Rome Supermatch

by Games Global

Let heroic Roman emperors lead you to potential riches in this unconventional slot from Games Global. Rome Supermatch begins with just 1 row but can increase to 8 if you are lucky and along the way, you’ll find multipliers, two different types of wilds, Mega Re-spins and a maximum 5,000x win.

Slot information

RTP: 96.00%
Volatility: High
Max Payout: 5,000x stake
Reels: 5
Paylines: N/A
Jackpot: No
Min Bet: 0.20
Max Bet: 40.00
Theme: Action
Release Date: 4th May 2023

Our rating

“ Rome wasn’t built in a day, but this slot might have been ”

2.9 out of 5

Win potential

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Rome Supermatch Screenshots

Rome Supermatch Features

The main appeal of this game is, obviously, the Supermatch. There are various other modifiers floating around but they all tie into this main event, and it's pretty important that you trigger this feature otherwise you'll be spinning away on one row for quite some time.

Multiplier Wilds & Spreading Wilds

There is a top benefit that can occur at any point during this game and that is a selection of wild symbols. One of them is the multiplier wild and this can land to substitute as normal and increase the multiplier total by one. The spreading wild, on the other hand, will land and give you a clean sweep of wilds across the road


Here's where you find the bulk of the action in Rome Supermatch. It all begins by uncovering a minimum of three matching symbols along the first row and it's kind of important that you watch this happen a lot more than once. 

The second row is brought into play after matching your first three symbols and if you get another match on the second row, then the third row comes into play. 

This continues until you make it up to the 7th row. If you don't manage to land another symbol on the next row, then the whole game restarts and you're back to one row again. It brings you back down to earth with a harsh bump. 

Continuing past row 4 will activate a second chance bonus, which is a lifeline you can use if you don't find a matching symbol further up the board. 

Finally, as you land on row 8 and find a matching symbol, you will activate the Mega Respin. The matching symbols all stay in place while the rest of the grid re-spins with an opportunity to land more matching symbols. 

If you find 25+ of the highest-paying symbols, you can look forward to a 1,000x win.

Rome Supermatch - Multiplier Wilds & Spreading Wilds

Multiplier Wilds & Spreading Wilds

These are no ordinary wilds! Some will add to your multiplier tally while others can make their way across the reels to bring an entire wild row.

Rome Supermatch - Supermatch


3+ matching symbols start the adventure as the rows begin to expand. More matching symbols make them grow further with a Mega Re-spin available at the end.

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Rome Supermatch Review

Roman emperors were obsessed with power and money and this all shines through perfectly in this latest release from Games Global. It's all about the wins and they've made that clear by only really adding one feature that can be a little elusive. 

Can the design and gameplay give this game more of a user-friendly touch or is it just out-and-out money, money money?


There is something a little lacklustre about this game's design. It looks like it could be set in a museum, such is the dark obscurity and lack of clarity surrounding the set. There are a couple of statues to the side of the reels and what appears to be a centurion guarding the whole affair. 

As the symbols are revealed, we assume that the sound effect is meant to be a large stone turning; however, it sounds more like something dropping into a puddle. The man guarding the reels moves ever so slightly bringing a little animation to the production, but it was perhaps too little too late.

Game Play

The problem with Rome Supermatch is that everything plays out on one row until you match three symbols. If that doesn't happen, then nothing really happens and that might not appeal to many players. 

The Supermatch concept is a nice idea but it hasn't been executed perfectly in this design. A little tweak might be needed for this slot mechanic. That said, when it does all come together, it is extremely exciting for a few seconds and some decent wins can arrive.

Win Potential

The highest paying symbol offers you 1,000x your bet for 25+ of them and this is a tall order. While there is a max win of 5,000x and a fair 96% RTP, the volatility is very high and this hinders the only feature and stops the game from really unfolding and getting off the ground.

Our Verdict

We would have liked to have seen a lot more from the design team with this production and perhaps a few adjustments to the main feature/mechanic to get this slot moving. On the plus side, there are some big wins available from time to time and once that Supermatch gets itself into gear, it is a fun ride.

Paul Clare
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