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Pirates' Plenty Slots

The talented team at Red Tiger Gaming are known for developing slots with a high production value, if you ever wanted proof then look no further than the Pirates' Plenty series. These wonderfully designed slots look and sound fantastic and feature a number of bonus mechanics and features that are unique to this epic series. If you like extra reels, increasing multipliers, sticky wilds and lots of free spins you're in for a treat.

About Pirates' Plenty Slots

Yahaaaaaaar! Who doesn’t love plundering gold and boosting your balance with big, memorable multiplied wins? If the pirate life is for you, and you want to be the one sailing away with all the booty then the Pirates’ Plenty series for Red Tiger Gaming could be the series for you. 

The Pirates’ Plenty slots are both lucrative, fast-paced modern games that offer players unrivalled excitement thanks to a myriad of innovative bonus features and mechanics that make them stand out from the crowd amongst the thousands of online slots available to players today.

There are plenty of pirate themed online slots available to play, but none of them do the genre justice quite like Pirates’ Plenty does. Just as we would expect from a Red Tiger Gaming slot, everything about these games have been finished to the absolute highest of standards. 

They look visually stunning, sound fantastic and most importantly they’re fun to play! So what are you waiting for? Hop aboard the ship, man the cannons and prepare for victory!