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After being founded in 2019, Alchemy Gaming soon found itself in a partnership with Microgaming. It was from this moment that the studio turned into a powerhouse to release exclusively with Microgaming and set a gaming gold standard.

Since this moment in time, the talented team at Alchemy Gaming has released a whole host of online slots from WowPot slots with Wheel of Wishes to the fresh innovations with X UP with Chronicles of Olympus X UP.

Best Alchemy Gaming Slot Sites

Before diving into an online slot, it's best to figure out exactly where to play. There are literally hundreds of choices on the internet that it's hard to determine which one is the right one for you.

All of these slot sites below have been reviewed by our expert team with a critical view on design, usability, games, promotions, banking and support with an average rating out of five. These slot sites all host the best Alchemy Gaming slots and even contain lucrative welcome bonuses to take advantage of.

Best Alchemy Gaming Slots

Looking for the best online slots that Alchemy Gaming has to offer? Then you've come to the right place. Here are all the slots from Alchemy Gaming that have been reviewed and have made it to the top.

All of these slots have been reviewed in terms of features, design, gameplay and win potential with an average rating out of five - so you know that each of these slots is worthy enough to be called the best Alchemy Gaming slots.

New Alchemy Gaming Slots

It's easy to pick out the best online slots, but it takes more courage to play the newest online slots from Alchemy Gaming. With these slots, there's no guarantee of what you are going to get but that is the fun of it all.

We're proud to say that these are the latest online slots from Alchemy Gaming and every single one has been fairly reviewed - so get stuck in and play the latest Alchemy Gaming slots right now.

Method to the Magic

Alchemy Gaming was first established in 2019 with mathematics at the core of everything that it does. The team is comprised of industry experts who are on a mission to create the gold standard in gaming experience exclusively for Microgaming.

With a varied collective of multi-talented professionals, the studio has the right mix of passion, experience and expertise to deliver entertaining online slots.

The mantras of Alchemy Gaming

As the company strives for the gold standard in gaming experiences, Alchemy Gaming has three mantras that the company follows. Firstly, the company works to be inventive in order to find the balance between player experience and win potential.

Then, Alchemy Gaming seeks to be quirky as the team shares a love of finding novel mechanics in order to create the freshest gaming experiences. Finally, the team is also calculated and driven by data as well as a scientific approach to game development. Mathematics is at the core of everything that Alchemy Gaming does.

A gaming gold standard

Alchemy Gaming has created multiple classic and iconic slots including Wheel of Wishes with WowPot and Chronicles of Olympus X Up with the original X UP multiplier trail. The slot developer is constantly evolving with iGaming to deliver the best experience to players.

Whilst no one can predict the future, Alchemy Gaming has a strong future within iGaming and we cannot wait to see what happens next.