon Wilds will disappear after they create a prize. How's your head? I need to go and lie down.

Gargantoonz - Fluctuation


1-eyed symbols are chosen at random each round. If they form part of a win, then up to 2 Wilds can appear when the Fluctuation symbol is removed.

Gargantoonz - Discharge


A non-winning spin can prove to be valuable when this feature adds up to 8 Wilds to the grid.

Gargantoonz - Experiments


Fill the Experiment Meter with collected symbols or Wilds to unleash 1 of 3 modifiers. In a nutshell, various Wild symbols will appear and enhance your wins.

Gargantoonz - Gargantoon Feature

Gargantoon Feature

Overcharged Experiments add a Multiplier to the Charger—triggering all 3 Experiments brings out the big guns. Massive Wilds appear and add Multipliers all over the place!

Gargantoonz Review

I kind of knew that Gargantoonz was going to leave me feeling a little exhausted, but I had no idea just how frantic it could potentially be. It is a sight to behold and it's probably best just to let the features wash over you and accept them without trying to fully understand them!


Once again, we’re in space with little alien symbols and cute sound effects to accompany the gameplay. Various animated elements bring the grid to life and once the Gargantoon kicks in, it's hard to keep up with everything that's going on. It's exactly what I wanted and Play’n GO hasn't disappointed fans of this slot phenomenon.


What can you say about the gameplay in Gargantoonz? It's so fast-paced and confusing that I imagine it's going to split slot fans right down the middle. If you love to release your grasp on control and have your mind blown, then carry on. But if you want to understand everything while it's happening, then it may be better for your mental health to walk away now.

Win Potential

Making your way to the top 7,000x win is going to require a few visits from the Gargantoonz. These huge Wilds will throw their multiplier weight around like nobody's business and the consequences can be pretty special—if not a little confusing. The volatility is 8 out of 10 and the RTP is 96.2%.

My Verdict

I loved it! I'm not going to pretend I completely understood it, but I loved it! Sometimes I moan about a slot when it has too much going on and it requires a larger-than-acceptable portion of my brain power to piece it all together. However, on this occasion, Play’n GO has managed to infiltrate my brain and I'm now a huge Gargantoonz fan.

Live Updates

Tune in to the latest news about Gargantoonz as it happens.

Gargantoonz Slot Preview

Ever played a slot in the fantastic Reactoonz series and wanted to spend more quality time with the Gargantoon? Well here's your chance to get your Gargantoonz fix and watch this incredible slot family grow bigger and better! 

Play'n GO has ambitious plans to release this beast into 'mainstream' society and see what kind of havoc unfolds. We're used to seeing he/she/they/it jump onto the reels and run amok with a fab list of features and modifiers. This time, the plan is to make the multioculor feature specialist the star of the show and maybe even do away with some of those extra eyes too! Not something I'm happy about but if it means that the Gargantoonz can fit in the grid and stick around for longer, then I'll accept the change!

There's very little—pretty much nothing—to go on at the moment so for now, it's just a teaser and you'll have to come back soon to see how this game is coming along. While you wait, why not check out one of my favourite slots in this series, Reactoonz 2, and get yourself acquainted/reacquainted with this odd-looking character and the prize-winning action it brings along for the ride.

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Jump straight into the action and play Gargantoonz now at the following fully licenced UK slot sites. These slot sites have been thoroughly audited and reviewed by the team here at Slot Gods to ensure they offer an exceptional user experience, are trustworthy, safe, secure, and boast the best selection of online slots in their portfolio including Gargantoonz...