Our rating:
Developer: Pragmatic Play
Release date: 21st Nov 2022
Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes Slot - Screenshot
RTP: 96.08%
Max Payout: 5,300x stake
Volatility: High
Min Bet: 0.10
Max Bet: 100.00
Reels: 5
Paylines: 10
Themes: Animal, Gaming
Jackpot: No

Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes

Charlie Vogelsang
Reviewed by Charlie Vogelsang Last updated:

After the gigantic success of Snakes & Ladders: Megadice, Pragmatic Play decided to bring back the epic slot with a sequel in the form of Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes.

Just like the original, this game plays on 5-reels with 10 paylines but changes up the gameplay with an even better bonus game. You can literally play Snakes & Ladders to win up to 5,300x the stake!

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Our Rating

“We just couldn't get enough of the bonus round!”

4.0 out of 5

Win potential

Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes Screenshots

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Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes Features

It's safe to say that the base game throughout this slot is just like any other game. There is nothing overly special going on apart from the wild dice that land with multipliers that can reach up to x3.

Everything in this slot builds up to the bonus game triggered by landing 3 or more bonus symbols. The more bonus symbols that trigger the feature, the more dice rolls you'll have throughout. 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols award 12, 14 or 16 dice rolls respectively.

In the bonus game, the game is played on a board with 144 squares on a grid of 12x12. The player spins for each roll with two dice and this determines where the monkey symbol ends up.

There are multiple different squares that the player can land on including:

  • Money - awards between 4x to 100x the stake.
  • Multiplier - a multiplier of a specific amount will be timed by the total win so far.
  • Ladder - the ladder is a shortcut taking the player to a different area.
  • Snake - this is a shortcut that will take the player to a different area on the board.
  • Banana - landing on this symbol will add random money awards to the grid.
  • Final Position - landing on the 144th square awards 1,000x the stake.

Amazingly, there is a minimum guaranteed prize of 20x the stake. If the total win is below that by the end of the game, Rage Mode will be unlocked.

The monkey head will move to the end of the grid passing by all remaining positions and collecting these symbols also ignoring all special squares.

Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes - Bonus Game

Bonus Game

Everything builds up to the bonus game in this slot. When 3 or more bonus symbols land, players will be taken to a grid of 12x12 where they will roll dice to determine what prizes they will win with prizes of up to 5,300x the stake available.

Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes - Different Squares

Different Squares

On the bonus board, there are six different types of squares with typical money and multiplier squares. There are also shortcut squares with bananas and ladders as well as bananas to add random money to the grid.

Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes - Rage Mode

Rage Mode

At the end of the bonus game, if the player has won under 20x the stake, then the monkey will enter Rage Mode. From this moment, he doesn't care about special squares and charges through to the end collecting whatever is in his path.

Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes Review

Everyone across the world knows of Snakes & Ladders as it's a universal board game that can be played by people of all ages. At the start of 2022, Pragmatic Play decided to create an online slot inspired by this game in the form of Snakes & Ladders: Megadice.

No one could've predicted how popular this slot was when it was released and how it continues to be successful even today. Naturally, Pragmatic Play wanted to try to recapture this magic with Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes.

The game opens up with 5-reels and 10 paylines (just like the original) and contains all the familiar faces from the previous game. Everything builds up to the board game feature, so you will not be disappointed if you loved this feature from the original slot.


Sadly, the visuals of this slot have not been improved since the previous game and we'd argue that it's gotten worse. The background looks incredibly tacky with an outdated design and only a few sprinkles of animation.

Just like the previous game, this one is set in the jungle but instead features more flowers and waterfalls in this sequel. It's safe to say that this slot is an eyesore.

One thing that we can commend is the amazing audio throughout. During the base game, there is a jungle beat that delivers a lighthearted experience. However, during the bonus game, there is a techno score that feels like it's ripped directly from a video game and it's befitting for the game.


Sadly, the base game does not have a lot going for it. However, there is more than the original slot as there are wild multipliers to be collected to award bigger wins.

The best thing about this slot is easily the bonus game and it definitely makes it worth playing. The experience is entirely changed with the bonus game feature and you will not be disappointed.

In order to get started with the slot, you'll find the spin button at the bottom right of the screen along with the bet level. It's easy to get playing and any type of slot player will be able to pick it up.

Win Potential

With a sequel, certain elements are supposed to get bigger and better. Unfortunately, that is not the case with Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes as the RTP is even lower than the original at 96.08%. It's still over the average standard but it's frustrating that it's lower than the previous game.

The rest of the statistics are exactly the same with a high volatility level and a maximum win of 5,300x stake. Whilst this is not bad, we were disappointed that the win was not increased even slightly.

Our Verdict

In terms of our experience with this slot, it was one that was filled with exciting and memorable moments. Sadly, we've had this experience before with the previous Snakes & Ladders slot.

Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes is perfect for players who have not experienced the previous games and want something entirely different. The game is still to a high standard, but it's hard to compare it to the original Snakes & Ladders when that game was just too iconic.

Live Updates

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Play the game early at Paddy Power

As the follow-up slot to Snakes & Ladders, there is a huge amount of hype around the upcoming Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes. Thankfully, Paddy Power has announced that the game is available to play right now before general release.

Experience Snakes & Ladders with the slot world and win glorious prizes as well. If you loved the original, then you'll definitely want to check out this slot at Paddy Power.

How Pragmatic Play's Snakes & Ladders slots are revolutionising the iGaming world

In early 2022, no one could've predicted that Pragmatic Play would release something like Snakes & Ladders: Megadice. The slot developer is famed for releasing quite traditional slots with standard mechanics but Snakes & Ladders was nothing like that.

Towards the end of the year, the slot developers decided to create a brand-new Snakes & Ladders slot as the previous one did so well. This came in the form of Snakes & Ladders: Snakes Eyes.

Not content with two online slots, Pragmatic Play has confirmed a live casino game version of the popular slot leading many to question why this game series has become so beloved by the community.

Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes bannerSnakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes, by Pragmatic Play

A fan-favourite board game

The inspiration behind this slot series is the popular board game of the same name. It's regarded as a classic by today's standards and is incredibly easy to play with players rolling dice to move up a grid with snakes and ladders waiting to shake up the gameplay.

Despite being such a classic, not many slot developers have taken inspiration from the game with Pragmatic Play strangely being one of the first. This is one of the reasons why the Snakes & Ladders slots are so beloved as players have not experienced this before.

Fascinating gameplay

With board game inspirations, the Snakes & Ladders series contains a unique bonus game that is refreshing for an online slot. The round is triggered like any other bonus by landing specific bonus symbols but that's where the commonalities stop.

The bonus round plays on a grid of 12x12 with players moving a monkey up the grid. Throughout the bonus round, the player rolls to determine where they go. However, the route is not simple as there are special markers throughout.

Just like the board game, there are snakes, ladders as well as multipliers and money symbols. It's a complete ride from start to finish that players absolutely love! If you haven't already, then be sure to give the series a go as it could become your next favourite online slot.

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Jump straight into the action and play Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes now at the following fully licenced UK slot sites. These slot sites have been thoroughly audited and reviewed by the team here at Slot Gods to ensure they offer an exceptional user experience, are trustworthy, safe, secure, and boast the best selection of online slots in their portfolio including Snakes & Ladders: Snake Eyes...