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Exclusive: Slot Gods Meets Wazdan

Exclusive: Slot Gods Meets Wazdan
Charlie Vogelsang
by Charlie Vogelsang Last updated:

Wazdan's Chief Commercial Officer, Andrzej Hyla, speaks to the team at Slot Gods

Founded in 2010, Wazdan is a prominent iGaming company that creates a whole host of high-quality online slot games with stunning graphics and ingenious original mechanics. The player is always at the centre of everything that Wazdan do and they always ensure that the player is getting the best experience possible.

For this months edition of the Slot Gods Meet series, we had the fortune of speaking with Chief Commercial Officer Andrzej Hyla from Wazdan. In this interview, Wazdan gives an insight into the studio's ethos and how they stand out within the iGaming world - be sure to stick around to gain an exclusive look into the one and only Wazdan.

Thanks for speaking with us. Firstly, can you start by telling us who are Wazdan?

Wazdan Licensed In 17 Regulated Markets Globally

Andrzej Hyla: Wazdan was founded by a team of passionate iGaming enthusiasts, and we have been steadily growing as a company ever since, all the while remaining true to our core values. The player’s experience is at the centre of everything we do, from initial design right through to the innovative game mechanics we develop for their entertainment.

At the time of writing, our portfolio boasts over 140 games, including an ever-growing number of slots featuring the popular Hold the Jackpot feature. Our team consists of passionate people who share a common vision, know-how, and passion for forging solid products. We currently hold licenses and certifications in 17 regulated markets globally, including US states of West Virginia and New Jersey.

So, how many people are involved in the creative process when developing a new online slot?

Andrzej Hyla: There are over 170 people in our team who work hard to develop the innovative mobile-first games that define our portfolio. First, we brainstorm some initial ideas and come up with game themes, new features, etc.

Then, our game developers, graphic and sound designers, and animators, work their magic on creating the game, which must be tested and certified for various jurisdictions too.

Finally, our sales and account managers’ teams do their best to make the game available for players in as many online casinos as possible. It's a busy ecosystem but one that works in harmony, with all of us pulling in the same direction.

When creating a new online slot do you build your games around a mechanic, or do you come up with the theme first? 

Andrzej Hyla: When creating a slot game, every small detail matters. Features must be in line with the theme to create a unique gaming experience.

Even when creating a game series built around a feature, such as our Hold the Jackpot series, we adjust game elements to the theme (for example, an emphasis on Hellenic symbols in Power of Gods™: Medusa) and come up with new innovative additions, so that each new game provides a unique experience.

A brief preview of Power of Gods™: Medusa and the popular Hold the Jackpot mechanic

As for game themes, we always delve into the topic when working on a new game. We studied Greek and Egyptian mythology when creating our Power of Gods™ series. We also brought to life Irish legends with our award-winning Larry the Leprechaun slot. So we really do the theme justice.

Bonus features and mechanics - Is it better to keep things simple or go all out?

Wazdan Bonus Features and Mechanics

Andrzej Hyla: It completely depends on each individual player. Some players love slots with plenty of new, innovative features, while others prefer simple, classic slots. However, all features, no matter how innovative, have to be easy to understand for players.

We do comprehensive in-house testing of each title to avoid anything that might confuse the player and ensure the experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Do you think online slots need big payouts to entice players?

Wazdan Super Grand Jackpot

Andrzej Hyla: We understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to catering to players’ preferences. When developing new games, we prioritize Freedom of Choice™, which is an essential pillar of our philosophy. We believe that it is of paramount importance to allow players the freedom to customize their gameplay to their own unique preferences.

Volatility Levels™, a unique feature that can be found exclusively in Wazdan titles, offers players complete control over their gameplay. It allows them to adjust their win size and frequency to their own preferences! High volatility brings more big wins, but they will happen less often, and on the other hand, low volatility wins appear more frequently, but their value is usually lower.

Players looking for a more balanced experience can select the Standard mode, where both win size and frequency are more leveled. When playing casino games, some players may enjoy the thrill of winning big prizes. Our Hold the Jackpot series is known for its huge jackpots available across a range of titles, with Sizzling Bells offering massive wins up to 15,000x player’s bet.

What do you think the best innovation has been within the iGaming industry in the last decade?

Andrzej Hyla: Without trying to blow our own trumpet, we’re incredibly proud of our trademarked Volatility Levels™! There is no other provider on the market offering this feature as part of their games. It allows players to modify their win size and frequency on the fly! This allows our games to appeal to a wider demographic of players while putting them in complete control.

This customisation is something not seen anywhere else, and truly gives players the power to enjoy an amazing gaming experience. Across the wider industry, the Megaways™ mechanic is undoubtedly incredibly exciting, something evident from its sheer popularity of it.

What’s your favourite Wazdan slot to date?

Power of Gods Hades by Wazdan

Andrzej Hyla: Power of Gods™: Hades. The game visually looks great, combining a dark, thrilling theme with superb features and big prizes.

I have always been fascinated by the concept of life after death and I’m a big fan of Greek mythology. What is more, the game has been enjoyed by our players all over the globe.

What’s your favourite online slot from another developer?

Andrzej Hyla: Vikings go to Hell by Yggdrasil. As you can see, I’m into “hellish” games. Yggdrasil did a great job with this one, creating a stunning game with amazing graphics, adventurous theme and great features.

Vikings Go To Hell Online Slot by Yggdrasil
Vikings Go To Hell
Max payout:
3,000x stake
Win lines:
Action, Viking
Release date:
19th May 2018

The entire Vikings series is a real flagship one for them, combining mythology with fantastic gameplay, and one that is rightly recognised as a real standard-bearer amongst the iGaming community.

What makes Wazdan slots stand out from other games on the market?

Andrzej Hyla: As mentioned before, we always put players at the forefront of our game design. We make it our ultimate goal to deliver a thrilling experience for our players, tailored to their unique tastes and preferences.

Our design team works tirelessly to create enticing games with thrilling storylines and innovative features. At the same time, we have been developing and refining our Unique Wazdan Features, which give players unprecedented flexibility when it comes to customizing their gameplay.

Freedom of Choice™ is a base principle that exudes from everything we do at Wazdan. This transpires in the multitude of themes covered in our games but, most of all, in our unique adjustable features such as Volatility Levels™.

Finally, what’s next for Wazdan?

Andrzej Hyla: We’ve got so much coming up, it is a very exciting time for us. Our upcoming release Dwarfs Fortune™ slot is launched on 9th March. The game is packed with features that will bring some real excitement to players.

Dwarfs Fortune™ Online Slot by Wazdan
Dwarfs Fortune™
Max payout:
2,500x stake
Action, Fairytale
Release date:
9th Mar 2022

As players work their way through the mines of Dwarfs Fortune™, their goal is to reach greater depths and trigger the Hold the Jackpot bonus round that can reward them with multipliers as high as 2,500x their bet!

To boost their chances to get into the bonus round, they can use innovative Increasing Value Sticky Bonus symbols that not only stick to the reels for up to 9 re-spins, but also increase their value with every spin.

Once they make it to the bonus round, players collect various Bonus symbols, including the innovative Collector symbol. Filling that golden minecart to the brim with golden diamonds brings huge prizes that can increase to infinity! With excellent design, a captivating soundtrack, smooth gameplay, and innovative, yet easy-to-understand features, this new game is a real gem in our offering!

That aside, we’ve got a number of commercial deals lined up, while our broader pipeline is something we’re very proud of and look forward to another successful year!

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Dwarfs Fortune Hold the Jackpot

Be sure to check out the upcoming slot from Wazdan, Dwarfs Fortune™, that releases 9th March 2022! Discover more about Wazdan here.

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Charlie Vogelsang
by Charlie Vogelsang Last updated:

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