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With high-end designs, top-class graphics and evident passion for the work they do, Max Win Gaming has won a special place in the hearts of slot players. Just some of this developer’s excellent titles include Cotton Gang Affair, Sword Stomp and Jelly Multihops.

Max Win Gaming also boasts some unique in-game mechanics and a progressive attitude towards HTML5 and other technologies. This company is well on its way to becoming a big player in the world of slot development!

Best Max Win Gaming Slots

There’s no shortage of top titles to pick from when exploring the Max Win Gaming library. If you’re looking for some more specific guidance, keep reading. The following games are those that rated highest with our reviewers, based on a number of key criteria.

These titles performed well in terms of the potential for big wins, visual and audio design, gameplay, bonus features and the underlying mechanics. 

New Max Win Gaming Slots

Max Win Gaming knows how to play to its strengths. Its recent releases continue a trend of leaning into the unique mechanics and features which make their titles so special, namely Multihops and Dead Spins. With all of the usual premium graphics and innovative features, Max Win Gaming’s latest games span a broad, eclectic range of themes.

A-Z of Max Win Gaming Slots

Below you'll find a complete list of Max Win Gaming slots in alphabetical order. Click on a slot to find out more about it and play for free or real.

About Max Win Gaming

Here is a company created by fans, for fans, and this really comes through in its games. Max Win Gaming was founded back in 2015 by a team of “young enthusiasts” dedicated to becoming “the best in the world”. Since then, they’ve been gradually building a name for themselves.

With Max Win Gaming, the emphasis is on the player’s experience. They take a quality-over-quantity approach, having produced just 37 titles in their first nine years of operating. This is a testament to the company’s attention to detail, focus on high-end graphics, and the committed use of innovative features. 

Think of Max Win Gaming as more of a tight-knit team carefully producing the highest quality products, rather than a great big studio churning out sequels. But that’s not to say that you won’t find these games side-by-side with some of the most well-known slots ever made.

Versatility is something else that comes through when browsing the Max Win Gaming library. Its offerings are extremely varied. Expect zany steampunk titles like Don’t Hit Plz!, treasure-hunting romps like Golden Gods, and even an entry into the popular fishing game genre, Sea Boat Adventure.

Max Win Gaming has even ventured into releasing a number of Megaways titles in the past few years, so fans of these are likely to find something that appeals. 

Since 2019, Max Win Gaming has been partnered with Relax Gaming, the multinational studio responsible for such favourites as Neko Night: Dream Drop and Money Train 2. Also, a number of its titles have been released through Red Tiger Gaming

It’s fair to say that this is a relatively young company, but there’s no doubt that Max Win Gaming’s future is a bright one!

Winning features

One of the key things that sets Max Win Gaming apart from the crowd is its commitment to inventing bonus features that are unlike anything else out there. These add to the excitement to the gameplay and help to make these games feel a bit different.


Multihops is a mechanic that has the potential to produce some impressive wins. Essentially, in Multihops games, players can trigger a smart grid feature by hitting a certain symbol. Each space on the grid corresponds to a multiplier, and these can stack. This enables the player to accumulate win multipliers very quickly.

Max Symbols

Max Symbols is another feature that you’ll find in certain Max Win Gaming titles such as 5 Monsters. High-paying symbols will appear above the reels, which will then spin again. If any of the symbols match those above, a progress bar will fill up. The progress bar also accumulates over the whole play session. Once full, various additional functions and prizes can be unlocked.

Dead Spins

This is a pretty crazy mechanic that turns everything you know about slots on its head! Dead Spins reward players for not hitting. This feature, which can be found on a number of Max Win Gaming titles such as Don’t Hit Plz!, pays for what would normally be a loss, making for a novel and rewarding experience. 

Max Win Gaming free spins

We all like free spins, and Max Win Gaming seems to be well aware of this! Within their games, some free spins are unlocked through the bonus features mentioned above, as well as through other in-game features.

Amongst the Max Win Gaming titles to include free spin bonuses are Nightmare Family, Midnight Thirst and Wild Donuts.

Top 10 Max Win Gaming slots

  1. Sword Stomp - Max Win Gaming has enjoyed a few successful ventures into the fantasy/Norse slot genre, and this marks another. Sword Stomp offers some fairly straightforward gameplay but doesn’t hold back on the max win, which is helped along by the potential for gigantic multipliers.
  2. Don't Hit Plz! - This is a wild combination of a neon/steampunk aesthetic, Max Win Gaming’s unique features, and huge potential wins - up to 25,000x. As its name would suggest, Don't Hit Plz! makes use of the Dead Spins feature, rewarding players for misses.
  3. Sea Boat Adventure - Almost every great developer has its own take on the incredibly popular fishing game trend. Max Win Gaming’s enret was originally released by Red Tiger Gaming in 2023. Sea Boat Adventure may not be as infamous as some fishing games, but it does give players the chance to reel in a big win or two!
  4. Wanted Wildz - Far from your average Western, Wanted Wildz puts a horror spin on the genre, introducing the living dead to a small frontier town. Beneath the hood, Wanted Wildz offers generous multipliers and a max win of 15,000x your stake. This game is a satisfying must-try for horror fans!
  5. Nightmare Family - Released for Halloween 2023, Nightmare Family is a haunting game which gives players the opportunity to summon some big wins. The max win is 10,000x, and this is a Megaways title so there are 117,649 paylines!
  6. Jelly Multihops - This one features a straightforward yet well-executed design which makes brilliant use of the Multiphops feature. For anyone who’s looking to familiarise themselves with Multihops, this would be a great place to start. There’s a 10,000x max win, high volatility and an RTP of 96.23%.
  7. Cotton Gang Affair - Distributed through Red Tiger Gaming, Cotton Gang Affair is a New York prohibition era-set slot, so gangsters, booze and Tommy guns should all be expected. It’s a solid high-volatility game with a very respectable max win, and it should appeal to fans of crime games.
  8. 5 Monsters - A science fiction grid slot with five central characters who are probably better described as aliens than monsters - this is a genuinely rich game. 5 Monsters is not for the faint of heart, but those who are willing to learn will have a chance of hitting the 55,555x max win.
  9. Wild Donuts - Every bit as sugary and sweet as the name suggests, Wild Donuts offers players a rush of colour and treat-themed imagery. The biggest treat of all, however, is the max payout of 10,000x your stake.
  10. Midnight Thirst - Darker than most Max Win Gaming titles. This vampiric slot was originally released through Red Tiger Gaming and features 1,024 different ways to win. It also employs the excellent Dead Spins feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Max Win Gaming slots should I play?

    Don't Hit Plz! is a great place for players to start if they’re new to Max Win Games. This is because it serves as a great introduction to this developer’s unique mechanics. If that’s not your thing, Jelly Multihops is a safe bet.

  • What’s the best Max Win Gaming slot?

    This is a matter of personal preference, but what’s definitely worth mentioning here is the sheer variety of games that Max Win Games produces. With games spanning so many genres, there’s likely to be something for everyone, and the quality across them is consistent. One of our favourites is 5 Monsters.

  • Which Max Win Gaming slot offers the biggest wins?

    Max Win Gaming is true to its name in that it offers a number of titles with impressive maximum wins. The highest max payout we've come across so far is Golden Gods.