What type of online slot player are you?

What Type Of Online Slot Player Are You Hero
Sam Gascoyne
by Sam Gascoyne Last updated:

Discover which kind of slots player you are below

From the outside one might think that all online slot players are the same, living for the thrill of each and every spin of the reels! But you'd be mistaken to think that it's that simple. 

In all walks of life studies have shown that people can be split into different sub-sections depending on their personalities, desires and goals, the same can absolutely be said for slot players.

There's a number of different ways to approach playing these wonderfully exciting games, take a look below and work out which type of online slot player you are.  

The enthusiast 

If you're a slots enthusiast you live and breathe online slots, you're constantly up-to-date with all of the latest releases here at Slot Gods, you know the RTP of practically every single game off by heart and if we asked you to tell us the maximum win potential of top-rated slot Dead or Alive 2 right now you'd know the answer in a heartbeat! (It's a massive 111,111x your stake for those that didn't know).

Enthusiasts want to try every game out there and enjoy the thrill of spinning the reels no matter what, it doesn't matter if it's a Megaways slot, cluster pays or infinity reels! The enthusiast is the ultimate iGaming nerd, which is certainly no bad thing as we'd definitely put ourselves into this category.  

If you're an enthusiast you should play:

The slots purist

The slots purist is someone who exclusively plays the very best online slots, those that meet a certain set of high standards that satisfy their gameplay needs. If you're a purist you won't accept anything other than near perfection. 

We'd take an educated guess that the only games on your radar are those that receive high ratings from reviewers such as ourselves for looking good, sounding great and most importantly being exceedingly fun to play! 

There's no chance you'd be seen dead playing a slot that isn't universally recognised for being of the highest quality, this isn't a bad thing though! All online slots have something about them that makes them worth playing, but if you want the best, go for the best!  

If you're a slots purist you should play:

The classic slots player

Perhaps you long for the days when simple slots reigned supreme? We completely understand this school of thinking, sometimes old is gold. Not everyone is into flashy slots with crazy mechanics and big bonus features that require a PhD to fully understand.

The classic slots player isn't dazzled by bright lights and loud noises, all they want is to sit down, deposit their money and just get on with spinning the reels with little to no distractions! 

There'll be no confusion as to when and how a winning combination is formed as there's usually only a very small handful of paylines... Easy peasy!    

If you're a classic slot player you should play:

The conservative staker

The conservative staker is the kind of player that wants to enjoy all of the amazing online slots on offer out there, but doesn't want to break the bank in doing so... And who can blame them? 

These are the sort of players that are always hunting for the best low volatility slots that won't eat up their entire bankroll within a matter of minutes.

It would also be fair to make the assumption that these money-conscious slot fans are also keen on penny slots, as a little money can go a very long way when playing these. We'd never call conservative player 'cheap', instead we'd call them smart, there's no shame in keeping things modest.

If you're a conservative staker you should play:

The big money staker 

The big money staker is the polar opposite of the conservative staker, these players like to go hardplaying their favourite online slots with HUGE maximum returns and a high RTP in the hopes of getting the most for their money. 

If you're into high-stakes, high-octane gameplay then you're most certainly a big money staker. Of course, as exciting as this sounds, we still advocate for safe and responsible gambling! 

If you do like to loosen the purse strings and play with larger stakes on each spin, it's good to always take stock of how much you're playing with, keep it sensible and affordable... However, if you can afford to play big, then by all means go big!

If you're a big money staker you should play:

The Megaways maniac

There are some online slot enthusiasts out there that just aren't satisfied with the standard 20 to 25 paylines... It's nowhere near enough for them! 

Thankfully for them, Big Time Gaming came along in 2016 and answered all of their prayers by creating Megaways slots, slots that boast a mouth-watering 117,649 ways to win thanks to their patented reel modifier technology.

If you're someone that just can't say no to the thought of having thousands, even MILLIONS of paylines in play on any given spin of the game reels then you're most certainly a Megaways maniac. 

If you're a Megaways maniac you should play:

The jackpot hunter

Do you keep a keen eye on the status of all the progressive jackpots as they slowly climb up in value? Perhaps you're constantly switching games to find a jackpot slot that feels like it's ready to pay out? If any of those statements resonate with you then it sounds like you're a jackpot hunter!

Jackpot hunters dream bigger than anyone else on this list, they know the odds are against them, but ultimately you never know, one day it could happen.

A single lucky spin is all it takes to make someone a multi-millionaire. Keep on spinning jackpot hunters, it could well be your time to shine!  

If you're a jackpot hunter you should play:

Sam Gascoyne
by Sam Gascoyne Last updated:

A keen sports bettor, Sam took his first foray into the world of online slots when Bonanza Megaways caught his eye, he’s never looked back since! He joined the team in 2019 and has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of online slots, he isn’t afraid to voice his honest opinion when reviewing new games, even if it does ruffle a few feathers.