How we rate and review slot sites

How we rate and review slot sites
Pavlos Sideris
by Pavlos Sideris Last updated:

At Slot Gods, we have an intricate review and audit process to ensure that all slot sites we list on our website offer value across multiple areas. We then highlight these different elements in the reviews.

Furthermore, all slot sites we recommend are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and have undergone the necessary audits for safety and security, and are trustworthy and reliable.

The Slots Gods team looks at each slot against a range of criteria, giving each a score out of 5. It’s not just a score – the reviewer will explain the rationale for that score. We’re not afraid to call a slot site out if it falls short of expectations! All reviews on Slot Gods are our own and are honest, unbiased and without any external influence.

There are 6 main categories we specifically consider during the review process:

  • Design
  • Usability
  • Games
  • Promotions
  • Banking
  • Support

We pay close and careful attention to each of these areas so we can be certain that a slot site has a rightful claim to the Slot Gods seal of approval. We only recommend what, and where, we would play ourselves.

Design & usability

The design of a slot site is usually the first thing we as players see, and it’s important for slot sites to make a good impression. After all, nobody wants to play at a slot site that is an absolute eyesore. The aesthetics of a slot site paints an immediate picture of whether it can be taken seriously or not, and how much effort the operator has put into making our experience pleasurable. Some of the questions we ask:

  • Does the slot site have a specific theme or target audience it is catering for?
  • Has the slot site made an effort to draw attention and engage players?
  • Are there any new or innovative features?
  • Are there any spelling or grammatical errors in the content of the slot site?
  • Are there any low quality or broken images?

Appearance isn’t everything though, and we also take into consideration the usability of the slot site. Is it easy to navigate? Does it perform well on mobile devices? Can we find what we're looking for quickly? Can we find the games we want to play? Is the slot site logically organised? If we can't find our way around, we will get frustrated and leave, so an intuitive user interface that's optimised for mobile is critical.

Design and usability are major factors when thinking about what constitutes a good slot site.

An example of useful game search filters and optionsAn example of useful game search filters and options

Games, software & platform

Once we're confident with design and usability, we look further into different aspects. As previously mentioned, a good-looking slot site doesn't necessarily mean it will host excellent games. Most slot sites differ in this respect, and no two slot players are the same, so catering for everyone at once is almost impossible.

Some slot sites put a greater emphasis on games enjoyed by casual players, whereas other slot sites focus on cutting-edge games aimed at more experienced players.

We ensure that the slot site has a decent number of the most popular and best online slots before we consider them for inclusion. We also factor in which developers, jackpots and game types are featured and look into what other games are on offer – live casino games, scratchcards, bingo etc – in order to give players the full picture.

At Slot Gods we rate and review hundreds of slot sites and slots, but will only recommend those that meet or exceed our exacting criteria.

Promotions, bonuses & rewards

After determining whether the slot site meets our expectations, we look into the offers and promotions available at the slot site. Questions we ask include: 

  • Are there regular promotions? For example, Videoslots has three weekly promotions: Battle of Slots, Weekend Booster and Clash of Spins.
  • Does it reward loyalty? For example, PlayOJO has daily Kickers and OJO Plus cashback to reward loyal players.
  • Do the promotions offer value, and are the rewards achievable?

We also take a close look at the terms and conditions of the slot site's offers to ensure they're fair and justified. T&Cs are unavoidable, but overly restrictive or dishonest ones are. If we suspect a slot site has engineered its T&Cs in a way to mislead then it will get thrown out with the garbage – and the garbage pile is getting pretty big!

Player safety & security

We only review UK licensed slots and slot sites. Each and every slot and slot site on Slot Gods has been approved by the Gambling Commission, meaning all the required player verification, responsible gambling and safety measures are in place. Additionally it means player funds are protected. 

As mentioned, we also consider T&Cs. Any unfair T&Cs means it won’t get a Slot Gods review or rating. We only recommend slot sites that we genuinely rate.

Banking, fees & withdrawal speeds

There are no shortage of payment processing options, and reassuringly they’re regulated tightly, and they're secure. Payment processing is a tightly controlled area with strict security standards and regulations.

Where slot sites differ mostly in terms of banking, is with fees and withdrawal times. Any deposit or withdrawal fees are taken into consideration, as well as the processing times of withdrawals. Naturally, any major findings are published in our reviews. 

Faster withdrawal speeds are always more favourable and so will attract a higher score in our rating. High fees and minimum deposit or withdrawal limits will be scored lower in our rating. Some players don't mind higher minimum deposit limits, but we ensure any such terms are communicated clearly in our reviews to avoid any unexpected surprises. Higher minimum withdrawal limits can catch players out, so we ensure to clearly include these in our reviews too.


Lastly, but of no less importance, we look at the slot site's customer service and support options. Does the slot site have 24/7 live chat? What other contact options are available? How quickly do they respond? An easily contactable slot site gives us reassurance that if anything were to go wrong, there's a human readily available to deal with the issue efficiently and effectively. It's also a good sign that the slot site cares about its customers.

We don't stop there though - we actually contact the slot site's customer service to ensure they're competent and equipped to deal with our query.

Scores & overall rating

If the slot site has made it this far (many don't), we score it in each of the above categories to get an overall rating. A perfect 5/5 rating is almost impossible (we're extremely critical!) but we hope to be blown away one day. If a slot site fails in any one category, it won't make it onto Slot Gods.

A lower score in one area doesn't mean it hasn't scored highly in another, so referring to individual category scores might be more useful. Every new slot site featured on Slot Gods is there for a reason. Our reviewers always give honest and unbiased opinions on a slot site and back that up with facts in order to provide the best and most accurate information possible.

Take some time to read our reviews in depth to ensure a slot site meets your requirements, as some areas, particularly games and promotions, are subjective and boil down to personal preference.

Pavlos Sideris
by Pavlos Sideris Last updated:

Pavlos has loved playing slots since he was tall enough to stand at a fruit machine. With over 10 years’ experience in the industry he’s been around long enough to remember when flash games and downloadable casinos were as good as it gets!