What online slot should I play?

What Online Slot Should I Play Hero
Charlie Vogelsang
by Charlie Vogelsang Last updated:

Here are a few tips on deciding which online slot you should play

It can be extremely difficult to decide on anything these days as there is so much choice out there. Naturally, this applies to selecting an online slot to play as there are literally thousands available to play on the internet. It’s never been easier to access your favourite slots but of course, this brings the debate of what slot you want to play and whether it’s worth it.

Here at Slot Gods, we are determined to ensure that all players find the slot that’s right for them by giving honest and unbiased advice. We’ve compiled a list of things to check when searching for an online slot to ensure that you have chosen a slot that you’ll enjoy and play responsibly.

Don’t worry, we know that slots are not all about visuals, so we have determined our criteria based on the RTP, volatility level, mechanics and features to ensure that the gameplay is what you want. Without further ado, here are a few tips on how to identify what online slot you should be playing.

Check the RTP

Of course, this may sound like something simple but many people often forget to check the RTP. The RTP stands for return to player and this translates to how much of the total amount wagered on the slot is actually paid back to players. If a slot states that the RTP is 96.82%, then that means that players will theoretically get 96.82% of their wager back. The house edge is 3.18% which ultimately means that you’ll theoretically lose 3.18% of your money wagered.

It’s recommended that you find a slot with an RTP of 96% and above as this is generally the average with online slots. Anything above 96% is considered pretty good and definitely worth checking out. However, progressive jackpot slots often fluctuate between 85% to 95% but they are compensated by the fact that your bet will go towards the overall jackpot.

Slots like Book of 99, 1429 Uncharted Seas, Marching Legions and The Catfather have high RTPs above 98% - so you know that the theoretical return will be at least this. On the other hand, jackpot slots like Mega Moolah and Major Millions have RTPs under 90% but this is because of the huge jackpot and that your wager will contribute towards the jackpot. Always question the RTP and check to see if there’s a reason for the level.

Volatility good match for you

In a nutshell, volatility determines the behaviour of an online slot game and refer to the frequency of the payouts, the level of risk and how much could be paid out. There are three types of volatility - low, medium and high.

Low volatility slots are ideal if you have a small budget and want slots that involve few risks. These often include small but frequent wins. If this sounds like the sort of slot you like to play, then definitely look for low volatility. Some of our favourite low volatility slots are Hell’s Kitchen, Hit in Vegas, Frequent Flyer and Magic Dragons.

If you enjoy taking risks and have a larger budget to play with, then you’ll want to check out medium to high volatility slots. These can provide more substantial wins but less frequently as compared to low volatility. If you like the sound of high risks with a larger budget, then definitely go for high volatility slots. For high volatility slots, check out Dead or Alive 2, Money Train 2, Immortal Romance and Jammin’ Jars 2.

Naturally, if you want a mixture of high and low volatility, then look for medium volatility slots. For medium volatility slots, we’d recommend checking out Invaders Megaways, Hades Gigablox, King Kong Cash and Dr Fortuno.

Mechanics that suit you

After you've checked the RTP and volatility level, it's time to look at the actual mechanics of the slot. In the past, most online slots contain a generic spin mechanic that had predetermined paylines that were randomly selected, but the world of online slots has changed dramatically in the past few years. If you love the traditional slot feeling, then look for slots with determined paylines such as Aztec Ascent, Elven Gold, Zombies at the Door and Hey Sushi.

Of course, there are now so many mechanics that it can be difficult to figure out what you like. If you love slots with loads of ways to wins, then Megaways is something that you should definitely check out. There are 117,649 paylines throughout Megaways and over 100 Megaways titles available. Definitely start with some of the classic Megaways slots which include Gonzo's Quest Megaways, Curse of the Werewolf Megaways, Spicy Meatball Megaways and Royal Mint Megaways.

For players who actually don't enjoy the traditional format of spinning the reels, you can always try out Cluster Pays. Paylines are gotten rid of altogether and instead, you win by matching up a cluster of symbols together on the game grid. As long as they are connected, you'll have a winning combination - meaning there are more ways to win with Cluster Pays. If you are wanting to try this mechanic out, start with Aloha! Cluster Pays or Jammin' Jars.

Finding what features you want

Once you've determined all of the previously mentioned, it's time to debate what you want in terms of features. If you are looking for a slot with minimum features and prefer the traditional fruit machine theme, then there's no shame in that. Slots like Free Reelin' Joker, Sticky Joker and Joker's Luck contain a minimal amount of features and are ideal for players who want the traditional slot experience.

However, there are a majority of slot players who actually enjoy a certain amount of features - if this is you, you'll need to determine what you are looking for. Do you enjoy having free spin rounds? Then definitely lookout for a slot with a free spins mode. Or do you prefer slots with loads of multipliers meaning that you can win even more? Then you need to look for slots with decent multipliers. Maybe you enjoy jackpots, then again you need to look for a jackpot slot.

The moral of the story is to check out what the core mechanics and features of a slot are and if they are right for you. Everyone has their own opinion and preferred playstyle, so make sure that you are playing a slot that fits what you want.

Charlie Vogelsang
by Charlie Vogelsang Last updated:

For Charlie, it’s all about flashy slots with unique mechanics and crazy themes. Her slot experience began with Dead or Alive II, but the first slot that really caught her eye was Moon Princess and it fuelled her passion for playing online slots. Since then, she’s been determined to find the latest and greatest slots from across the world.