Spartans vs Zombies

by Stakelogic

The slots world has provided no end of ‘vs’ battles over the last few years with some successful results and others that are best left forgotten. We’ve seen Santa take on Rudolf, vampires tackle wolves and we even watched Napoleon pick a fight with some rabbits. Stakelogic has now deemed it necessary to unleash Spartans vs Zombies.

But will it come proudly into the spotlight like a fearless warrior or sculk into the shadows like the living dead? Let’s take apart this 5x3 slot with 2 free spins rounds and a max 10,000x win to see what it’s really made of.

Slot information

RTP: 96.24%
Volatility: Medium-High
Max Payout: 10,000x stake
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Jackpot: No
Min Bet: 0.20
Max Bet: 200.00
Themes: Mythical, WTF
Release Date: 30th Mar 2023

Our rating

“ Time to dust off your armour and tackle the living dead ”

3.8 out of 5

Win potential

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Spartans vs Zombies Screenshots

Spartans vs Zombies Features

It's not often you get a game with 2 free spins bonus rounds but that's exactly what Stakelogic has given us here. Unfortunately, triggering the bonus in a conventional way is quite a tedious task and this means you will spend a fair amount of time languishing in the base game.

There are other options to make life a little easier for you, but this isn't going to be possible for players in the UK. For those lucky enough to benefit from ‘buy bonus’ options, you can pay 100x your bet to trigger the Spartan free spins bonus. 200x, will get you zombie free spins and if you would like to roll the dice, then you can pay 300x and see what you get.

There's also a super stake option that will allow more scatter symbols to hit the reels but it will cost you double your bet and will not increase the pay table figures.

Spartan Free Spins

In a strange twist, Spartan free spins are decidedly weaker than the zombies. With this game, you will receive random stacked wilds as your special modifier. To trigger the bonus using regular base game rules, you will need Spartan symbols to appear on the reels.

For each one that lands, your three Spartan hearts will fill up and the metre will begin to increase a little. If you don't hit a Spartan symbol on the next spin, then you lose a heart and this continues until your three hearts are gone and your Spartan metre will reset.

You can pick two shields as you enter the bonus and these will add further free spins or multipliers to your existing tally of 10 free spins and 2x multiplier that you receive as standard.

Other free spins are rewarded for any scatter symbols that land during the bonus round.

Zombie Free Spins

Triggering the zombie free spins is much the same as the aforementioned Spartan free spins. The only difference is that you need zombie symbols to land to complete the process of filling up your zombie metre instead of the Spartan metre.

You don't get to pick any multipliers or free spins as you enter the round, but don't let this dampen your mood as you are most certainly onto a good thing as your modifier will be sticky wilds. These can come with multipliers that have the ability to smash the Spartan free spins out of the park.

Spartans vs Zombies - Spartan Free Spins

Spartan Free Spins

Collect Spartan symbols to fill up your Spartan metre. Once complete, choose your 2 Shields to add free spins and multipliers. You get to take all this along with a standard 10 free spins and 2x multiply into the game where you'll find stacked wilds waiting to boost your balance.

Spartans vs Zombies - Zombie Free Spins

Zombie Free Spins

Collecting zombie symbols will increase your zombie metre and eventually take you to the zombie free spins bonus. Here, you will receive sticky wilds and potential multipliers as the living dead do their best to bring a smile to your face.

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Spartans vs Zombies Review

As with movies in the ‘vs’ genre, slots that provide a battle between 2 random entities usually fill us with excitement and dread in equal measures. You never know if it's going to be an absolute winner or a random mess. You don’t normally get a lot of middle ground with games of this type.

After loading her up and hitting the spin button a few times, it became clear that there wasn’t much of a connection between the Spartans and the zombies. Apparently they’re battling it out, but there’s not much evidence of this in the way the game is laid out—apart from the obvious images on either side of the reels.


It was never going to be easy to design a game that brought the two worlds of Spartans and zombies together in complete harmony. What you have is a fairly generic mountain backdrop with a slight red hue to the left where the warriors stand and a green hue to the right where the zombies are.

You won't find any inspired animated touches other than a little smoke and the characters bobbing up and down slightly to the side of the reels. Stakelogic could have gone a lot further. The soundtrack is exactly as you would expect and is fairly epic and unoriginal at the same time.


We are a little disappointed with the general gameplay in Spartans vs Zombies. It had the potential to be an interesting setup that saw the 2 entities face off against each other and create some intriguing slot action.

Instead, the 2 don't really mix in any way as they have their own individual bonus round and there’s no interaction during the base game either. We’re not sure why they’re here together in this game.

Triggering the free spins bonus is far too convoluted and will take a long time, which will only help to prompt customers to use the ‘buy bonus’ more often than not. This isn't an option in the UK, so you will have to brave it out and hope for the best.

Win Potential

If you do manage to make your way to the free spins bonus, then just hope that it is the zombie bonus rather than Spartan. You can tell straight away by looking at the buy bonus options that the zombie free spins are going to be far more valuable as they cost double the amount to trigger.

The sticky wilds with multipliers are indeed the creme de la creme in this production. It is in this zombie bonus round that you are most likely to see the massive 10,000x max win. The RTP is fine at just over 96% and the medium/high volatility should be fairly respectful of your balance along the way.

Our Verdict

Spartans vs Zombies had a genuine opportunity to either make our day or annoy the hell out of us, but it left us feeling kind of indifferent.

That said, it does have big winning potential and the volatility isn't ridiculously high, so if you're prepared to see past the design floors and the fairly monotonous gameplay, you could well reap the rewards.

Alyx Tzamantanis
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Alyx has always loved slots and continuously follows their progress and development. She’s a big fan of gridded slots and music themes as well, so it makes sense that Def Leppard Hysteria is her absolute favourite. She can’t wait to see what’s next in the Play’n GO rock series.

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