Benji Killed in Vegas

by Nolimit City

They say, 'whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'. Fortunately for us, Benji Killed in Vegas is not limited to just the state and offers a strange look at the former U.S Presidents. From Abe Lincoln to Benjamin Franklin, the US Presidents return from the dead in this slot.

It's truly the city of sin with this slot as you'll never know what's going to happen. During the wacky gameplay, you'll uncover xNudge Wilds, Respins, Enhancers, Vegas$ Spins, B.I.G Vegas$ Spins and Nudging throughout leading to massive wins of up to 10,000x stake.

Slot information

RTP: 96.04%
Volatility: High
Max Payout: 10,000x stake
Reels: 5
Paylines: 7,776
Jackpot: No
Min Bet: 0.20
Max Bet: 100.00
Themes: Vegas, WTF
Release Date: 7th Feb 2023

Our rating

“ Nolimit City absolutely killed it with this slot! ”

4.1 out of 5

Win potential

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Benji Killed in Vegas Screenshots

Benji Killed in Vegas Features

If you've come looking for a quintessential Nolimit City slot, then Benji Killed in Vegas is the one for you. This slot has everything you'll need from xMechanics to bonus rounds!

Bonus Rounds

Starting off with the bonus round, you'll two in this slot with VEGAS$ Spins and B.I.G. VEGAS$ Spins. In order to trigger the VEGAS$ Spins, you'll need to land 3 scatters to gain 9 spins.

During this feature, enhancers are activated and scatter symbols are transformed to x2 to x4 overlay multipliers. Landing extra scatters can upgrade the feature to the B.I.G. VEGAS$ Spins.

The B.I.G. VEGAS$ Spins can also be triggered by landing 4 or more 5 scatter symbols with 11 or 13 free spins respectively. Enhancers also add multipliers of up to x6 and the multiplier value does not reset.


You've probably seen enhancers mentioned quite a lot in this review and are wondering exactly what they are. These are essentially symbols above the normal reels that can help to trigger additional bonuses.

The top enhancers are triggered by features such as 2-Dice Respin, VEGAS$ Spins, B.I.G. VEGAS$ Spins and xBet Red. When activated, enhancers lead to additional bonuses throughout such as xMultipliers and xSplit.

The multipliers can have a value between 2 to 9 when they land on top of a reel. The xSplit will split all low symbols in half creating a possible max size of 6 on each reel.

Other Features

If you fail to land 3 scatter symbols, don't worry as 2 scatters are good enough to trigger something. Landing 2 scatter symbols will trigger a respin where enhancers are activated and scatter symbols transform into overlay multiplier symbols worth x2 to x3.

During the game, when a high-paying symbol lands fully visible on any of the first 3 reels, then the symbol will nudge into a fully visible symbol. Each nudge adds a multiplier of +1.

There are also xNudge Wilds during this slot which are triggered when a 3-row high wild symbol lands. This symbol will always nudge and become fully visible improving the multiplier.

Before the symbol pays out, the wild multiplier symbols will multiply with all the others on the screen potentially leading to even bigger wins.

Bonus Buys

Firstly, there are two extra bet features with xBet Blue and xBet Red. The xBet Blue costs an extra 50% to the base bet but guarantees at least one scatter per spin.

As for the xBet Red, this costs an extra 9x the base bet but adds in 2 overlay multipliers and enhancers for every spin.

There are also three bonus buys which allow the player to purchase entry into the VEGAS$ Spins, B.I.G. Spins or both! However, this is not available for UK players as bonus buys are banned.

Benji Killed in Vegas - VEGAS$ Spins

VEGAS$ Spins

To trigger the first bonus round, you'll need to land 3 scatters or purchase the bonus buy. During this mode, you'll gain 9 spins as well as enhancers activated with multipliers between x2 to x4.

Benji Killed in Vegas - B.I.G. Spins

B.I.G. Spins

By collecting extra scatters during the previous bonus game or by landing 4 scatters during the base game, you'll gain access to B.I.G. Spins. Up to 13 spins will be handed out with enhancers and multipliers.

Benji Killed in Vegas - Enhancers


By triggering special features such as VEGAS$ Spins or via activating xBet Red, you'll open up the enhancer bar leading to additional bonuses such as xMultipliers up to x9 or xSplit leading to bigger wins.

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Benji Killed in Vegas Review

One of life's biggest mysteries is what would happen if former U.S. Presidents Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington had a wild weekend in Vegas. Nolimit City is delivering a priceless gift in showcasing exactly this in Benji Killed in Vegas.

Live it up with Vegas with the most famous U.S. Presidents in history as well as a whole bunch of features such as VEGAS$ Spins, B.I.G. Spins and Enhancers. You can even win up to 10,000x the stake in this Nolimit City slot!


Thankfully, the design is pretty inventive and seems to be done to a high standard. There have been a couple of recent Nolimit City slots that have looked absolutely terrible but this does not seem to be the case with Benji Killed in Vegas.

The background of the slot features a variety of attractions found in Las Vegas such as the wheel and the Eiffel Tower replica. However, the front of the reels contains a grittier Las Vegas with strippers, graffiti and drugs. This is the Vegas the U.S. Presidents have come for!

Speaking on the U.S. Presidents, this slot features Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Each of these characters has modern features such as grills, tattoos, piercings and jerseys. These characters are definitely leaning more towards thugs than gentlemen.

Throughout the slot, there is a hip-hop beat which really fits in well with the visuals. It feels like the sort of thing that these gangster presidents would listen to!


Nolimit City has delivered a huge variety of features with this slot including multiple bonus rounds, enhanced bet mechanics and more! Thankfully, none of the gameplay is too difficult to understand either which is a rare sight for Nolimit City.

Benji Killed in Vegas offers two bonus rounds with VEGAS$ Spins and B.I.G. Spins with each delivering multipliers throughout. The enhanced bet mechanics include xBet Red and xBet Blue which both offer different things to players as one offers more scatters and the other the enhanced reels.

With the enhanced reels, you'll find multipliers and xSplits. The enhanced reels can be triggered through xBet Red or through 2-Dice Respin, VEGAS$ Spins and B.I.G. VEGAS$ Spins. It's clear that there is enough throughout this slot to keep any keen slot player entertained.

Win Potential

The general RTP for this slot is 96.04% but it can also vary from 92% to 94% depending on your chosen slot site. Benji Killed in Vegas has a high volatility level leading to bigger wins but less frequently. If you are a Nolimit City fan, then you'll be familiar with this.

In comparison to other Nolimit City slots, the maximum win of 10,000x the stake is considered quite low. However, this amount is more attainable to players compared to other slots. The hit frequency to reach the maximum win in this slot is 1 in 3.8m which is low in comparison with Tombstone RIP's 1 in 130m.

Our Verdict

Playing the game, we can safely say that the 'Killed' in the title is actually referencing Benjamin Franklin in a positive way! Basically saying that he absolutely smashed it in Vegas at the casinos. We can't help but agree.

Whilst Benji Killed in Vegas is not the best Nolimit City slot ever, it's a grand one that showcases the best things about the developers. The slot is hilarious and witty whilst containing a fun design and even better mechanics. Nolimit City absolutely killed it with this slot.

Charlie Vogelsang
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Benji Killed in Vegas Slot Preview

It only seems like yesterday that Nolimit City's latest slot, Walk of Shame, was released at slot sites. Now the slot developer has announced another new slot due to release less than a month after Walk of Shame.

Despite the short dates between releases, it seems that the upcoming slot Benji Killed in Vegas looks to live up to Nolimit City's high standards with a multitude of features and a wacky premise.

As the name suggests, this slot is all about US President Benjamin Franklin and his time in sin city. He won't be alone as other dead Presidents are expected to join him on this wild ride.

A multitude of features

Unlike Walk of Shame, Benji Killed in Vegas contains a mass amount of features. Not counting bonus buys and xBets, this slot contains six main features throughout.

There are two bonus rounds throughout with Vegas$ Spins and B.I.G Vegas$ Spins. The first bonus round is triggered by landing 3 scatters and features multipliers throughout. B.I.G Vegas$ Spins is quite similar but 4 or 5 scatters are needed to trigger this one.

After this, there are top enhancers that can be activated by the bonus rounds. These can add xMultipliers or xSplit symbols leading to bigger wins.

There are also additional xMechanics such as xNudge Wild that occur when a 3-row high wild lands. It will fully nudge to become visible on the reels and also increases the multiplier.

If you fail to land 3 scatters, don't feel dishearted as 2 scatters will lead to a respin mechanic where enhancers are activated and scatter symbols are turned into multipliers.

Finally, there is Dead Presidents Nudge which triggers when a high-paying symbol lands on any of the first 3 reels leading to a nudge. Each nudge adds in a multiplier and these are added together.

A grand start to 2023

It's safe to say that with Walk of Shame and Benji Killed in Vegas, it looks like Nolimit City is on top form this year which is a relief for slot players. Benji Killed in Vegas definitely looks overwhelming at first but it all seems quite simple broken up.

The general statistics throughout seem decent as well with a maximum win of 10,000x the stake and an RTP at 96.04%. Ultimately, Benji Killed in Vegas could be one of the best Nolimit City slots of the year. Be sure to give it a spin when it releases on slot sites on the 7th of February 2023.

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