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Not so long ago in a less than distant land, Fairy tale themed slots have been doing great business. A sentimental longing for Fairy Tale themed slots has fuelled players’ appetite for stories involving big bad wolves, helpless princesses and frogs that turn into wealthy aristocrats with a simple peck on the lips.

Best Fairytale Slots

With such varied elements that comprise fairy tales; monsters, evil queens, heroic princes, goblins and a world of magic and sorcery, fairy tales provide a ready-made cast of characters for slot developers.

A character-driven video slot is but one of the many creative devices employed by slot providers. Larger-than-life, fairy tale characters are affectionately recognisable, recalling a simpler time. With escapism as a fairy tale’s most valuable creative asset, this carries over perfectly to online video slots.

New Fairytale Slots

Not only a rich source of characters, fairy tale themed slots provide a mystical world, bestowing unto players a setting like no other. Enchanted forests, faraway kingdoms, houses made of candy and magical beanstalks are but a few of the otherworldly set pieces for a classic fairy tale.

Video slots heavily rely on solid visual themes. Fairy tales provide mystical backdrops, rich in colour and atmosphere and are a delight to play. With fairy tale themed slot releases becoming more and more frequent, there’s been no better time to get involved with the newest fairy tale themed online slots.

A-Z of Fairytale Slots

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And They All Played Happily Ever After

Nostalgia-fuelled fairy tale themed slots have enjoyed an illustrious gaming history. Titles such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Big Bad Wolf, Goldilocks and the Wild Bears and Rapunzel’s tower are a handful of releases that did and continue to do great business.

Fairy tales transfer perfectly to the video slot format for a number of reasons: well-defined and recognisable characters, graphically-rich settings and baked-in nostalgia. The added benefit of having a wide reach when it comes to attracting players should also not be underestimated.

Whichever country or culture we originate from, fairy tales are an inherent part of our upbringing. While a fairy tale may differ from country to country and culture to culture, very little changes thematically.

Not just a story to fill the last 20 minutes of a primary school class or to send your two-year-old off to Sleepytown, fairy tales can be our first exposure to right and wrong and calibrates our moral compass.

Similar to the movie industry when adapting a book for the screen or producing a sequel to a successful release, the casino industry functions likewise. With a fairy tale themed slot, game producers have a viable market, familiar characters and fantastical imagery.

These elements combined can create a video slot so well executed and defined that the potential for becoming a smash hit release is highly probable. For both slot producers and gamers alike, this truly is a fairy tale ending.

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