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Casually browse any online casino lobby and your eyes are certain to be met by a flurry of Oriental themed slots. Video slots featuring karate heroes, Chinese Empresses and iridescent koi fish are but a few of the themes waving the flag for Oriental themed slots.

Best Slot Sites for Oriental Slots

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Best Oriental Slots

Oriental themed slots lend themselves so well to the escapist elements that are essential to slot games. Settings such as mystical karst mountain tops dotted with cherry blossom, ancient palaces with ornate lanterns swaying gently in the wind and serene bamboo forests are common backdrops for Oriental themed slots.

East-Asia is a picture-perfect, verdant creative source for slot providers. Chuck in some colourful, if sometimes stereotypical characters of the orient - the lucky cat, a laughing god figurine, some dynastic princesses - and you’ve got the ingredients for a slot that not only looks good, it plays well too.

New Oriental Slots

The casino gamer’s interest in Oriental themed slots is so fervent that slot producer extraordinaire, Red Tiger has even created their own subdivision to make solely Asian-themed video slots. With themes varying from traditional Chinese culture to sushi to Songkran, it may seem that the East-Asian treasure chest has been well and truly plundered.

Luckily, East-Asian themed slots have only just begun. Much as Oriental economies continue to boom, so does both the production and demand for Oriental themed slots.

A-Z List of Oriental Slots

Below you'll find a complete list of Oriental slots in alphabetical order. Click on a slot to find out more about it and play for free.

Go East, My Son

Although some slots are more culturally accurate than others, slot providers are now increasingly employing consultants on East-Asian culture to work-in house. The reasons for this move are two-fold: the avoidance of potential cultural faux pas and to ensure aesthetic fidelity when it comes to audio and graphics.

With dedication to offering players an Oriental themed slot world so complete is a pointer that Asian themed slots are sticking around for the duration.

Modern day phenomena such as fu er dai, or second generation rich in English are also given their time in the slot spotlight. Who would've thought that a video slot could not only potentially bump up your bank balance but also comment on the emerging Chinese middle-class, and done so perfectly tongue-in-cheek.

Animals of the Orient are a formidable force when it comes to putting a friendly, furry face to character design. Indeed, animal species native to East-Asia are a creatively rich source for character-based slot design. Koi, red pandas and turtles are just a few East-Asian creatures that get a look in and provide a solid visual bedrock for Oriental themed slots.

Mythological beasts of East-Asian folk tales such as the kirin, dragon, Chinese lion or phoenix provide expert support for Oriental themed slots, being both exotically ethereal and fascinating in equal measure.

Some slots succeed in providing players with superb attention to detail and an utterly convincing gaming world, while others still have room for improvement. Well, as Confucius once said: “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without”.

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