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In 2011, the world was about to be shaken up by the creation of the Nevada-based development team called Crazy Tooth Studio. The company prides itself on bringing unique and innovative game concepts to life with the help of its proprietary game framework INCISOR.

After joining Microgaming in 2019, the studio went from strength to strength with original games such as Golden Hook, The Incredible Balloon Machine and Rhino Rilla Rex to name a few. The future certainly looks promising for this courageous and sometimes wacky Crazy Tooth Studio.

Best Crazy Tooth Studio Slot Sites

Now you’ve established what Crazy Tooth Studio slot you want to play, it’s time to find it at a reputable and reliable slot site. This is where the hard part comes in as it’s hard to trust random slot sites that you’ve found on the internet.

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Best Crazy Tooth Studio Slots

Sometimes you just want to play the best online slots out there and what better place to start than with the best Crazy Tooth Studio slots? Known for original and outrageous games, Crazy Tooth Studios is guaranteed to have a game that will blow your mind.

Whether you are looking for a unique interpretation of an online slot or their own version of a crash game, here are the best Crazy Tooth Studio slots to play right now.

New Crazy Tooth Studio Slots

Quality Always Wins

From inspiration to installation, Crazy Tooth Studio is a full-service game development studio founded in 2011 in Reno, Nevada. The slot developers deliver a product from start to finish, every step of the way.

Crazy Tooth Studio prides itself on bringing unique and innovative game concepts to life through relentless hard work. However, it’s also worth mentioning that the company's proprietary game development framework, INCISOR, helps to make content fast.

What is INCISOR?

Created by Crazy Tooth Studio, INCISOR is the world’s best collaborative-iteration software development platform providing speed and continuity from concept sketch to the final product. This also makes boundless, innovation-fueled development easier by giving the tools to create.

Will Burrows, the Vice President of Crazy Tooth Studios, said on the software: “When you set out to make the best possible product, the true measure of success is the tools you create to keep making even better products.”

Partnership with Microgaming

By 2019, Crazy Tooth Studio had partnered with the giant that is Microgaming (Games Global) to release through the platform. This started with the online slot Arctic Valor and continues to remain prosperous today.

Through the Microgaming partnership, Crazy Tooth Studio created a huge amount of unique mechanics such as Wincrease found in Golden Hook and The Incredible Balloon Machine which combines online slots with crash games.

A lighthearted studio

It’s clear that Crazy Tooth Studio takes a fun approach to the iGaming world without compromising any quality in any of their games. They are clearly at the forefront of iGaming with unique gameplay that certainly stands out against other big names within the industry.

The future of Crazy Tooth Studio could be anything but that is the most exciting part about the studio. Crazy Tooth Studio is constantly trying to create the next big thing and who knows what that could be.